Fund raiser for Buffalo Chip Employees

Hello All,

What a great event last night.  Well organized, promoted -- WOW! -- and well attended. 

It was my pleasure being part of the Buffalo Chip Employee Fund raiser.   30 copies of A Cowboy Christmas: An American Tale were purchased.  The cost is $20.00 per book.  I would like to contribute a check for $600 to the Employee Fund today.  Question ‒ what name should I write the check out to and who can I deliver it to?

I thank you all for all you do.

Merry Christmas.

Tom and Mary Van Dyke

Astonishing Incompetency

At the end of the day (Dec. 15, 2015) we survived threats on the west coast in L.A. and on the east coast in the rapidly rotting Big Apple that were made against the most vulnerable and the most precious of all Americans, our children. Thank God that there were no attacks and it was, we pray, just some mental midgets who may have done this for laughs.

One would expect that a real president when faced with the possibility of American children being used as pawns and targets would have reacted in some manner. A man of character would possibly want to revisit and put on hold his half boiled plan of importing thousands upon thousand of impossible to vet "refugees" into OUR country.

What surprised me even more is that considering our worry and panic over the well being of our children, Obama didn't take advantage of this opportunity to once again lecture, manipulate and chide us with his favorite phrase "this is not who we are."

I can only guess Obama will remain aloof, cool and unencumbered by tragic events up until hundreds if not thousands of Americans perish or are maimed and wounded as a direct and/or indirect result of his astonishing incompetency.

Tom Carbone


Radical Islamic terrorism

The greatest threat to world peace is radical Islamic terrorism.

Radical Islamic terrorists killed 14 Americans in San Bernardino, CA; 130 people in Paris; five military personnel in Chattanooga, TN and 13 soldiers in Fort Hood, TX; a soldier in Canada; beheaded journalists and aid workers in the Middle East; killed non-Muslims in Copenhagen, Paris and Tunisia; attacked the Jewish Museum in Brussels, a mall in Kenya, Iraqi Christians, Syrian Christians, 40 churches in Egypt, our embassy in Benghazi, and the Boston Marathon.

Thousands of attacks by Islamic terrorists have occurred against non-Muslims, and many thousands have been killed. For attacks since 1990 see and enter List of Islamic terrorist attacks.

Islamic terrorists want only to attack and kill non-Muslims whom they consider infidels.

We have to destroy the Islamic terrorists, deport sympathizers, and restrict entry into the U.S. of people prone to conduct Islamic terrorism.

Donald Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire


USA vs. Syria comparison

In 2014 presidential elections were held in UN recognized  Syria. Representatives from 30 countries supervised the election. During this election at least 50 voters were killed by rebel shelling.  Pres. Assad got 88.7 percent of the votes. (Obama only got 51 percent of the vote in 2012).

Syria's voter participation was 73.42 percent ( During the 2012 US Presidential election  less than  57.6 percent legal voters voted without threat of death by rebels.) Only about 1/3 Syria's potential voters  did not get a chance to vote because they are trying to overthrow the country or left  the country for reasons of safety. If you included another 1/3 of potential voters, voter participation was still 55.2 percent  That's as high or higher than all of our  presidential elections from 1972 to 2000! The people trying to take over Syria are the same savage killers who we supported to take out Qaddafi in the once prosperous  Libya. Before they morphed into ISIS or ISIL these "rebels", many from outside Syria, were just as savage with torture and be-headings of Christians and non extremist Muslims. Presently Russia is doing more to make the world a safer place than the USA , NATO and the Pope in fighting ISIS and saving the lives of Christians and non-extremist Muslims! Just remember the same Muslim Brotherhood which slaughtered  Christians in Egypt and was kicked out of power, regularly visited the White House! The same White House that allows stolen ISIS oil to  pass through our NATO buddy Turkey to be sold and fund ISIS!  And for this we are risking WW III with  Russia? Is someone crazy?


Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


President Obama's Speech, "All Is Calm. All Is Bright?"

"All is calm and all is bright?" Few Americans are singing Silent Night this week in America.  

If President Obama wants to shut down ISIS he must doing the following:

First, let me say I do agree with Obama in that we must not send thousands of soldiers to Syria. This would end up costing us thousands of lives and another trillion dollars that we do not have. However we can do the following:

-       Communication/Media must be shutdown. Americans are guaranteed freedom of speech but not ISIS. We must do everything we can to take out their ability to communicate. This means cell phones and Internet access. Can we not figure this out? Any social media corporation that has ties to America or any segment of the free world must help with this. ISIS promotes, taunts and recruits via online propaganda. We have to stop this.

-       All means of making money has to cease. Bomb oil refineries controlled by ISIS. Put them out of commission. ISIS has millions and millions of dollars at their disposal.

-       Shut down their travel means. Take out their major bridges, destroy their highways and airports. Take out all sources of food supply.

-       Work strategically with Russia, France, England and Germany. However, the  Middle East countries must get on board with manpower and cash to support this effort. Where is worthless Saudi Arabia? By the way, Saudi Arabia does not even want the Syrian refugees in their country. They would rather send them to Germany or America!

We further need to get control of the Visas that are being issued to anybody and everybody. People from all over the world can get a Visa to America for almost any excuse. This must tighten up drastically.

Guns are still not the problem. The San Bernardino couple had a bomb factory in their garage. They could eventually have killed dozens or hundreds with bombs! Does anybody remember April 19, 1995? Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and injured over 600 in Oklahoma City with a truck bomb! The radical Muslims of September 11, 2001 took over airplanes that became catastrophic missiles killing almost 3000 people. Do you remember the Jonestown massacre? In 1978, 900 people were led to their deaths by the radical religious leader Jim Jones. Jones led some and forced many to drink the poisonous cyanide Kool-Aid. Jones' henchmen guards did have guns. However, most of the 900 died from cyanide poisoning. Radical religion was at the forefront of this massacre. Groups such as Jones' People's Temple and Radical Muslim Mosques are a danger to our society and must be monitored.

Speaking of religion, our President needs to call America together in Prayer. We need a special day of prayer for this nation. People are jittery. People are buying guns and ammunition as fast as they can be made.

Nothing could have been more frightening than the Civil war. Bloody killing was taking place all over this country. Americans were killing Americans. The 30th day of April 1863 was set aside by Abraham Lincoln as a day of fasting and prayer for this nation. We stress, jitter and worry about this country and world situation. More and more our world needs a strong and wise America to step up and provide strong and wise leadership. Surely, we need the wisdom, help and power from Almighty God to lead and calm this nation. 

Glenn Mollette


The Stadium Welfairy Tale

Most fairy tales begin "once upon a time, in a land far, far away." The American sports industry's fairy tale begins "all the time, right here." Apart from that, though, it's very similar to other fairy tales in that no sensible adult really believes the main elements of the story. It goes like this:

The ultra-wealthy owners of an ultra-profitable sports franchise decide their team needs a new stadium. But they have no intention of paying for that stadium themselves. They want the local, county and state governments in the area where the team plays to pick up the tab. And if those governments don't cooperate, well, they'll pack up the team and move it to some area with a government that's more willing to fleece the taxpayers on its behalf.

Here's where the fairy tale element comes in: Hey, guys, relax -- this thing will more than pay for itself! Sure, you're going to make taxpayers cover the building costs. Sure, you're going to write all kinds of special tax breaks for the team's owners into the deal. But the new stadium will create so much new economic development around it that you'll be swimming in new jobs (and new tax revenues) before you know it. Everybody wins!

Well, no, everybody doesn't win. Study after study shows that the "economic development" claims are fairy tales. Stadium projects are at best an economic wash for the locales in which they're built. The franchise continues to rake in fat stacks of cash; the taxpayers are just out a bunch of money.

