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The man who stole America-Part Three

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To America,

Barack Obama uses anyone or anything to avoid revealing any document which would supposedly help prove he was eligible to seek the Presidency of America. Why he did this? He knew disclosure would reveal a deception beyond belief. He deliberately fought against producing a valid "Certificate of Live Birth" from Hawaii which should have confirmed he was born there and was a natural-born American citizen. He could have brought a divided Nation together. Instead, he chose lying, falsifying documents (including an ineligible "Certification of Live Birth" which he, a former Constitutional teacher, knew was an ineligible document for a presidential aspirant. The deception had begun!

By ignoring Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin's letters regarding Obama's birth certificate he destroyed the Colonel's military career. By ignoring and defying any court subpoena ordering him to produce a valid birth certificate, he showed disdain for our Constitution, Laws, Military and the American people; yet he doesn't hesitate to make laws which "skirt" laws already in existence. Others who aided his deception, directly or indirectly, were mainly the Major Media Outlets, politicians of both the Republican and the Democratic Parties and judges in Court proceedings on this issue. Truly disgraceful was the Media's failure to report the many lawsuits against Obama by Caucasians, Blacks, and Hispanic plaintiffs. Also, Col. Lakin's Military court-martial and sham conviction was not mentioned by them. How well they learned Obama's modus-operandi.

Bill O'Reilly of Fox News claimed he saw a copy of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate but had to retract that claim when told that what his team viewed was a fraudulent, ineligible copy of a "Certification of Live Birth", not of a "Certificate of Live Birth", yet, even today, he dismisses with ridicule, anyone who questions Obama's eligibility and has the brazenness to end each nightly broadcast with "The spin stops here, because we're definitely looking out for you." Praiseworthy words betrayed by low regard for the birth certificate challengers who he refers to as "birthers" in a derogatory way, as if using that term makes his position correct and theirs incorrect and inane. I suggest when he chooses nightly terms to define poor content in letters to him that he adds the word "dismissive" which he exhibits when responding to letter writers. Incidentally, he has gotten all 26 of my letters on this issue yet has not challenged anything I've written in six years. I don't expect media recipients of my letters to respond to me but I would expect them to report to their viewers more than their slanted conclusions on an issue.

Other examples of Media Silence: failing to advise America that no (as in none) Hawaiian hospital will lay claim to being Obama's birth hospital. Please allow that to sink in. The only physical proof Obama offers is fraudulent or ineligible documents which he withdrew from public scrutiny as challenges to their validity has increased. Also, no mention of the many offers of financial assistance to aid needy minorities, including a fifty million dollar offer (you read that right) of Donald Trump for simply allowing experts to verify if Obama's recently "found" long-form "Certificate of Live Birth" was genuine. Not one donor's offer was even acknowledged by Obama nor mentioned to the Public by the Major Media. Not newsworthy?

Obama, whose national allegiance is unknown to America, is governing us and our military because the challenges of concerned Americans are not being reported to the Nation. Only organizations like World Net Daily and a few others have carried these revelations. That is why some Democratic representatives are trying to have a resolution passed which would permanently seal all Obama Presidential records from the Public eye. There's Obama's "transparency" in action. Recall these words :"The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide". My words? No ... Obama's.

I recently asked a man at the Heritage Foundation if he would like to receive copies of my free letters. His response … "On the eligibility issue? That's water under the bridge". Even though I have thousands on my e-mail list I never "hard-sell" my letters so I simply reflected on "what happens to water under a bridge?" The answer – with time it erodes the bridge. This is what also happens when serious issues are dismissed casually without thoughtful investigation.

I heard a Republican lawmaker telling a group, in 2012 "wait until election day and then vote Obama out of office." Well, we know how that strategy turned out. That's like saying: I know that Obama was never eligible to run for President but since he's already used up approximately 60 percent of his ineligibility time, let's drop that issue since he only has 40 percent of ineligibility left. Did I miss something? After what Obama's done to date I shudder to think of what he could do with his remaining 40 percent, and, let's not forget his unused ineligible executive privileges.

Consider: If a thief repeatedly robs a home (and that is what Obama is doing ... robbing our homes, family, Country and freedom), would anyone suggest allowing the thief to continue his conduct until he leaves the home? By that time, the owner of the home would have lost everything.

On to the courts
A Federal U.S. judge, James Robertson, threw out a lawsuit, saying Obama was thoroughly vetted and massaged by America's vigilant citizenry during his two year Presidential campaign. "Presidential "vetting" is not exercised by America's vigilant citizenry but by elected representatives charged with obeying The Constitution. The judge's job is to interpret The Constitution – not re-write it.

Georgia's Federal Deputy Chief, Michael Maliki, subpoenaed Obama to appear in court with a valid birth certificate or suffer contempt of court. Showing his contempt of the Court, Obama had his attorney inform the judge (in writing) that neither Obama nor his attorney would appear to answer the subpoena ... and neither did. The judge then warned that he would rule solely on evidence from the plaintiff. Sadly, however, he then dismissed the evidence supplied. As to the subpoena, he ignored it.

Circuit Court Judge Kevin Carroll (Leon County, Fla.), dismissed a lawsuit challenging Obama's eligibility with a pathetic twist of reasoning, saying that since Obama lives in the White House, flies in Air Force One and appears before Congress, etc., he must be a valid president. In response, I previously had written that when Benedict Arnold took command of West Point he accepted the privileges and honored obligations, accorded because of a previously determined military eligibility. His later treason immediately voided all his rights and privileges. Obama’s treason, however, began before the 2008 election with his deliberate introduction of a fraudulent, ineligible "Certification of Live Birth" and part of his deception required him to assume the role of a legitimate president, even though he knew he was ineligible to even seek the presidency. Regardless of how often he sleeps in the White House, flies on Air Force One, etc., Obama is not and never was the President of the United States. Is anyone going to stand up against the greatest deception in our Country's history?

Due to time constraints I have not included points others have made, which indict Obama more deeply: his hidden school records, having used a Social Security number of someone else, etc. Our Founding Fathers, many of whom offered their lives, stood up to a king. We are but asked to dethrone an imposter. Is our reluctance so great that we need a house to fall upon us? Well, guess what, one already has ... the White House. Demand that Obama answers to the People. There is a great divide which separates "late" from "too late". I pray we are not too late. May God Bless America.

The End (I hope not)

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