VOL. 21  ISSUE NO. 32   |   AUGUST 12 – 18, 2015


Council retreat prioritizes town agenda

McGuire said the town needed to be careful about taking on something the private sector is supposed to do

CAVE CREEK – Council held one of its periodic retreats on Tuesday in order to discuss, prioritize issues and provide staff direction in an informal setting.


Carefree – not just for old fuddy duddies anymore

pumpkin carvingNeiss said the town has over $6.5 million in unrestricted funds and never had to touch the $2.5 million rainy day fund

CAREFREE – During the Aug. 4 council meeting, Mayor Les Peterson noted the new audio/video system was up and running.

Councilman Glenn Miller asked to have the financials removed from the consent agenda so Town Administrator Gary Neiss could explain to citizens what solid financial shape the town is in.


Illegal aliens sue to obtain birth certificates for ‘anchor babies’

Defendants have created a category of second-class citizens, disadvantaged from childhood on with respect to opportunities

AUSTIN, Texas – A group of illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America residing in Texas filed a complaint in federal court against the Texas Department of State Health Services, Vital Statistics Unit (DSHS), in an effort to obtain certified copies of birth certificates for their Texas-born children, commonly referred to as “anchor babies.”

 AUGUST 12, 2015

Goldwater Institute Lawsuit Ends Taxpayer-funded Union Work

Court victory ends practice that costs taxpayers millions each year

PHOENIX—In a win for taxpayers, today the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that government employees cannot be paid their government salary and sent to work for their union. This practice, called “release time,” can be found in contracts the government signs with various unions at the city, county and state level. Today’s court ruling puts an end to the practice.

AUGUST 12, 2015

National Convention of States Project Launches Legislator Caucus

The COS Project has recently formed the Convention of States Caucus, a group of state legislators from across the country that will unite and write the suggested rules for the convention. It’s a great tool that will help grease the skids for the convention process. Several hundred have signed up including a number from AZ.

AUGUST 12, 2015

Governor Doug Ducey makes appointments to the Maricopa County Superior Court

PHOENIX – Governor Doug Ducey today announced the appointments of Jeffrey Rueter, Stephen Hopkins and Ronee Korbin Steiner to the Maricopa County Superior Court.

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