Your View | February 17 - 23, 2010

I want to thank you for publishing a newspaper that actively pursues the truth. I've been waiting and watching the news for someone to speak out about the current economic situation. The Arizona Republic does nothing to report the news. The only news in this paper are the obituaries. This socialist administration is pushing Obama Care through and tax and spend solutions to the current crisis when we all know we need tax breaks to bring the economy back on line. This political aristocracy doesn't want to listen. What our politicians fail to see is that we are experiencing an economic downturn while the world is undergoing globalization. This means we now have to compete with new third world countries on the world market. If you continue to tax our businesses they will move overseas. Just take a look at what is now manufactured in China, India, Pakistan, and the list is growing. With globalization upon us, the days of the unions are numbered unless they change their tactics. Unions must work with industry to make us competitive.

Congratulations to the shortsighted residents of the area who continually vote against any bonds for CCUSD. Because of your tightfistedness the district is about to lose a great middle school, as Desert Arroyo seems almost certain to disappear into oblivion. If you don't think our property values won't take a hit because of overcrowding, you are sadly mistaken. Stupid, stupid, and very sad.

The way the March 9 recall election is shaping up it appears former Carefree councilmen Fulcher, Gardner, and Meyer have played the old snipe hunt trick on Mayor Schwan and left him holding the bag by himself deep in the political woods.

Sentinel Rock thanks Mayor Schwan for sweeping our streets. While the mayor may be using town funds to elicit votes, he has at least found a job he is capable of.

Carefree Mayor Schwan wants the public to believe the town is in good financial condition. He conveniently ignores the fact that, following the town's reckless 1999 purchase of the Carefree Water Co., the water operation still owes almost $3 million in principal on its 7% non-callable bonds with another ten years until maturity. Unless east side residents want to pay truly astronomical water rates within a few years, there are only three other choices: try to merge Carefree into the City of Scottsdale, levy a property tax that would include west side residents, or exhaust the town's modest financial reserve.

On June 30, 2009 Carefree's Utilities Community Facilities District (parent of the Carefree Water Co.) reported total liabilities of $8.3 million, including $2.8 million remaining of 7% non-callable bonds due in increasing installments through 2019, or an annual average of $280,000. For the seven months ended Jan. 31, 2010 CWC had a net loss of $43,000 after depreciation charges. Something must be done in order for the CWC to remain solvent.

Why is the manager of the Carefree Water Co. holding private meetings with residents of the east side of town? Why did the manager propose to eliminate regular public monthly meetings of the board of directors of the water company? I submit all meetings associated with the water company should be posted and open to the public.

The time was 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010. News of Bill Clinton in the hospital for an unknown reason hit CNN during Rick Sanchez's show. His face was somber, and he spoke slowly and softly as if something catastrophic happened. Sanchez went on to praise Clinton for his recent "work" in helping Haiti, and went on to say that a LOT of former "CLINTON STAFF" work at CNN today! He actually let the cat out of the bag! It's no wonder why they call CNN the "CLINTON NEWS NETWORK" for its extreme liberal left agenda! The show was just pouring out with liberalism, it made me want to throw up! I immediately changed the channel. The only reason I visited CNN was because FOX gave mention of the breaking news, and I wanted to see how CNN would report it. Just as I suspected, with no mention of Monica Lewinsky and his famous finger pointing lie. The Clinton's are the biggest fraud since the Kennedy family.

Section 16 is now a Lennar Homes development on Lone Mountain, and they are already littering the neighborhood with illegal, black directional signs all over the place! Do the community a favor, and begin complaining by calling 602-534-7100 or e-mail illegal.signs.rightofway.[email protected]. Their website is:

I was calling in response to the person who was thanking Mayor Schwan for the $3 admission charge to walk on Easy Street. I’m sure the Carefree Chamber has responded. Those are special events; that was pretty apparent because of the barricades at the end of the streets that are closed off, police directing traffic and the tents set up. It’s $3 for admission to the special event for juried artists. If people are Carefree residents, the fee is waived as well as if people are going to a specific place for lunch or to conduct business, they are allowed through. It is only during the special events that are Friday, Saturday and Sunday only a couple of months out of the year. A great event, The Carefree Wine and Art Festival it is well worth the money for those that work hard to keep the trash contained and police etc. there for such a great event.

Using Winston Churchill’s assessment of Clement Attlee, Mayor Schwan is a very modest man with a great deal to be modest about.

I think it would be very interesting if we held every man in the country up to the same moral scrutiny that we are holding are political figures and our sports icons to. But, of course there aren’t any really any common men who are cheating on their wives out there, are there?

Becky Fenger, my brother-in-law is Dr. Ivan Fenger who migrated from Denmark to Chicago. I wonder if he was any relation – he was personal physician for the King of Denmark. Curiosity killed the cat. I liked the Ten Most Wanted article you wrote.