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July 10 – 16, 2013


For All Signs:  Mercury turned retrograde on June 26.  On July 20 it will turn direct.  There is a pre-shadow that lasts about 2.5 weeks as Mercury appears to decelerate. The retrograde period, as Mercury appears to be rolling backward, lasts about 3.5 weeks.  At the end of the Mercury retrograde cycle there is an after-shadow period as the planet begins to catch up to its normal forward motion.  On this cycle the catch-up point will be Aug. 2.  Mercury rules communications, common business practices, and travel, among other things.  It is generally not a good idea to make decisions while it is retrograde because not all the information is available.  Check your Sun sign and Ascending sign below for a message about how this Mercury retrograde is affecting you.

Aries:  The area of focus is related to property, family, and issues of security.  You are likely reworking things in one of these territories.  Family members may be erratic or hard to pin down, making it difficult to conclude open agendas.  Have patience.  Mercury turns direct on July 20.

Taurus:  The Mercury retrograde focus is specifically on communications, neighbors, siblings, and others who are in your daily environment.  Concentrate as much as possible on clear communications.  Double check what you think you heard.  You may need to consider the needs of your vehicle now.  Give it a checkup.

Gemini:  The probability is high that you will discover some error made in the past that must be rectified fairly soon.  It may be as simple as finding a bill that was forgotten and left unpaid.  Or it could be a little more complicated and involve a previous misunderstanding with a loved one.

Cancer:  The retrograding Mercury floats backward in your sign.  You likely thought you were firmly headed in one direction, but now things are looking a bit different, even confusing you.  Hesitate, yes, but do not allow doubt to overwhelm your thoughts.  Check your information.  Proceed with your best plan after Aug 2.

Leo:  Memories from your life history may surface for examination at this time.  Old friends or acquaintances who return for a short time could be the trigger for this life review.  It is possible you may have a greater than normal need to reflect, to write, and otherwise give attention to your inner self.

Virgo: Mercury has been retrograding in the territory that concerns friends, organizations, and community contacts.  You may be having difficulty bringing things to fruition or conclusion in any of these areas.  Perhaps you are compelled to put previous plans on hold.  Resolution comes in August.

Libra:  Mercury, has altered directions in the house of career and life direction.  This is really more of a tweaked change than a life change.  However, if you happen to have applied for a job recently, you may find that you are waffling about that particular route.  Now is the time to research the best possible choices.  If you must take action, be aware that your plan will change fairly soon.

Scorpio:  Mercury is changing directions in the territory which deals with education, publishing, travel, public speaking, the law, and philosophy.  Therefore any of these activities are subject to shifts, changes, or deceleration due to loss of passion.  Maybe the right solution just is not available yet.  Hold to your sense of humor.

Sagittarius:  Mercury is retrograding in the territory of taxes, debt, investments, intimacy, and joint resources.  You will likely experience a need to go back and review decisions in these areas.  Be alert to the higher probability of making errors now.  You might also discover and execute corrections of previous mistakes.

Capricorn:  Mercury is retrograding in the territory of significant relationships, contracts, and clientele.  These areas may be challenging right now because others find it difficult to make decisions or finalize activities.  Have patience with yourself and everyone else.  It is temporary.

Aquarius:  This Mercury retrograde experience occurs in the territory of health, coworkers, tenants, employees, and pets.  You may find it very hard to move forward with your diet and exercise program.  It is a particularly good time to organize and sort closets, records, and files.  Coworkers and employees may be hard to pin down.

Pisces:  Mercury is turning retrograde in the territory that rules children, creative efforts, and love life.  Anything on your radar screen that is related to these territories is subject to turnaround, review, deceleration, or rethinking for a few weeks.  Maybe you'll want to check out a previous love interest.

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