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Keeping Cave Creek Road open

I could not agree more. I have made numerous calls to the Town regarding the selective enforcement of parking regulations and road closures particularly with regard to the Hideaway, which seems to take over a full lane whenever it suits them. It is both annoying and dangerous. The response? We'll pass it on. To the circular file, I guess.

M. Merryweather


Marshal Stein kicks the can down the road

The May 4 council meeting was full of citizens and emotion. After most of the folks left there was a seemingly insignificant agenda item involving an experienced restauranteur who simply wanted to have beer and wine at his unique BBQ restaurant in town center. The Town Marshal found issues and deferred any decision to the Liquor Commission and asked the council to help him kick the can down the road.
The Town Marshal did not have the time to address council, which disturbed some members as the Town Clerk was forced to say “uhmmm, Adam said it needed to be denied and it was confidential” which on its face is ridiculous. If there was something confidential he should have briefed council in executive session and presented the rest to council in the open so this Cave Creek resident and would be businessman and taxpayer (who I do not know ) came to argue his case and his accuser could not find the time to attend, or delegate his assistant that stood guard. It was not a homicide, it was a administrative code issue. 

If Steins’ armed assistant code officer can not be trusted to summarize the Marshal’s report, it calls into question the entire structure of the Marshal’s Office. The council members would never dismiss an employee based on second hand oral evidence, but this would be licensee/citizen did not even get that low bar of due process.
I think any citizen and business owner deserves more than to become simply a file to be sent away. When I was a police commander we encouraged our officers to solve the problem, not just send a report ... they were empowered to end problems. Sadly, that is not the mission statement of the CCMO.

CW Jensen, Retired Police Captain
Cave Creek


Carefree’s Future Matters VI, E8, V1

Friends of Carefree, the Town Council meeting of May 5 included discussion and action on two major items, the Intergovernmental Agreement with Cave Creek regarding the ADOT Bike Lane Project and the 2016 Fiscal Year Budget.

Town Council Meeting, May 5, 2015
All Council members were present.

Items 1 – 6, Consent Agenda:  All 6 items were related to routine town business (meeting minutes, bills, and financial reports); Councilman Miller asked that #5 be held for questions and then Councilman Farrar asked the same for #6.  Items 1 – 4 were approved 7 – 0.

Item 5, Councilman Miller inquired why the March Local Sales Tax was higher than usual.  Jim Keen (Town Accountant) responded that the State had deposited approximately $160K - $180K of April funds during the March cycle.  It all balances out by the end of the fiscal Year.

Item 6, Councilman Farrar inquired if the festival permit process had been updated to assure residents access to town center facilities, such as the Post Office building and parking during events.  Gary Neiss (Town Administrator) acknowledged that the forms were being revised.  For already submitted permits, he indicated that a coordinator had been contacted (sorry, I missed the name) and that individual responded that people would be available to oversee parking and traffic flow issues.

After discussion, Items 5 & 6 were approved 7-0.

Item 7, Call to the Public:  Lyn Hitchon stated that Sales tax revenue should be really good because the Resort just held a 500 person conference, for 4 or 5 days, and those people were eating in the dining room.

Mayor Peterson acknowledged that someone wishing to speak about a later Agenda item may not always be able to stay through the entire meeting until that item is reached.  He said that a person may fill out the orange (?) ‘request to speak slip’, write their comments (no more than 3 minutes worth!), and then turn it in to the town clerk.  He would then read the comments at the appropriate point during the meeting.

Item 8, Current Events:  Councilman Crane complimented the Ambulance service for their prompt and professional handling of a situation at his home.

Item 9:  Intergovernmental Agreement with Cave Creek regarding Bike lanes:  Resolution 2015-03 was presented for approval of the IGA with Cave Creek and to authorize Carefree’s payment of $140,158.85 to Cave Creek for our portion of the local towns funding.  That number may vary after Contract bids.  As this project has moved forward some details and dates have been clarified/adjusted.  The now current estimate for the construction start date is September (no day indicated), or about 3 months later than the original estimate.

A presentation by Stacey Bridge-Denzak, Town Planner & Streets Coordinator, provided some additional information.  A copy of that presentation is now available at:

The southbound bike lane will end at Leisure Lane, not between Leisure and Meander.  Councilman Crane asked if trees will be moved.  The response was that, if we are under the bid, trees could be included.  There was further discussion about salvaging other median vegetation, but frankly I lost track of the back and forth.  I guess we’ll see when we see.

