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Dear Don

I will let your newspaper get the early "scoop", on my reluctant withdrawal for permit, to construct the world's largest Castle Boutique, in Cave Creek. However I would like for your newspaper to back me on a three phase 250,000 sq. ft. per/phase asylum and re-hab center for ex-council members, delusional developers, and people who believe everything they read, as gospel. Please also thank the Mayor for reminding me that "there is no adult anything coming to Cave Creek" 'bout a Children's Theme Park and Lemonade Stand?!

Bob Kite
Paradise Valley


Carefree council moving forward

In the not-too-distant past, the Carefree Town Council evaluated an ASU Carefree Cultural Center (approximately 13,000 SF that included Council Chambers), with a cost of $4M. Butte Companies would have paid much of the cost with construction and sales tax revenues from its’ simultaneously built “Easy Street Project”. The Town would have invested $1.5 - $2M from the Town Treasury for the cultural center.

The other project championed was a 15,000-25,000 Sq. Ft. multi-nonprofit building with Council Chambers as part of the Town Hall, estimated at approximately $10-15M and paid entirely by the Town. Agreement could not be reached on either of those projects and they are no longer in consideration.

Recently new members have joined the Town Council and the Council is now united and moving forward--working together on gateways and entertainment amenities, as well as working with developers to fulfill the vision of an upscale Town Center (minus a cultural center at this point in time). The Council’s mission is to revitalize the Town Center with new businesses so it remains the healthy economic engine of the Town providing residents a safe, walk-able, quality “Hometown, USA”. Enhancing the Town Center will add value to all properties in Carefree, deter a property tax, and create a community-gathering place that resident and merchant alike can take pride in for many years to come.

Melissa Price
Carefree Councilwoman


Lynch confirmation

Confirmation of Loretta Lynch

For more than fifty years Communists have been infiltrating and taking over the Democrat Party, the U.S. Senate, and other important institutions.

The recent battle over the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General and the battle's conclusion resulting from ten Republicans joining the Democrats vote was masterfully covered by WND founder Joseph Farah's commentary on the subject.

Farah wrote, "Lynch is cut out of the same political cloth as her predecessor Holder. Neither has any respect for the Constitution or the rule of law. They are both extremist political radicals all the way. They both represent existential threats to self-government, liberty and any limitations on federal power.

"In testimony before the Senate, Lynch defended Obama's executive order on amnesty for illegal aliens--an order even Obama acknowledged repeatedly was not constitutional before he did it. That should have been enough right there for all Republicans to reject her nomination.
" addition to being an extremist choice for attorney general--one without respect for the Constitution and one who defends outright lawbreaking--Lynch is corrupt, a coddler of Wall Street criminals."

The names of the ten Republican senators who joined the 44 Democrats and two Independents to confirm Lynch and to overthrow the will of 3l8.9 million Americans are as follows: Ayotte, Kelly (R-NH); Cochran, Thad (R-MS); Collins, Susan (R-ME); Flake, Jeff (R-AZ); Graham, Lindsey (R-SC); Hatch, Orrin G. (R-UT); Johnson, Ron (R-WI); Kirk, Mark (R-IL); Portman, Rob (R-OH); McConnell, Mitch (R-KY), leader of the Republican senators.

What does this say about the Senate? About 56 senators who swore on oath to protect the Constitution, but didn't? About the 43 Republican senators who kept their promises to protect the Constitution?

Arden Druce
Campe Verde


Baltimore mother Graham could save this nation

Three cheers for the Baltimore mommy who was slapping and whipping the heck out of her son. Mommy Toya Graham saw her 16-year-old son Michael in the rioting crowd with a hoodie and a mask this past week and immediately went to him and took him off the street. She should be America's poster mommy this Mother's day for parenting.

Kids in this country are starving for a mommy and a daddy to step up to the plate and be real parents. As much as ever before the youth of America need to be loved, mentored, tutored through school, time with loving parents and then a good kick to the backside every now and then.

My mother slapped my face once. She slapped me hard enough that I honestly don't remember what I sassed her about. She took me out to the peach tree and whipped me with a peach tree limb (switch) on more than one occasion. My daddy gave me the belt more than once. Honestly, these are not my fond family memories.

However, they were on the scene. They weren't missing in action. They were at home being parents. They cared enough about me to try to drive me in the right direction.

I regret every spanking I gave my two sons. I wish I could go back and undo every swat I ever gave them on the rear end. I never enjoyed that. However, they both finished school, never have been arrested and both are serving our country today in the military. We had some tough times like all families do but God by his grace gave me enough strength and wherewithal to stay with my family and stay with my boys.

Looking back I know they needed even more than what I gave but I am so glad I gave everything I did.

