Obama eligibility lawyers represent Chrysler dealers

By Linda Bentley | December 16, 2009
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WASHINGTON – James Anderer, who owned a Chrysler dealership in Lindenhurst, N.Y. was a speaker at the 9/12 March on Washington.

Anderer considers himself a patriotic citizen who believes in the Constitution, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and told the sea of people in attendance, “I believe in the Fifth Amendment; that we the people will not be deprived of life liberty or property without due process. What happens when due process becomes corrupted? That’s what happened to me. I stand before you an angry man … I’m living proof of a government out of control. My business was seized – stolen from me – under the watchful eye and complete approval of President Barack Obama.”

Anderer’s dealership was taken away as the result of the federal government’s intervention and takeover of Chrysler with the use of TARP funds.

leo donofrioAfter someone referred Anderer to New Jersey Attorney Leo Donofrio’s “Natural Born Citizen” blog, where Donofrio has presented a phenomenal amount of legal research and analysis on the question of Obama’s constitutional eligibility as a natural born citizen to hold the office of president, he contacted Donofrio.

Donofrio reviewed the entire Chrysler bankruptcy file and said he found strong grounds to appeal. After lengthy discussions with other dealers and a various attorneys, Anderer indicated everyone was impressed with the concepts raised. Donofrio suggested bringing in an experienced litigator and has since teamed up with Washington Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who filed an eligibility lawsuit last year against Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed on behalf of James Broe and 11 other defendants.

Donofrio and Pidgeon formed a law office and have been retained to file the Chrysler bankruptcy appeal as well as a quo warranto (under what authority) action on behalf of lead plaintiff Anderer and multiple car dealers.

One of the issues to be brought up under quo warranto is the use of TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) funds for bailing out the auto industry. TARP, passed by Congress in 2008, allows the U.S. Department of the Treasury to purchase or insure up to $700 billion of troubled assets, defined as mortgages and any securities, obligations, or other instruments that are based on or related to such mortgages and any other financial instrument.”
Donofrio said they expect to file the bankruptcy appeal this week and the quo warranto action the following week.

On Monday, Attorney Orly Taitz sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that he institute quo warranto proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

The District of Columbia Code provides that a third party may institute a quo warranto action if the U.S. Attorney General fails to respond or initiate action within three months of a request being made.

Taitz sent a letter to Holder on March 1, 2009, requesting he initiate quo warranto proceedings against Obama, claiming evidence provided by a number of licensed private investigators has revealed Obama has used as many as 39 different Social Security numbers, with the one he has used most often assigned to an individual born in 1890 in the state of Connecticut, where Taitz says Obama has never resided.