Someone (I think it was Councilman Farrar who posed the question, but I could not hear very well so I could be mistaken) asked if Rural/Metro had been included in the project plan or review.  The Chief said that R/M had not been involved; he later stated that 11 foot driving lanes would not be a problem for them and that other vehicles could pull over and stop in the bike lanes if R/M equipment needed to get by.  Councilman Miller had added that R/M would be shown the final construction timeline documents once they were available.

Mayor Peterson said he understands that some residents are unaware of, or not fully informed about, the project and requested staff to provide more communications to residents between now and the construction start.

Resident Ralph Pipp asked if the money for the ADOT project was coming out of the highway fund or General fund.  Stacey responded that the HURF funds would be used.  HURF funds are money that towns & cities receive from the Stare from the taxes paid on gasoline.

Resolution 2015-03 authorizing approval of the IGA and payment was Approved 7 – 0.

Item 10:  Fiscal Year 2016 Budget:  There was a quick review of the process that has been followed and the public meetings that were held to this point.  The purpose of this agenda item is to provide opportunity for additional discussion/questions, if any, and then to approve the bottom line number, which for FY16 will be approximately $7,068M.  One $50K expense item, which had inadvertently been left out, was added.

Although the bottom line number can no longer be changed, funds can be moved around between budget categories.  The final budget is scheduled to be adopted at a special meeting on June 2nd, just prior to the regular council meeting.

The bottom line budget number was set and approved, 7 -0.

Item 11, Town Council updates:  This item will be a regular agenda item going forward, reporting on, and reflecting areas of focus for the council.  It will include Administrative tasks, Town Center Identification/Architectural, Liberty/Black Mountain Sewer, Council Chambers, land Use/Planning, Special Planning areas, Open House signs/permits, and Median upkeep.  Updates on each area will be presented at council meetings as information becomes available.

Administrative:  Update of the Town Code – A committee has been formed to address this important function.  Members will include Mayor Les Peterson, Vice Mayor John Crane, Town Administrator Gary Neiss, Wayne Fulcher, Tom Rawls, and possibly Lloyd Meyers.  Greg Gardner will serve if Lloyd Meyers cannot.  Expected start date is the end of June.

A Long Range Financial Plan committee has been formed.  Members include Mayor Les Peterson, Vice Mayor John Crane, Town Administrator Gary Neiss, Town Accountant Jim Keen, along with former members Gary Hayward and Jerry Wetta, and John Traynor.  The objectives are to revise the 2012 Plan, determine actual base costs, and then project future revenue and expense trends.  The new LRFP will be an evolving document as opposed to a static plan.  It will target a 5 year future window and will be updated as significant events dictate.

Liberty/Black Mtn Sewer (L/BMS):  Several meetings with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) have been somewhat productive but no rate relief is yet available for Venues, or other restaurants in Carefree.  A 2008 rate case permits L/BMS sewer rates to be calculated on the basis of either the number of seats in a restaurant or the number of meals served, neither of which is an accurate nor fair representation of the actual sewer use.  L/BMS chose to use number of seats.  With the help of staff and Carefree Water Company data, the ACC has been presented with information which shows that actual ‘water in’ to Venues is far less than the ‘water out’ billing by the sewer company.  L/BMS has agreed to begin working on a new rate case shortly, hopefully based on water-in - water-out, but that process is not a quick one.

Council Chambers:  The town and the owner of the current facility are considering various options for the current lease which expires 6/2016.  Space previously occupied by the old town offices, and then the court, is obviously no longer needed.  The Post Office may wish to expand their space, so that could be in the mix of options under discussion.

Open House signs/permits:  The Planning & Zoning commission will take up this matter at their next meeting.  Under consideration is a moratorium on the requirement for permits, possibly for 6 months.  Once the P&Z addresses the issue it will come before the council for action.

Median Upkeep / Landscaping Contract:  The town has budgeted approximately $60K in the upcoming budget for a maintenance contract with Desert Foothills Landscaping for median upkeep.  During the discussion Councilman Crane commented on the current poor condition of the medians, which do not reflect favorably on the Town.

The town does maintain the medians in front of CVS and Lowes.  However, the areas behind the medians were planned to be, and remain, desert-natural and not town property.  Although staff has discussed the need for maintenance of those areas with managers at both companies they have been told that ‘corporate’ has not approved any funds for that purpose. 

Because of the later than expected start of the bike lane construction project it was ultimately decided Carefree should begin the median upkeep contract in July, assuming the contract is presented to the council for consideration and is approved in June.

Item 12, Executive Session:  The council voted to enter an Executive Session (private meeting), which would be followed by adjournment (Item 13). 

Essentially the public meeting ended at 6:40 p.m.

