Your View

May 21, 2008 | Vol. 14 No. 21

?I signed a Referendum Petition Saturday morning so Cave Creek citizens have a chance to vote and voice their opinions about the dust control issue. Seventy signatures are needed to put the issue on the ballot, so if you care about keeping Cave Creek Cave Creek … petitions are available and waiting for your signature at Sonoran News, Monday-Friday from 8-5. Your voice matters.

According to Sonoran News, "Already delayed because of downturns in the real-estate market, Easy Street developer Ed Lewis is not planning on breaking ground ... any time soon." Maybe someone can explain the reason former Carefree Mayor Ed Morgan, who pushed through the zoning change associated with the project, is on Mr. Lewis' payroll.

It is well known that vaccination against influenza is often ineffective. To get some idea exactly how ineffective, I wrote Arizona Dept. Of Health Services to learn "in what percentage of the 5,068 laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza in the current season were the persons vaccinated against influenza." I received a letter in reply from Jan Escoto who works in the Office of the Director. Ms. Escoto stated, "The Office of Infectious Disease has informed me that they do not routinely collect the information you are requesting." It is clear that not only is the vaccine ineffective, but that the Dept. of Health Services is also ineffective.

Cave Creek's new dust ordinance has a provision for an enforcement officer designated by the town manager. Following the example of the state attorney general, I submit that the manager should name a person who spends five percent of his time on that duty and won't do anything about obvious violations.

Becky Fenger's side-by-side photos of Donkey, from "Shrek," and Chelsea Clinton doing identical goggle-eyes and crooked smirks once again validates John McCain's assertion about why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly.

Harley and custom bike owners, let me set the record straight – I also own a bike. However it is not cool to ride your open exhaust custom bike at full throttle at 2 a.m. down Stagecoach Pass. Lets face it, no one is around to see you on your tricked out ride, except perhaps the javelina or coyote. So how cool is it to be thought of as an idiot by all and potential roadkill to others? Do all of us and yourself a favor: throttle down.

I attended the initial Brix wine tasting at Stagecoach Village. At first I wondered how the winery could afford to have a representative present. Then I noticed on the hand-out that the winery was Francis Ford Coppola Presents. I wonder if they made him an offer he couldn't refuse? I kept waiting for Michael Corleone to show up.

How long will this terrorism on our roads continue? I am beyond fed up with the reckless driving here. Why are these maniacs who think they are in the right, mind you, allowed to get away with such behavior? There is obviously a lack of concern for public safety among the governing bodies and law enforcement officials. People who feel like I do need to start rallying and demanding safety on our roads be dealt with more effectively.

Doesn’t Carefree Magistrate Skull know Carefree residents and BMWs always have the right of way over lowly landscapers and their rock piles? Honestly, the landscapers should have dumped their pile in Cave Creek and then transported the rocks to Carefree. Kind of like how Habitat for Humanity dumps itself into Cave Creek for the honor of some elites in Carefree.

Don’t ever forget – Bill Clinton was IMPEACHED while he was in the White House! How many presidents have EVER been impeached?

Four justices of the California Supreme Court need to read the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible Chapter 18, verse 20 ... where it says “There are terrible accusations against Sodom and Gomorrah, and their sin is very great … “ Some judges are not very smart!

It’s only the middle of May and already I’ve removed three dead snakes from the road. These were good snakes that keep my home and yard from being overrun by packrats and mice. Hopefully they didn’t die in vain and something will come along and be able to eat them and live. Meanwhile the mice are overtaking everyone’s yards and homes. Think while you drive, please, watch out for our wild life.

My condolences to Karen O’Toole for the damage to her car and I’d like to believe that the little children of Carefree are better educated than to be sitting in the road. It’s a joke that the town marshal and police think it’s acceptable to have a gigantic pile of landscape gravel in the middle of the road.

If I read Linda Bentley’s article correctly (Cave Creek to revisit fire protection options, May 14-20 issue of Sonoran News) the only viable option is to keep things exactly the way they are.

Tensions run hot over locating a school in a residential area, no matter what neighborhood. Proper funding is needed to purchase land that is zoned appropriately. I don’t agree with threatening anyone, but following the rules instead of trying to circumvent the rules would eliminate picketing and threats.