June 15, 2016

You are invited to attend: Sonoran News Cave Creek Council Candidate Forum

7-10 PM, Monday, June 27, 2016, Cave Creek Town Hall

Hope you can attend. Former Planning Commission Chairman Dr. Dan Baxley agreed to be the Master of Ceremonies. I will provide these forms to all attendees and collect them for Dan to use:

Sonoran News
2016 Cave Creek Council
Candidate Forum

If you elect to ask a question please
present this form to Don.

Question to: ___________________
Candidate’s name

Question: ___________________________

We have provided this service for nearly 20 years and only once did a candidate decline.
2016 Cave Creek Council Candidate
Forum Agenda

Welcome…………………….Don Sorchych
MC for the Evening……….Dr. Dan Baxley
Candidate Introductions …
Candidate 2-minute presentations … Candidates alphabetically:

Ernie Bunch
Anna Marsolo
Janelle Smith-Haff
Susan Clancy
Paul Diefenderfer
Mary Elrod
C.W. Jensen
Thomas McGuire
Reg Monachino
Jim O’Toole
David Smith
Ron Sova.
John Vannucci
Eileen Wright
Microphone or written questions from the floor
(Deliver written questions to Don)

Given the nature of some candidates, or their supporters, security will be provided. You have read of the attacks on Trump supporters and intimidation attacks will not be tolerated. We hope this protection will enlarge the audience.