Don’t forget to visit

Respectfully submitted by
Jim Van Allen and John Traynor



Think of all the bad going on within our country. Our U.S. Military, State National Guard, Local Police and people like our great Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies can't even enforce the laws because the White House and Eric Holder, ex-Attorney General Of The Justice Department has issued Executive Orders or other orders that have tied their hands. What makes me sick is before he was forced to step down due to public opinion he was able to hand pick his replacement and our Senate (both Democrats and Republicans) approved her. Why??? Instead here in Arizona our Republican Senator John Mc Cain should be heading up an impeachment procedure against Obama and others causing the unrest in the United States. Maybe he is hiding something too?? If he will not, then let some other state take the lead to do it. That is the legal way to get rid of bad political leaders. Last thing we need if no one steps forward is to replace Obama with the likes of the "Clintons." Should that happen, you will see the end of our democracy in these wonderful United States. Me, I am just an old 90 year plus Semper Fi., U.S. Marine who loves this country. So please let your voice be heard via the countless ways available to you. Don't just sit there and procrastinate!!!!

Blaine Keith


Madison: Thanks but No Thanks

On May 3 The Guardian posted a piece discussing a recently enacted statute, by the city of Madison, Wisconsin that would officially ban discrimination against atheists. The law passed with little publicity in early April, but has gotten significantly more attention since the Guardian’s report. The law explicitly includes non-believers in the city’s existing prohibitions against discrimination based on race, religion or sexual orientation, making it the first statute of this kind in American history.

Being a vocal atheist, I am touched by the gesture, but I have to say, “no thanks.” I acknowledge that bigotry against atheists is a problem. During the Cold War government propaganda linked atheism to communism and celebrated America’s supposed religiosity. The “under God” in the “Pledge of Allegiance” dates to this time as does the printing of “In God we Trust” on all U.S. money. Since that time atheists have become one of America’s least trusted and most disliked minorities. It is still considered political suicide to claim to be an atheist and many State constitutions still require a religious test for office (though these have been declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court). This is not to mention the theocratic stranglehold the religious right has on many of our state governments and one of the two major political parties.

I would rather fight this bigotry on voluntary terms. The last thing I want is to force someone, who hates me, to do business with me. I am fearful of the quality of any product provided for me by someone who is only serving me because the government says they must. What’s more I am happy to let the bigots self-identify, so I can choose not to do business with them. Forcing others to accommodate us only fuels the persecution complexes that religious bigots often have. Not that this is a situation I am likely to be in. One cannot usually detect my atheism by looking at me, and even when my clothing proudly proclaims it, I have never had a problem getting the services I seek. Most businesses are not seeking to turn away paying customers over religious prejudices. And furthermore nonbelievers are among the fastest growing demographics in America, and as more people realize they know us personally, the less acceptable discrimination will become.

The case has not been made that discrimination against atheists is a big enough problem to justify imposing on the freedoms of others not to associate with us if they so choose. Contrast this with racial discrimination which was fueled by centuries of slavery, state enforced segregation, police violence, mass incarceration, discriminatory drug laws, and a legal system that historically turned a blind eye to violence inflicted upon racial minorities (such as lynchings and the activities of the Ku Klux Klan). These government actions grew out of a racist culture which they only made worse. While laws that mitigate the ill effects of such government action are a welcome change of direction, it was ultimately state action that made racial inequality the problem it is today.

It is force and violence, usually from the state that empowers bigotry and impoverishes all. Voluntary association works to undermine bigotry and improves lives. I would hate to see it compromised on my behalf.

James C. Wilson
Individual anarchist
[email protected]


Cops should be held to higher, not lower, standards

I don't live in Baltimore. I will not be a juror on any of the cases relating to Freddie Gray's death from injuries he sustained while in police custody. I'm not going to predict the verdicts in those cases, or speculate as to what those verdicts should be.  Those accused of crimes are entitled to fair trials, presumption of innocence, and a burden on the prosecutor to prove the charges beyond reasonable doubt.

That said, the handling of this case, and of most alleged crimes in which police officers are suspects, demonstrates some severe inequities that tend to explain why we see people protesting police violence on the streets.

If you and I go out and abduct someone off the street, hog-tie him, throw him in a vehicle, then drop him off severely injured at a hospital, we're not going to walk free for a week between then and his death. After he dies, we're not going get ten days off with pay while a prosecutor conducts a leisurely investigation. We're not going to make bail without seeing the inside of a holding cell (if we're allowed bail at all).

We're going to go directly to jail, without passing Go. We're going to be immediately charged with kidnapping and assault, and a few days later we're going to be charged with murder. We're going to cool our heels in jail for a couple of days before our arraignments and bail hearings.
Freddie Gray was arrested on April 12. He died on April 19. It wasn't until April 21 that the six officers involved in his abduction and death were suspended (with pay). They were not charged with a crime until May 1. Then they were booked and immediately released on bail.

