Carefree’s Future Matters

Friends of Carefree, the Council held an Executive session on November 10, no details were made available. The regular monthly Town Council meeting was also held on November 10.

Town Council Meeting, November 10, 2015, 5 p.m.

Items 1 – 4, Consent Agenda: All 4 items were related to routine town business (meeting minutes, bills, financial reports, event permit(s), and general agreement(s). Item #3, Paid Bills, was held for discussion at the request of Councilman Farrar. All other Items were approved 7 – 0.

Councilman Farrar asked how many Adirondack chairs were purchased for $1,824 and where they were to be located. Mr. Neiss responded that there would be four chairs located on the artificial grass near the Splash Pad. Councilman Farrar then inquired about the costs relating to the Splash Pad. Councilwoman Price responded that the Splash pad cost was $131,000, a retaining wall cost $20,000, and there was a donation from Kiwanis of $135,000 (over 7 years). Councilman Farrar said he would appreciate the Splash Pad committee keeping the remainder of Council members informed about their activities [purchases - furniture, signs, etc.] so that they are not surprised at meetings. Councilman Farrar then jokingly asked Councilman Gearhart if he was going to return the cushions that had gone missing from the new Fireplace furniture. He thought it was 4, but Mr. Neiss stated that only 3 had been taken. The cushions are now secured.

The final question from Councilman Farrar related to an architect expense for the 33 Easy Street building. The town lease of that space to Mr. Lewis calls for Mr. Lewis to handle the cost of improvements. Mr. Neiss explained that the town paid for the architect to assure that any changes proposed by Mr. Lewis would be consistent with the Town’s ultimate plans for that space (Council Chambers). [The paid bills also listed a $3,000 expense for concrete steps at 33 Easy Street. There was no payment listed in the October Check Register for the 33 Easy Street landscaping.] With the questions addressed, Item #3 was then approved 7 – 0.

The Mayor announced that some Agenda items would be taken out of sequence.

Item 5, Call to the Public: Captain Kip Rustenberg of MCSO advised the Council that MCSO had acquired a new Bell Ranger helicopter. She indicated that it could be scheduled for display/inspection in Carefree if the Council would like to take advantage of the opportunity.

Item 8, Keystone Homes ‘Eastwood’ – Carefree General Plan & Zoning Changes: The Mayor advised that the town had received a continuance request from Keystone Homes. The topic will now be addressed at the 12/1 Council meeting.

Item 9, Liberty Utilities – BMSC: The mayor provided a very comprehensive update on the negotiations (logistical, financial, legal, and practical), including a historical review of the situation. The material is far too extensive for inclusion here, but will hopefully be available on the audio recording of the meeting, once the town makes it available. This agenda item calls for authorizing the Mayor to sign a collaborative agreement by the Arizona Corporation Commission, Liberty Utilities, the Boulders Resort, the Boulders HOA, and the Town of Carefree. The agreement will be subject to final approval by the ACC and the withdrawal of an existing action pending in the AZ Court of Appeals. Approval will facilitate (over a 3 year period) the removal of a waste processing facility in the Boulders and allow the pending Rate Case to move forward, thus providing both commercial and residential customers with a more equitable rate structure. After hearing remarks from several attorneys, the Council approved authorizing the Mayor to sign the agreement, 7 – 0.

Item 7, Town Financial Audit: The town’s financials were audited by HintonBurdick, PLLC. Jim Keen, Town Accountant, reviewed the scope of the audit and outlined the minor changes suggested by the auditor(s). Those changes essentially addressed the manner in which the town should handle a grant (money not yet transferred by the State) relating to Monsoon storm damaged last fiscal year. The June, July, and August financial reports have been restated with the auditors adjusting entries. Mr. Neiss continued with a review of revenue and expenditures during the period 2006-2015. His slide presentation showed that Carefree had made a $10M investment in itself with the largest portion going to Fire protection, followed by the Water Company, Roads, and Open Space preservation (60 acres). During the same period $1,913,952 was added to General Fund reserves which totaled $6,954,024 as of June 30th. If his material becomes available it will be posted in our Archives. He also pointed out that Carefree had been chosen to receive the American Planning Association 2015 Strategic Planning Award. The Audit Report was accepted by a vote of 7 – 0.