During her childhood our youngest daughter would occasionally threaten that she was calling social services on us. This was usually due to our insistence that she do some homework, clean her room a little or just go to bed. It was amusing but we encouraged her to go ahead if she thought she could find a better deal. She backtracked on that threat.

Like Toya Graham moms and dads are the answer to many of America's problems. We must step up to the plate and be adults. Take responsibility for our families welfare, education and what they are doing. And when necessary go to the warzone like Mommy Graham and take action in order to save our children and this nation.

Glenn Mollette


For religious freedom, separate marriage and state

As the Supreme Court takes up the matter of marriage apartheid -- an institution of forcible segregation and exclusion aimed at same-sex couples and codified in state laws which defy both the Constitution's "full faith and credit" clause and its 14th Amendment's "equal protection" clause -- its supporters once again rally to the banners of family and marriage, feigning support for the very institutions they assail.

"We will not obey!" thunder headlines covering their latest barrage, an open letter signed by numerous American religious leaders. But those headlines lie. The actual content of the letter consists not of a refusal to obey others, but of a demand that others be made to obey them. They want their own religious beliefs to remain codified in law at the expense of all whose beliefs differ.

They call for this establishment of (their) religion, naturally, in the name of "religious freedom."
It seems there's no concept the anti-marriage, anti-family bigots aren't willing to turn on its head.

There's certainly a religious freedom issue at stake here, but the opponents of same-sex marriage are opponents, not supporters, of religious freedom. For example, until it was struck down, Missouri's anti-marriage law (passed in 2004 with strong support from this same crowd) provided for a jail sentence of 10 days and a $500 fine against clergy who officiated at unapproved religious ceremonies -- "unlicensed" same-sex weddings.

Are the opponents of marriage and family sinned against as well as sinning? Certainly. They don't believe they should be enslaved to bake cakes (or pizzas) and so forth for couples and families of whom they religiously disapprove. I agree. They shouldn't. But then, the anti-marriage bigots and the pro-slavery bigots are peas in a pod. They're both fighting for control of others, not for the freedom of all.

The solution to this whole set of problems is simple: Just as we've tried to separate church and state, let's separate marriage and state! If that's not feasible in its entirety, then let's do so to the greatest degree possible.

Instead of government-approved, "licensed" marriages, let the civil form of marriage be by contract. The terms of those contracts can be whatever the parties negotiate. Although I suspect most of them would tend toward the current norms, there's no call to require that. Different strokes for different folks. The only necessary state involvement, then, would be adjudication of contractual disputes (if even that -- the contracts could specify private arbitration).

As for those of particular religious persuasions, let them and their churches celebrate whatever weddings and recognize whatever marriages they choose, and not others (including in their commercial relations). This is the only right which they might reasonably demand others respect.

Thomas L. Knapp
Director and Senior News Analyst
William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism


Looters and progressives

Last week, Baltimore's Democratic mayor said that as part of the city's response to the riots, she would give looters "space to destroy." How's that working out? With the ?Baltimore riots?, we are really witnessing how community organizers like Alinsky and Obama have destroyed jobs, home values, and hope.

Isn't a looter a poor-man's progressive, doing in a rough and small-scale way what progressives like Obama do smoothly and systematically? There's just one big difference: when looters rip you off, they don't usually pretend to be apostles of virtue!

Speaking of apostles of virtue, we learned this week that of the $144 million that the Clinton Foundation raised in 2013, it only gave out $8 million in charity! Where did the rest of the money go? "Operating expenses" and "miscellaneous" line items, of course.

While the Foundation's spending was obviously reckless, it's fundraising may have been illegal.
The Constitution says rather clearly that U.S. officials cannot take money from foreign governments without the approval of Congress, yet the Clinton Foundation regularly accepted large sums of cash from governments around the world—many of them unfriendly to the U.S. and human rights—while Hillary was the Secretary of State.

I explained to Dana on TheBlaze TV what this means for Hillary:
I wonder what Hillary's asking price is for the United States? Let's see if Democrats have the decency to demand accountability from Hillary for her bribery scheme called the Clinton Foundation!

I celebrated my 54th birthday last week, and I received such an outpouring of well-wishes and support from my many online friends, that I recorded a special thank you video just for you. In it, I also lay out the road ahead for me:
The America Education Outreach program and Movie to Movement sponsored the 40th Annual Student Advocacy Workshop in Sacramento last week, where more than 100 students watched and received a copy of America. The students also had a chance to discuss the film with me via Skype!

Dinesh D'Souza

P.S. The president's brother Malik spoke out in a new interview, calling Obama "cold," "ruthless," "dishonest" and a "schemer." Oh, now he tells us!