The difference between you and I and those six cops is that they're government employees with shiny badges. That's it. That's all.

Defenders of the existing system want us believe that, having entrusted those government employees with those shiny badges, we owe them an additional duty of special lenience and extra benefit of doubt in all situations even remotely related to the exercise of their duties.
I say that's exactly backward. The standards of behavior for cops should be higher, not lower, than for civilians precisely because of the special powers with which they are entrusted.
As soon as it became clear that the officers who arrested Freddie Gray had abused those powers – stopping him without probable cause and arresting him on charges for which they possessed no evidence (the knife he was carrying was legal), they should have been arrested and charged with false imprisonment and armed criminal action.  Followed, a few days later, by the charges relating to Gray's death.

The “police force” as we know it is a young institution, dating back only a couple of centuries and mere decades in its current, abusively powerful form. The jury is still out on whether that institution can be reformed, or whether we're better off abolishing it.

Thomas L. Knapp
Director and Senior News Analyst at the William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism


Power grab

President Obama and notorious race-baiter Al Sharpton are hatching an insidious plot to centralize local law enforcement power in Washington.

If their scheme is successful, your local sheriff or police chief would answer to unaccountable bureaucrats hundreds - or even thousands - of miles away.

It's a power-grab unlike anything we've ever seen before. And it's gaining traction in recent weeks.

You and I must stop this federal power-grab – right now – before it's too late.

Please take just a moment to sign the Conservative Action Fund's "Stop the Obama-Sharpton Power-Grab!" petition to register your opposition to the outrageous centralization of police power in Washington

You see, big government liberals like Barack Obama and Al Sharpton think a one-size-fits-all, top-down approach will solve the problems we face.

From Common Core national education standards to Obamacare and now to law enforcement, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and their allies want to take power away from the people and local communities and give it to faraway bureaucrats with no accountability.

It's absolutely outrageous. The Conservative Action Fund is dedicated to turning back the tide on big government.

We're amplifying your voice over and above the noise of big government liberalism.

Every minute that goes by without our action allows the Obama-Sharpton law enforcement power-grab to inch closer to reality.

Over the last few weeks, President Obama has spoken out about his plan to further centralize law enforcement in Washington. And with Al Sharpton's endorsement and support, the Obama-Sharpton law enforcement power-grab is gaining support.

Conservatives like you and me believe our law enforcement officers should be equipped to handle the challenges of keeping our streets and cities safe from crime.

But what we don't believe in is a one-size-fits-all approach that takes decision-making away from local sheriffs and police chiefs.

What might work in your town may not work in the next town over. It's not for Washington to decide. It sets a dangerous precedent.

And unless we do something about it right now, local law enforcement agencies could lose their ability to keep our streets and cities safe.

The Conservative Action Fund is leading the charge against the Obama-Sharpton law enforcement power-grab, and I'm personally asking for your help, Fellow Conservative.

Please don't delay. Once we've collected 75,000 petition signatures, we will deliver them to the Department of Justice, where the Obama-Sharpton power-grab will be initiated.

After you've added your voice to this critical debate, I hope you'll support the Conservative Action Fund.

Your continued support will allow the Conservative Action Fund to sound the alarm when big government liberals like Barack Obama and Al Sharpton attempt to centralize power in Washington and trample the Constitution.

Grassroots support from allies like you make it possible for us to put pressure on politicians and put a stop to these outrageous big government power-grabs!

Thank you.

For Freedom,

Dan Backer, Treasurer
Conservative Action Fund


Dear Patriot

Here’s the deal.  Many Congressional offices are claiming they are “small businesses” in order to get around ObamaCare. 

Senator David Vitter is trying to shut down this farce.  He has a bill to do it.

But some Republican Senators have joined with the Democrats to literally block one of Senator Vitter’s subpoenas investigating this mess.

They are trying to cover this scandal up!

I’ve had it with this charade.  And I hope you have, too.

I really need your help NOW.

The sad reality is, we’re going to need Democrat votes to repeal ObamaCare.

And that’s why we must mobilize the American people behind Senator David Vitter’s bill.

By passing this bill, we can finally force these Ruling Class Senators and their staffers to live under this horrible program just like us.

Making them feel our pain is the only chance we’ve got to get the Democrat votes we’ll need to abolish ObamaCare entirely!

Senator Vitter is depending on us to pass this bill. 

Most politicians and their staffs want no part of ObamaCare. 

They understand it is expensive and a disaster.