Item 6, Current Events: Vice Mayor Crane described the events planned for Carefree’s Veterans Day remembrance. He also mentioned that Rural Metro (Carefree) had received a grant of $3,600 to purchase 2 Wild Fire radios thanks to a donation by the 100 Club of Arizona.

Mayor Peterson stated that the Enchanted Pumpkin event(s) drew an estimated 30,000 visitors into Carefree. Mr. Van Allen said that 75 percent of the merchants applauded the event. Councilman Farrar advised that both Bodega 13 and Speakeasy were now open [as of Friday, 11/6 I believe].

[Although not mentioned during this meeting, signs along our major roadways have been indicating that the ADOT Bike Lane project was to commence on November 9. Construction will continue into April. The project was originally expected to begin in July but that date kept slipping. With our Festival season already underway, residents and visitors will encounter some travel disruption into and out of Carefree along major roadways throughout our high season. Construction of Gateways will likely add to the mix.]

Item 10, Town Council Updates: Nothing major noted.

Item 11, Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:20 p.m.

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Respectfully submitted by Jim Van Allen and John Traynor


Dear Scottsdale City Council members:

There are 235,000 Scottsdale residents, about 20 percent of them are snowbirds. There are seven of you who continue to beat the drum AGAINST CHRISTIANS under the veil of discrimination to homosexuals and those who reject the sex with which they were born and want to change it at will and whim. I don’t know what they are legally called. Perhaps, like the Affordable Care Act, the new name for people is a “unit.” Inasmuch as there has been no legal case in Scottsdale against these “units,” the only conclusion to draw is that there is a unified goal to take away the religious freedom of Christians and Jews in Scottsdale and you seven are falling in line to do this.

Throughout the country, it’s these ordinances that are being used to deny religious freedom to people like Washington state florist Barronelle Stutzman. She is a devout Christian grandmother who worked a small business into success. Two men who wanted her to create the flower arrangements for their wedding decided, after she refused (even though other florists were perfectly willing to perform) they wanted to “make an example” of her. Why should she lose her business and home? Is this tolerance? The same holds true with the Colorado cake baker Jack Phillips. What kind of people are these who want Christians to be Christians only in church??

And the beat goes on………………………..beat, beat, beat, the Christians and Jews into submission, as if they haven’t suffered enough discrimination throughout history.

Before anything more gets passed in this council, let us see how anti-Christian this bill really may become. Does it mean that any photographer or baker or Pastor cannot refuse to use their God given talents to participate in an act they find biblically immoral? Can you insist that Christians participate in the killing of babies just because they work for a hospital? How far can this go?

Listen and think about this culture change. Just because it is legal DOES NOT MAKE IT MORAL. There are huge unintended consequences to such an ordinance.

Is this bill or ordinance you are so sacredly PUSHING the one that allows some guy who decides he is going to be a girl for a week, actually come into the ladies restroom or locker room to be a voyeur? Well, when a couple of us real gals don’t like it and throw him out on his head, will we then be prosecuted for our right to privacy from him, or is it HER. Will we be handcuffed and arrested just for his (her) rights?

Look, trying to do the “right” thing as we live in this complicated society is sometimes very difficult, especially if you are trying to raise children. When GOD created Heaven and Earth, Man and Woman, the birds, the trees, the waters and all living animals, He allowed MAN to name them. Then He proceeded to give Man a handbook by which to live. It is “the maker’s” handbook…..THE BIBLE. He set man above all of the animals by giving him the sophisticated brain and prehensile hands.

Man has done many marvelous things with this brain, except he hasn’t learned to stop fighting with one another for control, whether it is with objects or words. Now we have a new way. Instead of living by Solomon’s Proverbs, let’s just beat our fellow Christians down with laws and ordinances or simply cut off their heads like the 21 Egyptians experienced, How calloused can we get?

Rose Marlena Sampieri
Scottsdale Resident 23 years

So that I don’t have to write many letters repeating myself, I would, with your permission, like to address each of you individually in this one email letter.

