canfield 6-20-12

The No. 1 issue that will defeat Obama

Joseph Farah identifies BHO policy proposal GOP could exploit to victory

There's an issue out there that can ensure Barack Obama is defeated in 2012.

It's not Obamacare.

It's not his religious views.

It's not his commitment to socialist and anti-American causes.

It's not even the birth certificate and his eligibility issues.

I believe the issue that will take Obama down if Republicans make it an issue is his administration's proposed budget cuts for active-duty military personnel and military retirees – but not civilian defense workers.

Do you get the picture?

Obama has tipped his hand. He's showing the entire country what he thinks about our military service people – the people who risk their lives for their country are worth less than civilian defense workers who push papers around in Washington.

Chances are you don't know much about this story. There's a good reason for that. The Big Media don't want you to know, because they recognize the political radioactivity it represents. This is the Death Star for Obama's re-election campaign. If Americans know about this – Republicans, Democrats and independents all oppose him.

Here are the details of the story broken by the intrepid Bill Gertz:

"The Obama administration's proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their health care, while leaving unionized civilian defense worker' benefits untouched."

"Several congressional aides suggested the move is designed to increase the enrollment in Obamacare's state-run insurance exchanges."

"The disparity in treatment between civilians and uniformed personnel is causing a backlash within the military that could undermine recruitment and retention."

"Significantly, the plan calls for increases between 30 percent to 79 percent in Tricare annual premiums for the first year. After that, the plan will impose five-year increases ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent – more than three times current levels."

Think about this – and imagine how you would campaign against Obama on just this one issue.

U.S. military service people don't get the equipment they need to do their jobs. They don't have the manpower they need to complete their missions. Their families scrimp and sacrifice financially so they can serve their country. They risk their lives and give their lives for their country.

But, according to the Obama administration, unionized civilian defense workers, sitting behind their comfortable desks in Washington, deserve better treatment than our heroes serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere.

It's almost unbelievable that Obama could serve up a slow-pitch softball like this for Republicans to knock out of the park. It's even more unbelievable that none of them has.
Which is why I write this column.

Obama needs to pay for this. Whether or not he backs off, whether or not Congress throws his budget out the window, whether or not these cuts are ever enacted, Obama needs to pay a big political price for showing his cards. Republicans need to remind Americans every day that Obama is the guy who wants to cut medical care for soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen – all while preserving the goodies for Washington bureaucrats.

Men and women who put their lives on the line, who risked their health and well-being, are treated like second-class citizens in Obama World.

He signaled his absolute contempt for the U.S. military – not just the institution of the military, but the active-duty grunts on the front lines.

This is an easy one for the American people to understand. So where are the Republicans?

Where are the talk-show hosts?

Where is the blogosphere chatter?

Obama has stepped in something very smelly here. Why aren't more Obama critics making hay of it?

Can you understand it?

Ben H. Willingham
Association of Naval Aviation Bald Eagle Squadron
Orange Park, Florida


Brewer: Obama’s Backdoor Amnesty Plan

“Nearly one year ago, President Obama spoke against the idea of sidestepping Congress in order to impose immigration reform. ‘That’s not how our system works,’ he said at the time. ‘That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.’

“Well, now that the presidential election is less than five months away, the President has changed his tune. With his announcement today, the Obama administration bypassed Congress in order to unilaterally grant amnesty to nearly 1 million people living in this country illegally. This is an outrage.

“It doesn’t take a cynic to recognize this action for what it is: blatant political pandering by a president desperate to shore up his political base. Likewise, it’s no coincidence all of this comes on the eve of a long-awaited decision by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Arizona’s ability to assist with the enforcement of immigration law via SB 1070. The American people are smarter than this.

“I’ve been clear that our nation’s immigration system is as broken as our borders.

Unfortunately, today’s piecemeal pronouncement is a dangerous distraction from both problems. I urge the President to finish Job One: Securing the border. Then – and only then – should the President pursue a solution for our immigration system by working with our elected members of Congress.”


Sound of Music

For the better part of four years the dominate media, Democrat hierarchy and legions of Kool-Aid drinking Obamaites have all sung like the Von Trapp family from the same hymnal.
However, increasingly, off key notes are beginning to be heard from prominent soloists Bill Clinton, James Carvelle and others. In this growing discontent B.O. blunders on gaffe after faux pas (the private sector is doing fine) confirming his destructive intent and ineptitude.

