The Pied Piper of Hamelin


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SPOOF SPACEPatriots’ mission in America today ... Educate the voters! I remember a phrase my grandmother used that visibly described how a bad situation can escalate into a far worse one. I’m sure you’ve heard of it – “Out of the frying pan, into the fire.” When she was young, that kind of mini disaster was probably caused by using too much grease in her frying pan. To explain the phrase in a way that’s relevant, what better illustration than changing the spelling of “grease” to “Greece.” A perfect example of jumping out of the frying pan of debt into the fire of sovereign financial chaos. This is a flame that will burn the vast majority of the citizens taking hand-outs from their entitlement society government.

The TV pictures of their riots protesting the inevitable solutions are pitiful because the grease that caused the fire is the voters themselves, brain-washed into being “takers” who continue to reelect Santa Claus politicians.

The story is typical – promise the moon in exchange for your vote. Politician: “Anyone want a job? Come work for the government. We can always use more dead beats to rubber stamp the OK of approval on increases in your Social Security, Medicare, disability or whatever your union rulers want. If we just relax the eligibility requirements we can always squeeze more people into the food stamp program, or on to the disabled rolls.”

Oops – sorry I confused Greece with the United States – the next Greece, cultivating the same bunch of potential rioters trained to protest when the Obama myth comes to a screeching monetary halt. The obscene spending by Obama and his radical democrat henchmen is impossible to sustain without bankrupting America. But like Greece, unless voters understand the consequences of reckless government spending, they can say good bye to the Capitalism the greatest economic dynamo ever created. Universal public apathy (ignorance) about give-away politicians is what produces abusive Soviet Unions, Nazi Germanys, or bankrupt entities like Greece, Spain, California, Illinois, Stockton, Harrisburg and too many more to count.

Too bad they don’t teach common sense in school. Common sense, or judgment is only a thought process that requires assessment of conclusions. One possible definition: “Taking any decision that needs to be made in life to its ultimate conclusion before acting. Maybe one word is a better trigger – “consequences.” And that one word introduces another phrase from antiquity to bring this month’s effort at educating the masses to a conclusion. This phrase is frightening, but has to do with obligations – and what can happen if you don’t meet your obligations, debts, and promises or honor your handshake. The phrase: “You have to pay the Piper.” My young student readers ask, “Who is the Piper?”

“The Pied Piper of Hamelin” is a fairy tale about a young man who lived in the town of Hamelin in Saxony, Germany. Because he could play a magic flute, he was hired by the mayor to lure away the town’s infestation of rats. Playing his magic flute, the young man led all the rats to the nearby river where they drowned. The mayor refused to pay him. He came back later while everyone was in church, and using his magic pipe, led all the children out of town, never to be seen again.

It is a morbid story that the U.S. government performs daily as it multiplies its inability to repay its debts. Will it also be a prophetic analogy of a dynamic Capitalist system, disappearing like the children of Hamelin?