Your View | March 17 – 23, 2010

Once again the majority of Carefree voters have shown they do not vote on the basis of facts, information and their own best interests. They seem to vote (A) as they are told and/or (B) in the delusion that the town is a wonderful, mythic place administered by demigods. Conclusion: the majority of Carefree voters get what they deserve. The rest must suffer or move.

It was good to see people walking around Cave Creek town core on Saturday. With the arts shows at Stage Coach Village and in Carefree, we’ve been missing the foot traffic.

What's the story on our community garden having to move our carrots to another local? Wow ... I bet that is more cabbage added to our inflated budget!

Can’t wait to see the Black Mountain photo contest entries. They are so compelling as to be almost surreal.

In order for the mayor to collect so many votes against his recall, the GOB mob must have called in all the "remember what we did for you" chits collected from many special interest groups including airport (SUP deals), homeowners associations (paving private roads), water company bond owners (7 percent non-callable 20 years), town center (accepting inflated land valuations), land owners (rezoning from residential to commercial), and non-profits (cash from the town).

You have our support and appreciation for providing a great news service every week. I am not aware of any business or organization in the state of Arizona that presents the conservative view of local, statewide and national issues.

I am both devastated and angry that David Schwan remains our mayor. Give blame to Kiwanis Kontrol, as we call it. How can such a majority be so blind? We have lived here for 22 years and thought we would see a good government for the first time in our local experience. With people accepting the insanity of the good old boy group, it may never happen.

It’s too bad Traynor is not on the Carefree Town Council. Schwan supporters worked hard to maintain the status quo – the good old boy way of doing things. We are now stuck with that mentality until the next election.

We are pleased you have been able to continue publishing our favorite weekly news on your website. I had not been reading Sonoran News online until last week. I can’t believe what’s there! You actually have book reviews online.

I would expect the watchdog would be investigating the Carefree election. I personally know so many people who voted for John Traynor, I am suspicious about the result. Knowing so many of the good old boys and their tactics nothing would surprise me.

Former Carefree Mayor Curtis once noted that votes are cast on the basis of name recognition. Apparently that happened in the recall election.

It’s simply amazing, Don, that you are still receiving letters about Ray Brolley. You touched a soft place in many of us with your heartfelt writings. What a fine tribute to your friendship!

I know CCUSD resists Sonoran News publishing facts they would rather have hidden, but they turn themselves into a weekly target by continually making stupid moves like tearing down the press box and treating the Hot Dog Guy like a second class citizen.

Will Carefree council incumbents ever figure out they have no election coattails?

I finally made time to go to I wasn’t sure that the March 10 issue would still be there when the March 17 issue came out. I was pleased to see the recent issues are available. What I didn’t know was there is a huge news source I’d never checked out before. It may be the way it appears, but it seems there is far more information and articles in the online issue than was in the March 3 issue I received in the driveway. Thanks!

Carefree mayor gives cash to Foothills Caring Corp. FCC announces relocation from Cave Creek to Carefree. What are the odds FCC is renting space in a de Szendeffy property? Another political IOU gets written.

I was flabbergasted by the article in the Republic, of Thursday, March 11, entitled "Cave Creek is considering controls for future floods." Ten property owners, stupid enough to build high priced houses in a flood plain, now expect the town and county to spend a lot of money (which neither government entity has) to prevent further loss to their property. This precedent is ludicrous. Even consideration to bail out ten high-income town citizens with little apparent common sense dazzles the mind, and illustrates how far out of whack people are today when their perceived "rights of privilege" are involved. Totally unbelievable.