Defectors from Hope & Change follow the Von Trapp family's example stepping into the spotlight for a final verse before exiting the stage. Audience and onlookers unaware, as yet, the escapees foresee an Obama disaster in November.
Maybe this sound of music is Taps.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Is Obama just an incompetent liberal?

According to Bill O'Reilly it’s very difficult to become a Marxist

No problem here O'Reilly. Your head is harder than that sledgehammer. The stubborn and ever hardheaded Bill O'Reilly, once again proved why conservatives no longer can trust him or Fox to report the facts.

True to his character, Bill still clings to his early and erroneous assertions that Obama is merely a liberal and is just incapable of understanding what it takes to fix the economy. His refusal to admit what so many have known for over almost four years now, borders on insanity.

Attention Mr. O'Reilly! Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He is a Socialist Marxist and would, if permitted by people like you, explode into full Communism.

According to Bill:
To become a Republican or Democrat, all one needs to do is sign his name on the register.
To be known as a racist, all one needs do is say one thing that may be construed in that vain.

To be a "birther" all one needs to do is ask one question about possible forgeries and felonies.

To become a liar all one needs do is tell one falsehood.

But, according to Billy, to become a Marxist, not so easy.

So let's review Obama's credentials which are not enough proof, according to Bill, of Obama's Marxist ideology.

1. Both his natural parents and his adopted father were Marxists.

2. His maternal grandparents were Socialists.

3. From the earliest age he was mentored and nurtured by Frank Marshal Davis, a long time Communist activist.

4. While in college, when not in a "cocaine stupor," he attended and spoke at rallies in support of a Marxist professor.

5. He attended, for 20 years, a church where the racist pastor preached Socialism. This same pastor performed Obama's wedding ceremony.

6. He was financially helped through parts of his college by William Ayers' parents, both avowed communists.

7. He began his political career in the house of a Communist terrorist.

8. He has had more Communists, Marxists, and Socialists working for him in the Washington, D.C. than Castro has in Havana.

9. Back in the late 90s he sought and received the backing of a Marxist New York Congressman.

10. Last but not least, it has now been discovered that Obama joined and was a member of the socialist New Party, also back in the 90s.

Everything Obama has said and done, since usurping our White House, has been in support of anti-capitalism, anti-personal success and anti-Americanism.

So, it appears that Obama, in the eyes of O'Reilly, has not quite crossed the threshold from liberalism to Socialism. Well Bill, you, for sure, have long since crossed the threshold into ignominy.

Dwight Kehoe


President Obama, Department of (In)Justice, and Senate Democrats' structured inquiries

Do you remember the report of the "fox guarding the henhouse"?

Democrat Senate Judiciary members seem in "full spin and support" of President Obama's White House "highly classified" National Security "leaks" and AG Eric Holder's appointed prosecutor investigators under Holder's own jurisdiction.

Republican Senators are calling for a "Special Counsel" outside Holder's Jurisdiction rather than appointed prosecutors from Eric Holder's jurisdiction.

The entire "intelligence community" of the USA; National Security, Central Intelligence, and the Department of Defense and State are all at stake.

To date, there have been five separate major leaks of highly classified national security information.

They include:
1) the recent disclosure of the methods, sources, and techniques of the nation's cyberwarfare capabilities and secret attack on Iranian nuclear facilities;
2) our procedures for attacking Muslim militants and terrorists with drones;
3) the existence of a CIA double agent embedded inside of al-Qaida;
4) the means and techniques with which we spy on Iranian nuclear facilities; and
5) last but hardly least, our war plans and scenarios should the United States be drawn into a unilateral Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites.

Eric Holder's "professional integrity" has already been severely damaged with hard evidence that the Department of (In)Justice was actively involved in the "Fast and Furious" scandal that led to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and allowed thousands of other weapons fall into the hands of murderous Mexican drug cartels.

Yes, it appears President Obama, Eric Holder, and Democrat Senate Judiciary members appear to be "pretending" the "fox guarding the henhouse".

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and thousands of others who have died with US Department of (In)Justice weapons in the hands of murderous Mexican drug cartels deserve "justice."

Oscar Y. Harward
Monroe, North Carolina


Why can't government create jobs, really?

The "news" media hasn't got a clue

The phrase “create jobs” is constantly in the headlines these days.
Candidates and the man in the White House seem to be all about creating jobs.

