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PET NEWSaugust 26, 2015

Get your yards ready to adopt a desert tortoise in early September

PHOENIX – Are you fascinated by reptiles? Do you have a yard big enough for a dog, but no time to take one for daily walks? Is someone in your family allergic to pets with fur or feathers? If so, consider adopting a desert tortoise through the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The department’s Tortoise Adoption Program has over 40 tortoises to adopt out to homes in the Phoenix, Yuma and Prescott areas prior to the animals going into hibernation this fall.

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Luckily, the bullet hit no one

james k whiteIn about 480 B.C., Croesus became king of Lydia (now part of Turkey) at age 25. Croesus used river silt containing electrum (an amalgam of gold and silver) to mint the world’s first standardized coins. Since he made the only real money, C-man was soon the richest person in the world. His wealth was legendary. People still often use the phrase “Rich as Croesus” when making reference to some tycoon, Mid-Eastern prince or attorney.

BOOK NOOK   |  JULY 8, 2015

chattoCave Creek area featured in new Apache Wars novel

The new novel, “Chatto’s Promise” traces the deadly raid by the Apache warrior, Chatto, and his band of 21 raiders through the area near Cave Creek in 1883.