AUGUST 8, 2012

The newest addition at Southwest Wildlife

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Southwest Wildlife recently received a mule deer fawn that was found by a man in the mountains near Tucson.  The man was concerned the fawn was orphaned and needed to be rescued, but most likely the mother was close by.

The little fawn is only about a week old and is being bottle fed around the clock.  She’s still figuring out the art of coordinating all four of her legs to work in unison.  Until then, she is content to frolic around clumsily on her stilts until she grows into them.

The fawn is not a candidate for release back into the wild and will remain at our sanctuary.  When she gets a little older we will introduce her to our adult female mule deer “Feather” in hopes they will become lifelong friends.

If you ever come across deer, elk or pronghorn young you should leave them alone as the mother is probably foraging nearby. It’s not uncommon for mothers to leave their young alone the entire day while they are feeding.  It’s important to remember that animals can’t load up their babies in their minivans to go looking for something to eat. Unlike humans, wildlife have to leave their young while they look for food, but they will come back for them.

If you are interested in helping to support this little fawn or any of the other wildlife orphans that have been brought into SWCC in the last few months please visit to make a donation online.

They also accept donations through PayPal on their Facebook page.

Thank you so much for your support!