These comments to you individually are based on either what I have heard you say during council meetings, what I have read on line, what you indicated during your campaign or what has been written about you by various journalists, as well as my own comments.

In fact, I have perused the March 31, 2015, 61 page doc on line which was mainly assembled by Sharon Cini, diversity liaison for the City and I assume whose salary I participate in paying. She basically listed Phoenix and Tempe statutes wherein they were slightly different in what areas “gender specific” (whatever that is) rights were protected. Ironically, all the statutes listed “religion” as a protected right. That is an oxymoron! Just exactly how are you going to protect Christian beliefs and rights? Will you allow the baker and florist to live out their beliefs? Look at the “Little Sisters of the Poor.” The Little Sisters of the Poor who have taken vows of poverty to help the sick and dying……….are we closing them down because they will not participate in killing babies? There is no end to the unintended consequences. Stop trying to punish Christians!

I have read with interest the parts of the report that say that there have been NO LAWSUITS in either Phoenix or Tempe. (Duh!) Only two minor complaints that resolved without court action. Why are you looking to divide us? Please be specific in your thoughts and actions and consider how you are trying to control Christians.

On August 29, 2015, Beth Duckett, reporter for The Republic/ wrote an article entitled “Scottsdale City Council May Reconsider Creating Anti-discrimination Law.” Some excerpts from her article:

“In March, the majority council members chose not to pursue. At that time, it was only Vice Mayor Linda Milhaven and Virginia Korte. The council unanimously backed a voluntary gay-rights pledge. NOW, the possibility of a law. Kathy Littlefield and David Smith want to explore. Their support could mean a council majority to move the idea forward. Kathy said, ‘The emotional content of hate and vitriol against the LGBT has been extremely strong.’ David Smith wants to support a balance.”

Back to my words…………..Kathy, please share the emotional content of hate and vitriol against this minority community who are giving you “marching orders.” When you were campaigning, you attended a church service at North Scottsdale Christian. You sat through Pastor’s sermon and when he gave an altar call, I was unable to see whether or not you raised your hand. Doesn’t matter. After service you introduced yourself to as many of us individuals as you could and told us you were running for city council.

David, you support balance. May I suggest that you work on balancing a law for the Christians who eventually may be fighting for their “life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness?”

Virginia, you have an axe to grind because your partner was fired 10 years ago after 30 years of work. I believe I heard 30 years at one of the council meetings. (maybe it was 20 or 25) Your charge insinuated that it was because of her sexual orientation. In all likelihood, all of my words to you will be dismissed by you.

Linda, when you speak on this topic at the meetings, you say very few words, but I guess those few words mostly lean toward “we need a law” for this class of citizens, probably not thinking of how the Christians will be affected. You have been instrumental, along with Virginia in moving this nightmare of unintended consequences forward.

Suzanne, I haven’t read much about your feelings on this, although when you do speak, it seems non-committal on this topic but that you want to do right by everyone. I understand you have great business experience.

Guy, I love what you portray………….”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Mr. Mayor………You are the leader. Please lead these six people away from persecuting Christians. We don’t need to be divided. We need all of you to concentrate on running the city with the budget that has been allocated. Look for ways to reduce our taxes, not ask for more while spending more money to do so.

Rose Marlena Sampieri
Scottsdale Resident 23 years



As a taxpaying citizen of OUR country I’m desperately attempting to wrap my mind around the unwanted immigration from Syria and “other” countries in the mid-east. This latest FUBAR is nothing less than a full blown economic and social catastrophe that is the brain child of Barack Hussein Obama and the loons on the far left.

I have a great many concerns and so should you. Let me list a few.

*How will we be able to be CERTAIN we are not giving a free pass to terrorist sleepers to waltz into OUR country?

*What are the costs and who pays the costs for the travel expenses of these immigrants?

*What are the costs and who pays for relocating these people throughout OUR country?

*What are the costs and who pays for housing, food, clothes and utilities for these immigrants?

*What are the costs and who will pay for basic English classes?

*With so many unemployed and underemployed American CITIZENS and a scarcity of part time jobs for AMERICAN students how can these thousands of immigrants ever be employed.