So they are bending and twisting the rules to exempt themselves from this disastrous law.

Our television ad exposes them.  It smacks the politicians right between their eyes.

Every taxpayer should see it.

It’s not every day that a U.S. Senator risks his career and comes to us for help standing up to the establishment.

But that is exactly what Senator Vitter is doing.  And his colleagues are FURIOUS.

I’m depending on you.  Senator Vitter is depending on you.

We must get this ad up on the air.

If we can’t push Senator Vitter’s bill through the Republican Senate and force Congress to live under ObamaCare like you and I must do ... then we’ll have no chance at ever repealing ObamaCare entirely.

Thank you in advance for all you do.

For Liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Co-Founder and National Coordinator


Should Christianity be criminalized?

The Radical Left is waging an all-out war on Christianity in America.

They're purging any and all public expressions of the Christian faith and morals from our country.

Christian businessmen, sermons, monuments to the Ten Commandments, and even the Cross itself are in their crosshairs.

And anyone unwilling to surrender their values to their Liberal Agenda should be criminalized.

Do you agree? What do you say?

You see, the Radical Left is sneaking through Washington demanding passage of their agenda.

They are tempting Republican leadership in Congress to turn their backs on the Obama Administration's war on Christianity.

And they insist YOU actually support them.

To make matters worse, more and more Republicans in Congress are abandoning the pro-Family values they were elected to defend.

Recently, Speaker of the House John Boehner signaled Republicans in Congress would not fight to restore Real Marriage if the Supreme Court mandates acceptance of homosexual "marriage" nationwide.

I can only begin to imagine how much more damage the Radical Left will do if they co-opt the majority of the opposition party.

As the President of Public Advocate of the United States, I’ve devoted more than thirty years to battling the anti-Christian Left in Washington.

Backed by Hollywood celebrities, the media and millions of your tax dollars, the Radical Left has many Congressmen quivering with fear -- because they wield tremendous influence in BOTH parties.

That’s why pro-Family Senators and Congressmen are counting on me to find out if you really support the radical Left's war on Christianity.

Frankly, if you really do support Left's war on Christianity – or if you just no longer care enough to stand up for Religious Liberty – insiders in Congress say the foundations of Traditional Values could be destroyed in a matter of months.

The Left's war on Christianity has undermined Christians' Religious Liberties at home, in the church, and on the job:

*** A Phoenix, Arizona man was arrested for hosting a Bible study on his own property.

The Radical Left's efforts to destroy the Christian culture of America has gone beyond the public square and into our own homes.

*** The IRS cut a secret deal agreeing to monitor churches' sermons, a clear step towards muzzling all speech they disagree with.

After being sued by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the IRS committed to closely monitor church sermons for speech that could be taken as "political" in nature.

*** Christian-owned businesses are being slammed with expensive lawsuits and backbreaking fines.

The Radical Left is bombarding the economic liberty of Christian entrepreneurs through government overregulation and the threat of heavy fines for refusing to submit to the redefinition of marriage.

And to add insult to injury, lobbyists for the Radical Left are paid off with your tax dollars!

That’s right, anti-Christian groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Human Rights Campaign receive millions from the government.

Hundreds of millions of tax dollars flow to anti-Christian activists through funding for so-called "civil rights" programs and research grants -- and I've read in the paper that cash even went to build a strip club!

Do you think that's acceptable?

Complete your American Morality Survey here:

My friends in Congress tell me there’s virtually nothing on Capitol Hill from the tens of millions of Americans like you who oppose the Radical Left's war on Religious Liberty.

They say that the Radical Left is closer than ever to criminalizing every aspect of our Christian faith.

When I heard that, I made up my mind to write to you and as many other patriotic Americans as possible.

To stop the Left's attacks on Christianity and protect our Religious Liberties, there must be an immediate outpouring of support from folks like you.

Leftist activists mock me in the halls of Congress.

They say it’s too late because Americans like you don’t care enough to help, especially with the court rulings redefining marriage and President Obama's dangerous lame duck years.

They say you support them. I tell them they are lying. They just laugh and tell me to give up.

Are they right? Should I just give up and let the Radical Left win?

Will you fight?

Public Advocate gets no government funds. I only ask you to prayerfully consider what you can afford.

I’ve identified nearly 10 million families I believe would join our struggle for morality if only I can reach them.

That’s more than enough to flex our pro-Family muscle in Congress.

And most of these families represent two or three voters each.

But without your help, I’ll never be able to reach them.

The anti-Christian Radical Left boasts you support same-sex marriage, special employment rights for homosexuals, and bans on Christian speech.

Please let Congress know the anti-Christian Left is lying.

For the Family,

HON. Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States