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By Don Sorchych | March 31, 2010

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Don SorchychHayworth vs. McCain

If you spend much time online you will be overwhelmed with the sins of Obama, but you will seldom see criticisms of him in the national media or the Arizona Republic.

Look as his policy objectives: Nationalized health care, amnesty, spending enough to destroy the future of our children, criticizing the United States at every opportunity, downplaying terrorism, appointing cabinet officers and czars that are misfits, playing the race card, federalizing education, taking over two automobile manufacturers and generally converting our government to socialism or worse. He is cozy with America haters like Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright and his wife Michelle.

The mystery is how Obama got elected. Critics ridiculed Linda Bentley’s detailed examination of him and we are labeled "Birthers.” Wouldn’t any thinking person wonder why his original bonafides are not only hidden, but he has spent millions to keep them from public view?

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Rumors persist he was born in Kenya, but he surely was the son of a non-citizen, no matter where he was born. Courts have been reluctant to examine the issue and typically rule lack of standing. It seems to me any American citizen has standing sufficient to question the legality of our president.

Although the whole political system is to blame, including major media, political correctness was in overdrive with a black Democrat candidate. And the one who should have ignored P.C. is our national hero, John McCain. But he welcomed it and made it integral to his campaign.

Even the obvious, like 20 years of attendance in Wright’s nasty-preaching church and close friendship with killer bomber Ayers was made off limits.

So many are to blame but front and center is John McCain who ran a poor campaign. Even before that McCain was proud of reaching across the aisle to the likes of hyper liberal Ted Kennedy. We have the front cover of Bill Buckley’s magazine, the National Review, on our lobby wall. It is a picture of John McCain leaning over Ted Kennedy and saying, “Lets say it isn’t amnesty.” The text goes on to say, “and other immigration howlers.”

If John McCain couldn’t win numero uno, why would we elect him again to be one of 50? We need a game changer and that isn’t McCain.

John McCain is a Republican in Name Only, or RINO, like many of his supporters. Ex-Attorney General Grant Wood and former County Attorney Rick Romley are McCain supporters and representative of his RINO credentials. Another RINO supporter is Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from North Carolina and a good friend of McCain who so loves amnesty he should be a registered Democrat.

Let’s remember RINOs, especially female RINOs, jumped the fence and gave Democrat and uber-liberal Janet Napolitano two terms. Arizona suffers a huge deficit thanks to Napolitano’s reign.

Not only that, but McCain publicly praised Napolitano when Obama put her in charge of Homeland Security, an underserved political promotion if there ever was one, to put it kindly.

Democrat Senator Russell Fineberg and McCain authored legislation limiting election financing and speech. Recently the Supreme Court, bless their conservative majority, gave election rights back and returned elections to their rightful constitutionally protected place.
Recently, McCain joined other Senators and sought to invite the FDA to approve supplements, one of the last bastions of freedom for people who take nutrients.

So send McCain home to fondle his well-earned medals and enjoy the fruits of marrying a wealthy second wife.

Then what? Well, J.D. Hayworth has offered himself up in the primary election.
Hayworth was a six term Congressman before Harry Mitchell unseated him with record Democrat financial backing. Hayworth had been targeted by unions and other hanger-ons to the Democrat cause for years.

In that election Sonoran News dropped support of Hayworth after he dropped support of Russell Pearce who was running for reelection when his enemies claimed Pearce was racist because a white supremacist was seen with Pearce. It was a blatant lie by the likes of the Phoenix New Times, but obviously considered credible by Hayworth.

Pearce is conservative, a patriot, a decent family man, a Mormon with loads of experience and one of the few people in politics who walks his talk.

The other complaint I had was that he paid his wife Mary handsomely with our money to be his aide.

Nobody’s perfect and I suspect he wouldn’t make these mistakes again.

Hayworth joined KFYI as a talk show host. If you listened to him, his knowledge of Washington, American history and our political process was awesome. His knowledge and recall was evidence of a first- class mind that had been sharpened by experience.

Early in his Congressional career he was as predictable as the rest of the Republican delegation. It was only later words crept into his vocabulary like balkanization. I suspect he read Victor Davis Hansen’s famous book titled “Mexifornia.”

He broke from the ranks of sameness and became a stalwart voice to close the border and deal with the huge problem of illegal immigration. He was relatively alone among the rest of the delegation and fought the good fight while still in Washington.

Now he is in the battle of his career. McCain has captured endorsements as one would expect due to his position as a presidential candidate and long time senator as well as for his war hero status. Some are bothersome like Sarah Palin and Scott Brown and I understand why they are doing what they perceive to be their duty, but don’t agree.

McCain has huge cash reserves and his basic nastiness is already evident in his ads that repeat incessantly. He might have beaten Obama if he had followed his basic nature rather than trying to be a boy scout.

J.D. can win if this state is as conservative as I think it is. The differences between the two are striking and it is well past time to send McCain home.

J.D is the wave of the future and having conservative constitutionalists like him in office is the only way the socialists will be rolled back.