*If it’s accurate that the majority of these immigrants have no education to speak of what type of jobs will they be able to do?

*How long and how much will it cost the AMERICAN taxpayers to pay for the costs to support, feed, educated and provide healthcare to these immigrants?

*Why am I thinking, that at best, this is just a new generation of trouble making, freeloading, economic and social blood suckers that have nothing to offer in return?

*Who allocated the funds for this nonsense?

*Did Congress approve of these funds?

*This appears to be a MAJOR financial undertaking and if Congress has not approved the funds, why not? HOW CAN WE STOP THE INSANITY?

*If we don’t have the funds to keep our Armed Forces at a decent level of preparedness, provide a better wage to our men and women in the military, provide timely healthcare to OUR veterans, provide a COLA increase to retired Americans … JUST WHERE IS THE FUNDING FOR THIS COMING FROM AND AT WHAT EXPENSE?.

*Does anyone think this is a good idea?

* Why do we tolerate this stupidity from a “president” who has done nothing for Americans in general and is more than likely mentally unstable?

*I grow more angry by the day. Am I the only one?

Tom Carbone


Letter to Obama

Your leadership is being tested!

Yesterday you said “we have contained ISIS”

Last night you said “attack was on all humanity”

Will you face the reality of the threat Islamic radicals? 

Do you believe we are at WAR?

What is your plan to eliminate Islamic terrorists? 

Your Justice Department continues to block pro-active investigations in the Muslim community to root out ISIS supporters.

You continue to blind the public and law enforcement to the menacing threat by delinking Islam from terrorism in both policy and counterterror training.

You continue to rely on drones when you should be putting combat troops on the ground.

You are in deep denial about the threat posed by the Islamic State and other Islam inspired terrorists. In fact, your arrogant indifference is fast becoming a grave liability to American public safety.

You are dangerously naive about the threat from bloodthirsty jihadists at the same time their reach has grown, which calls your effectiveness as commander in chief into serious question.
You would like to take away our guns - is it possible this reality deters terrorists?

The real CAUSE of ISIS is you as the leader of the USA pulled ALL of our troops out of Iraq, leaving a vacuum that ISIS filled. You have consistently declined to acknowledge the reality of a Islamic terrorist attacks including your TV appearance last night.

Will you use the words - Radical Islamic terrorists?

You want to bring the refugees from Syria into the USA, and further add to threats to the US.

Your team openly admits: “it is impossible to vet these young men?

Why are you doing it? Seriously, what is the real reason?

Do see the realities of ISIS and understand that baby steps (50 special services) will not solve the threat facing our country and the world or is this part of his plan to “bring down the USA” as a power?

ISIS is evil - Whose side are you on?

The nation may not be able to endure another 14 months of your dereliction.

Arch McGill


Washington’s Latest Deal: Little Cause for Celebration

You can understand why President Obama and congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle sought to cast their end-of-October budget deal in the best possible light. They avoided a potentially catastrophic national default. They reduced the possibility of a government shutdown. And they raised the debt ceiling until March, 2017, taking that bargaining chip off the table until the next president is in the White House.

Still, for all their hard work, our political leaders indulged in two bad habits that they really need to kick, because they wreak havoc with effective and efficient government and cost taxpayers a pile of money.

First, while they gave themselves some breathing room before the next time the debt ceiling has to be raised, they will nonetheless have to raise the debt ceiling eventually. They should have abolished it, or at least suspended it.

The debt ceiling has become a political pawn, used repeatedly as leverage by opposition parties to make demands of the President. It has driven the persistent national game of “chicken” that has so tarnished Congress’s image in recent decades. The legislative maneuvering surrounding each debt ceiling bill consumes huge amounts of legislative time that is better spent on other matters.

The second bad habit is equally pernicious: the budget deal did little to shift Congress from its reliance on continuing resolutions. The CR, as it’s known, was designed to keep government operating for a few days or weeks while congressional negotiators worked out the budget. In recent decades, though, it has become the way we fund the government.

