Lane intends to create openness, involve citizens more

By Curtis Riggs | December 24, 2008

New mayor to be sworn in Jan. 13
SCOTTSDALE – New Mayor Jim Lane intends to instill a new sense of openness in Scottsdale City government and involve citizens in the governing process when he takes office mid-next month.

Through his 100-day proposal, Lane envisions involving citizens more in Scottsdale’s board and commission structure and creating more openness in the office he is assuming from two-term incumbent Mary Manross. He defeated Manross by only a couple of hundred votes on Nov. 4.

Jim LaneLane, a one-term Scottsdale City Councilman, will be sworn in as the new Mayor of Scottsdale in a City Council meeting on Jan. 13.

“I am going to change the attitude in what information is withheld and what is released,” he said about how his administration will differ from Manross’. “There will be greater accountability and I intend to bring a business approach to city government.

“My intent is to bring a different atmosphere to the Scottsdale City Council and I will do that.”

Lane, a C.P.A. before he got into Scottsdale politics, intends to deal with the budget crisis facing Scottsdale and much of Arizona by creating an ad hoc committee to review Scottsdale’s budget and management for efficiency.

“It could play out real well for us,” he said. “It will be a real challenge, but I believe if we play our cards right we can come out of this in better form and faster than the competition.”

He also intends for Scottsdale to play a greater role in leadership on the state and local level while he is mayor.

“I’ll make sure that Scottsdale comes first and see we aren’t a total donor city,” he said about his attitude in dealing with neighboring Phoenix and other Valley cities.