Desert Visitor

During our heavy rain on January 7th, this bobcat decided to keep dry by sleeping on my doormat the entire morning.  I thought it looked really cute. Photo by Hazel Vaughn, Carefree.

VOL. 22  ISSUE NO. 6


Morningstar Road Properties sues Freemans over signs
CAVE CREEK – In November, Morningstar Road Properties, Inc., formerly Cahava Springs Corp., filed a complaint in Maricopa County Superior Court against Gerald and Janice Freeman who have refused to remove signs they have posted on Morningstar’s property at the entry to an easement that traverses Morningstar’s properties to access their home at the opposite end of the easement.

Carefree expands scope for pumpkin artist for 2016
School elections and funding transparency
Flake, Salmon introduce bill to establish new circuit court
Praise for 10 early cosponsors of Article One supplemental
Real unemployment rate 8.9 percent
Secretary Reagan seeks comprehensive reconstruction of state election laws
Senate President Biggs on plan to restore JTED funding and establish reforms
• Gosar amendment to end abuses of Operation Choke Point
• Border Report
• USDA awards $20 million in grants for citrus greening research



my view by don sorchych
Trump et al
New Hampshire election results
National Review

Since this issue is online and the votes in New Hampshire were on Tuesday we are reporting the results on Wednesday. The bombshell this week has been that Donald Trump would win the Iowa Caucus, but he came in second to Ted Cruz with Marco Rubio close behind.

Guest Editorials:

• What happens when diversity displaces the host country's language and culture? | By FROSTY   WOOLDRIDGE
• Three issues currently facing Carefree | By Les Peterson
• National monument proposal should be shelved | By Glenn Hamer
Sorry, Bernie: Tuition Free ≠ Debt Free | By Kyle Jorstad



Farewell Senior Falcons
On Friday, February 5 the Cactus Shadows Varsity Falcons matched up against the Notre Dame Saints for the final game of the season. The stands filled with family members ready to watch their senior play his final game in a Falcons uniform on the annual CSHS Basketball Senior Night.

Desert Foothills Theater presents The Children’s Hour Feb. 19 – Feb. 28
Scottsdale’s Parada del Sol Parade and Trails End Festival Celebration
Rule change affects handling of over payments through application process
Mexican wolf losses
Community News Briefs