Continuing resolutions bypass the appropriations bills written by specialized committees and provide a favored few interests a bonanza. They also keep the federal government — and hence state and local agencies that rely on federal commitments — in “handcuffs,” as a recent article in Politico put it. The CR puts the government on automatic pilot, avoids hundreds of difficult funding and policy decisions, and has become a substitute for working hard to pass a budget by the regular process. It lacks transparency, sidesteps good budgeting, puts all the power in the hands of a few congressional leaders, and invites Congress to act in a crisis mode.

Do you want the Congress to work better? If so, ask your favorite member to think big and not lock into a failing system. A good start would be to kick these two bad habits.

Lee Hamilton

Lee Hamilton is a Distinguished Scholar, Indiana University School of Global and International Studies; and a Professor of Practice, IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 34 years.


PSA: There’s no Such Thing as an “Accidental” Shooting

At least once a week or so, I read stories about allegedly accidental shootings. These stories always puzzle me, because assuming a competent adult and a non-defective gun, there’s no such thing as an accidental shooting. The two kinds of shootings are “intentional” and “negligent.”

What’s worse is that all too often, these supposed “accidents” involve people who carry guns professionally and have received extensive training in their use. They don’t have recourse to the excuse that they didn’t know what they were doing.

For example, Clayton County, Georgia sheriff Victor Hill was indicted on November 12 for “accidentally” shooting a woman with whom he claimed to be “practicing police tactics.”

In late October, former Austin, Texas police officer Charles Kleinert was granted federal immunity from manslaughter charges for “accidentally” killing a man (he claimed to “only” intended to pistol-whip the guy).

For that matter, a decade or so ago, a DEA agent announced to a room full of students “I’m the only one in this room professional enough that I know of to carry this Glock 40” before “accidentally” shooting himself in the leg. Some professional, huh?

Let’s clear all this “accidental” nonsense up right now. There’s no such thing as an “accidental” shooting. There are only two kinds of shootings: Intentional and negligent.

Look, people: Neither guns nor gun safety are complicated.

The gun is either loaded or it isn’t -- and you should always assume that it is. If you don’t, you’re negligent. Period.

If you point the gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot, you’re negligent. Period.

If you leave a loaded gun around where a four-year-old can pick it up and shoot a sibling while playing, you’re negligent. Period.

If you use a gun for some purpose other than the one it was intended for -- as a bludgeon, for example -- you’re negligent. Period.

Especially, not just “even,” if you are a police officer or a member of the armed forces.

Gun rights activists (yes, I am one) are fond of pointing out that guns don’t kill people, people do. That’s true. It’s true whether the killing is justified or unjustified, and it’s true whether the killing is intentional or negligent.

Negligent shooters and their supporters need to stop making excuses for negligent shootings. And the 99.9 percent of responsible gun owners who take gun safety seriously shouldn’t be tarred with their “accidents.”

Thomas L. Knapp
William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism


Article V critics sink to new lows

Some people will stop at nothing to maintain the status quo in Washington, D.C. Everyone knows the federal government won’t fix itself, so these individuals are attacking the only solution We the People have left: an Article V Convention of States.

Fortunately, their attempts are coming up woefully short. Every Article V objection has an answer, and our volunteers and supporters are well-equipped to take the naysayers and fear-mongerers head-on.

Don’t mess with Levin. The National Association of Gun Rights is one of the groups spreading fear and misinformation about Article V. When Mark Levin heard about it, he wasn’t too happy…
Every objection falls flat. We’ve been around for awhile now, and we’ve heard every Article V objection in the book. None of them stand up to close scrutiny.

Naysayers have no solution to financial crisis. According to Article V critics, we should trust our federal officials to keep us from financial ruin. It would be a great plan, except for the fact that it’s been failing for the last 100 years.

Misleading dedicated American patriots is bad enough, but some people take it a step further by spreading their lies to state legislators. That’s where our Legislative Liaisons come in.
Legislative Liaisons network with state legislators to promote the Convention of States resolution in their state capitol. They’re responsible for introducing state legislators to the
Article V process and answering their concerns.

Will you consider applying for the Legislative Liaison position in your state? We already have fantastic Legislative Liaisons in a number of states (and we’re certainly not looking to replace any of them!), but a number of states still need that position filled.
We look forward to working with you.

The Convention of States Project Team