"Recently, this mockingbird (I think it’s a northern mockingbird) was doing his mating ritual
in and above an ironwood tree in my Cave Creek back yard."

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my view by don sorchych'MY VIEW'   |   BY DON SORCHYCH

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If you aren’t frightened by what this administration is doing you are reading the mass media, not the few conservative newspapers like this one, Fox News and the Washington Times. Even they are not telling the Obama story as it exists and in its entirety. It is all about Political Correctness (PC) and the fear of being labeled racist.

Boombox by Dixon Diaz

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• The Inherent Defectiveness of Public Schooling  |   By jacob g. hornberger
• The Blatant Racism of "Diversity"  |  BY alan korwin
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Four Arizona Seniors Awarded National Scholarships

PHOENIX – Four Arizona high school seniors were among 100 winners nationally from a pool of more than 600 applicants competing this year for a Young Entrepreneur Foundation (YEF) scholarship award from the National Federation of Independent Business, America’s largest and leading small-business association since 1943.

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