My former home area of St. Louis, Missouri seems to be the proverbial sucker born every day.  A decade or so ago, area governments built a new stadium for the local Major League Baseball team, the Cardinals.

Now the city's National Football League franchise, the Rams, wants one too, at a cost of $1.1 billion, even though the bonds on their current venue, the Edward Jones Dome,  won't be paid off for another six years. The team's owner, Stan Kroenke (estimated net worth: $7.7 billion), has threatened to move the team back to California if the taxpayers won't pick up the vast bulk of the check.

Let's call this what it is: Welfare for the rich, stolen from regular folks.  The billionaires get a happy ending. Everyone else gets eaten by the bears. Or, in this case, by the Rams.

Thomas L. Knapp, Director and Senior News Analyst
William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism


Did Obama open the door for the San Bernadino killers?

Former DHS terrorism investigator and whistleblower Philip Haney has made startling allegations that the Obama administration deliberately shuttered an investigation that might have thwarted the San Bernadino mass murder — because he was told the investigations were problematic because they were into Islamic groups. Had Haney's investigation been allowed to continue, he maintains it might have resulted in a blocking of the San Bernadino fiancée visa because of the couple's relationship with a radical mosque.

The Obama administration may be deliberately blinding our intelligence agencies' capacity to properly vet visa applications or to pursue domestic leads in terrorism investigations if those investigations focus on Islamic centers. Since when do law enforcement and intelligence agencies skip over religious motivations for murders in pursuing leads? They're supposed to follow evidence and intelligence wherever it leads, not deny the obvious link between Islam and the killers because of political correctness. There is no First Amendment protection against investigating religiously motivated attacks. If this policy is widespread, it might help explain why Western intelligence agencies have been blind to the latest wave of attacks.

This comes as the San Bernadino neighbors were afraid to say something even though they saw something, for fear of being labeled bigots. Political correctness is getting people killed, and those who urge law enforcement and intelligence not to focus on the religion involved with these repeated attacks are playing a very dangerous game indeed.

Rick Manning, President
Americans for Limited Government


What needs to be done

"Those who say that we're in a time when there are no heroes, they just don't know where to look." -Ronald Reagan

When we recall heroes of American history, we think of people like George Washington, James Madison, and Ronald Reagan, to name a few.

But there are countless American heroes whose names aren't written down in history books. I meet heroes for liberty everywhere I go. Some might say these men and women are ordinary--grandmothers, fathers, students, single mothers--but what they do for the cause of freedom makes them truly remarkable.

It's what gives me energy every day to fight alongside them. In these troubling times, I'm inspired by my fellow countrymen who see what needs to be done, and they do it.

We are going to save this country. I'm sure of it. That's precisely what Convention of States Action is all about. As my good friend, and COS Legal Advisory Board Member, Mark Levin says, "We will use the Constitution to save the Constitution!" ​We can ​put a halt to an overreaching federal government. We can put fiscal restraints on Congress. We can send the career politicians packing. ​We can impose term limits on the Supreme Court. ​We can accomplish all this and much, much more.

Convention of states supporter Ronald Reagan once said, “With God’s help, we can and will resolve the problems that now confront us. After all, why shouldn’t we believe that? We are Americans!”

This is a critical month for us. We are currently mobilizing our vast army of citizen activists in order to advance our resolution when 38 states start session in January, but we need your help to make it happen.

Our generous donors have agreed to match your gift, dollar for dollar, for the month of December only. That means if you give $10, our donors have pledged to give another $10 to make the impact of your gift $20. Your $50 gift will effectively become $100!

Together we can save America, for our children and future generations. This is only possible with committed patriots like you who love America and care enough to do something about it, so please give today.

Thank you for being a part of this historic movement to restore America,

Mark Meckler

P.S. Remember, this matching challenge has been offered to us for the month of December only, so please help us reach this critical goal by supporting Convention of States Action today.

Mark Meckler
Convention of States Action