This simple phrase "create jobs" can easily mislead you. Let me explain:
Why does government constantly fail to create jobs? Well – just separate the idea of “jobs” and “work” and you'll see. Government can't create jobs.

JOBS are what you get when you invent or develop a product or service, create demand and fill it. Jobs are a way to make money.

WORK is what you get when you take taxes from people who make money, and give it to other people to do tasks you define. Work is a way to spend money.

Jobs come from the private sector.

Work comes from the government sector.

Government by its very nature cannot create jobs.

An energetic free public cannot help but create jobs.

Jobs create wealth.

Work consumes wealth.

Jobs are self perpetuating.

Work is finite.

Jobs come from companies, corporations and individuals.

Work comes from government “jobs” programs and agencies.
Jobs last as long as you create demand for what you do.
Work lasts as long as officials decide to pay workers.
Jobs create a sense of accomplishment.
Work creates a sense of dependency.
Jobs can grow through hard work.
Work ends when the assignment is done. If you can invent a task that cannot be completed, work can go on forever.

Jobs don't have this nice feature. Government work does.

Politicians who say they'll “create” jobs are either sucking up, ignorant or lying.
Read that line again, it explains everything. Read it. I'll wait.

People who can create jobs are the backbone of American exceptionalism, widely admired for contributing to prosperity, and the magnet that draws people here.

The only way government can help jobs happen is to stay out of the way of people who make the jobs.

Government is not very good at that. It is a leash and heavy baggage interfering with productivity and jobs.

Every time government regulations shrink, the business sector and jobs grow. It's not often.
Jobs are produced by capitalism, free enterprise, the right to contract, property ownership, free markets, entrepreneurial spirit, self starting, personal ambition, risk, division of labor, competition, marketing, economies of scale, prudent management, creativity, retention of the fruits of your labor and more.

Work is defined by government itself, on a project-by-project basis, using laws, regulations, policies, agencies, bureaus, committees, task forces, routine collectivist paradigms, central planning, czars, democratic decree, court decisions, taxpayer-provided physical assets and capital, and more.

See the difference? Government can only make work, using the money of people who earn it.

My guarantee: You'll be able to pick this analysis apart. Don't. Resist that temptation, especially semantics, and exceptions you can dream up. Understand the distinction here – at its highest level: Jobs and work are not the same thing. Government by its very nature can only make work.

When you hear any candidates, “news” story, officials or pundits that speak to government “creating” jobs, know it is a false flag and see through the fog. Only businesses can make jobs. Now you know.

Alan Korwin
The Uninvited Ombudsman
Page Nine


Carefree citizens stay tuned

The ongoing saga of the Business Signs in the Carefree right of way is again a hot topic. But, this time around the Citizens will be given a unique opportunity to share their input directly with the town council. As was very correctly reported by Linda Bentley, in the online edition of Sonoran News, June 13 issue, the next step will be to erect ONE, 'sample' or 'Test Sign'. This will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Once this test sign is in place the town will send out notices in both the Coins and a special edition of our newsletter to all of our citizens. This notice will feature a full color photograph of the test sign and will indicate its location. This way all interested stakeholders can go see the actual sign, color, size and "image." Citizen feedback is strongly suggested this time around. We want to know what the folks who elected us feel is appropriate on the town’s streets, and if the "Carefree Image" we all cherish is achieved. Also, we want to know your opinion as to how many signs are acceptable. There will be a short time frame to respond ... so stay tuned.

Many of our business owners in the Town Center are singing the praise for the present 10 signs. Some folks have told us there are too many signs and the image is not "Carefree." Also, sadly, most of the Town’s 3,600 Citizens have yet to comment – pro or con.
This will be YOUR chance, folks. Stay tuned for next steps ... It is YOUR TOWN.

Jim Van Allen
Carefree Councilman


Kengor Guest Editorial

I found “Cuba backing gay marriage?” by Paul Kengor, published in the June 6 issue of Sonoran News interesting, but it neglected to mention that the real father of the Communist Party, Karl Marx, was himself militantly against gay sex, gay anything.

You can find this information by Googling Karl Marx and the term gay rights. You will not find this in any Communist newspaper that I know of, however. Over time, a lot of history gets distorted.

The real Karl Marx had friends in Abraham Lincoln's army, etc.... This is non fiction history that is neglected by both the leftwing communists and the rightwing conservatives.
Sincerely yours,

Charles Kaltwasser