VOL. 17 ISSUE NO. 34   |   AUGUST 24 - 30, 2011


Corsi on Obama’s forged docs, calls Tea Party ‘salvation of America’

Arpaio to examine evidence and determine whether it’s within his jurisdiction to authenticate the document’s authenticity

jerome corsi
Jerome Corsi
SUN CITY – Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President,” drew a crowd of over 300 people at an event sponsored by the Surprise Tea Party on Aug. 17, where he highlighted excerpts from his book.

Corsi said, after a recent visit to Arlington Cemetery, “These brave men didn’t fight and die for a forged birth certificate,” adding, “Our rights are inalienable, given to us by God, not Barack Obama, Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.”

Noting Arizona is one of the few states left that’s put itself above socialism and communism, Corsi stated, “If someone wants to run this great nation, they have an obligation to tell us who they are.”

He told the crowd, “We are going to win this. We have not been shown the real birth certificate. I’m going to prove this tonight.”

Corsi stated, “Obama has been lying about who he is,” and, awed by the turnout, said, “When this many people show up to something like this, there’s hope that it’s not over.”

corsi friedman
Dr. Jerome Corsi is pictured autographing a copy of his book for Jayne Friedman.

Using exhibits from his book, Corsi projected on the screen countless articles from the mainstream media questioning McCain’s citizenship and said, “They didn’t call themselves “Birthers” when they were attacking McCain.”

Corsi said McCain produced his birth documents, after which, constitutional scholars determined McCain was a natural born citizen. Although he was born in Panama, they concluded because he was born to two U.S. citizen parents and asserted it was never the intention of our founding fathers to deny such status to children born to U.S. citizens while overseas defending our country.

And, while Obama cosponsored the legislation, declaring McCain a natural born citizen, Obama refused to produce his own birth certificate.

According to Corsi, Obama is dodging the issue – he doesn’t want to answer questions as to who he is.

Corsi went on to say everything Obama says about himself in his autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” is fiction, which Corsi has personally investigated and debunked.

And, as far as the birth certificates produced by Obama are concerned, Corsi said, “The best evidence of a document is the document itself and complete chain of custody of the document.”

Corsi explained the term natural born citizen “is not something you do. It is a condition of birth.”

As Corsi spoke, 242 attendees signed a petition being passed around to urge Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate the forged document the White House released as Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth on April 27, 2010.

Twenty different document experts wanted to show Corsi how the Obama birth certificate was a forgery.

Meanwhile, Corsi said he’s tired of form letters from Washington and stated, “We need a congressional investigation.”

Corsi, who met Arpaio at the Iowa Caucus, said, “I also have great admiration for Joe Arpaio because he is determined to enforce the law.”

Surprise Tea Party organizers had already arranged a meeting with Arpaio the next day to present the petition.

In their cover letter to Arpaio, Surprise Tea Party leaders, Jim and Julie Wise, Brian and Denise Reilly, and Jeff Lichter, wrote, “Our concern, as citizens of Arizona, is that no other government department or law enforcement agency in Arizona will investigate what we believe are legitimate concerns that the [birth certificate] is a forgery, as is suggested by the analysis of the 20 experts that we have produced in a bound volume and delivered to your office.”

Corsi stated, “The issue is not going to go away. It’s the biggest cover-up in American history,” and questioned why we don’t drug test congressmen and senators.

“Any document I find, any article I write could be the end of his presidency,” said Corsi,
“And, I’m not going to quit. We’re coming after him.”

He said, “Joe Arpaio is a man of courage and I believe he will do his duty. The fact that he’s being presented with this question is historic.”

Corsi stated, “We don’t need to wait for Washington to do anything. They’re too busy taking care of their behinds and special interests. Let’s ask Joe Arpaio to do his duty.”

Corsi also praised Dr. Orly Taitz and said she should be commended for her unrelenting quest for the truth behind Obama’s identity and his use of forged and fraudulently created documents.

In conclusion, Corsi stated, “The Tea Party is the salvation of America.”

Following their meeting with Arpaio on Thursday, Arpaio told Corsi and Surprise Tea Party leaders he would look at the assembled evidence and “examine whether it is within my jurisdiction to authenticate the document’s authenticity.”

In a statement issued later that day, Arpaio said, “I indicated in this meeting that I will also consider whether there is a more appropriate Arizona agency to determine the document’s veracity and ultimately whether the president’s name can lawfully be entered onto the 2012 election ballot.”

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