Victory at Supreme Court

Great news, we won! By a 5-4 margin, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Florida’s ban on personal campaign solicitations by judges. For the majority, Chief Justice Roberts wrote:
“Judges are not politicians, even when they come to the bench by way of the ballot. And a state’s decision to elect its judiciary does not compel it to treat judicial candidates like campaigners for political office….Judges, charged with exercising strict neutrality and independence, cannot supplicate campaign donors without diminishing public confidence in judicial integrity.”

Justice at Stake helped win this case by joining a “friend of the court” brief signed by seven good-government advocacy groups. The amicus brief argued that states have a duty to protect the integrity of their courts and that when judges personally solicit campaign funds, it creates the perception that they may favor a particular contributor in a future case or disfavor lawyers and litigants who choose not to contribute or are not solicited. Florida’s rule, which allows candidates to fundraise via a separate committee, is a reasonable and targeted response to the threat to judicial impartiality, the brief argued.

A poll commissioned by Justice at Stake and the Brennan Center for Justice, noting that 87% of voters stated that advertisements purchased by interest groups during judicial elections can have either “some” or “a great deal” of influence on an elected judge’s later decisions, was cited by Justice Ginsburg in her concurring opinion!

We are immensely pleased with today’s decision and with the work that led up to it. But, more battles loom on the horizon and we need your help to fight them successfully. Your support makes these victories possible.

Thank you!

Bert Brandenburg
Executive Director, Justice at Stake


High Court to decide on marriage! Help us protect it!

Earlier this week the Supreme Court heard what will be a landmark case on whether or not states will be forced to redefine marriage. This case will have an enormous ripple effect that will be heavily felt for decades to come.

Will the Court attempt to judicially impose a redefinition of marriage on the nation? We hope not and believe that if the Court adheres to a strict interpretation of the Constitution and remains consistent with previous rulings, natural marriage will be protected.

However, there has been a growing hostility towards Christians who believe that marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman. This is why, no matter which way the Supreme Court rules, we must pass the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act (MARFA).

This crucial bill would:
Stop the federal government from discriminating against people simply because they believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

Protect the ability of child welfare organizations (like Lutheran Community Services and Catholic Charities), religious colleges, and relief services (like the Salvation Army) to participate in federal programs or apply for federal grants.

Stop the feds from revoking a nonprofit organization's tax-exempt status because of the group's religious beliefs about the natural definition of marriage.

Bar the feds from using someone's sincere convictions about natural marriage as a justification to deny a federal grant, contract, or employment.

In the cases of bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein and florist Barronelle Stutzman, Americans have been shocked to see how aggressive government leaders can be as they try to force people to accept a new definition of marriage.

We can't afford more big-government interference that seeks to intimidate people or organizations simply because they believe marriage is between one man and one woman. This is a critically important new bill that would protect everyone's sincerely-held religious beliefs about marriage from federal government intrusion.

Please, help us as we work with Congress to pass the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act.

Joshua Duggar
Executive Director, FRC Action

P.S. The hearing is over, but please continue to pray for wisdom for the Supreme Court Justices as they evaluate and deliberate on this case. We are expecting their decision to be handed down by June. But however they rule, it is important for people of faith across the country that the Marriage and Religions Freedom Act be passed. Please help us in this effort.


Mother’s Day

We all look forward to this Sunday, May 10, when we celebrate Mother’s Day and the cherished bond between mother and child. Ironically, dairy cows – world-wide symbols of motherhood – never get to see their babies.

The newborn calves are torn from their mothers at birth and turned into veal cutlets, so we can drink the milk that nature designed for them. The distraught mothers bellow for days, hoping for their return.

Most cows spend their lives chained on a concrete floor, with no access to the outdoors. Each year, they are impregnated artificially to keep the milk flowing. When their production drops, around four years of age, they are turned into hamburgers

This Sunday, let's honor motherhood and our natural compassion by replacing cow's milk and other dairy products, all laden with fat and cholesterol, with delicious, healthful, cruelty-free nut or soy-based milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. These are available in every supermarket. Mother cows, and our own bodies will be most grateful.


Clark Duncan
Cave Creek


When the going gets tough

One thing will always be true of the American people: they rise to the occasion.
So when the IRS lies and cuts its own customer service budget, a Missouri mom drives four hours to speak to her state senator about a Convention of States.

When the federal government adds $6 trillion in unfunded liabilities, a retired Army veteran pens a powerful editorial calling his fellow veterans to support a Convention of States.
When a remarkably small percentage of Americans trust the federal government, the Convention of States Texas State Director publishes an article expressing her faith in our Founders’ solution to federal overreach.

And when U.S. Congressmen are more interested in the next election than the health of our country, the grassroots rise up to fix the problems our federal officials choose to ignore.
We are inspired every day by your dedication to (and love for) our great nation. The future of our country is in good hands.


The Convention of States Project Team