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DECEMBER 19, 2012

Connecticut tragedies • Local elections

The devastating news about a young (likely mentally ill) man killing 26 people and himself in Connecticut will cause another round of attempts to further regulate firearms. Once again, if officials of the school had been trained and armed the body count would have been far less. The answer has been and always will be that voluntary training and available arms will reduce crime.

becky fengerBY BECKY FENGER | DECEMBER 19, 2012

Fenger Pointing:  Obama’s fear factor

Since this is my last column for a while (I am taking a break from the political arena), I want to write about something of extreme importance to our soldiers scattered in the field throughout the world. It was brought to my attention in an article by Major General Patrick Brady, U.S. Army (ret.) and a Medal of Honor recipient. It is sobering, no matter one’s beliefs regarding war, where the winner is determined by how many or our guys die versus how many of yours wind up dead.

Guest Editorial:

david schweikertBY REP. DAVID SCHWEIKERT | DECEMBER 19, 2012

Standing on principle matters

In Washington, principle is a frequent casualty of the unrelenting pursuit of power.

In order to climb the ranks, to get appointed to the plush committees, to advance a bill or to just get a seat at the table, you have to be a loyal foot soldier.

For conservative Republicans, this means a choice: stifle our beliefs in support of allegedly more palatable positions, or stick to our guns. We are courted, coaxed, pressured and when all else fails, we are threatened.