Sunset Blvd.

Observing the President during his visit to Elkhart, Indiana one can only conclude that the man is jealous of his worst nightmare – Donald Trump. Mr. O finds himself no longer in the spotlight, no fainting spells at the sight of him, no Greek pillars nor audio reverberation to emulate the voice of God while he addresses the fateful and misguided.

Even the "Clinton News Network," (CNN) focuses their reporting on the, always news worthy, Republican candidate while overlooking Hillary's misadventures leaving Mr. Obama unnoticed for coverage. But, this President will not go quietly as tradition dictates. The Obamas have rented a home close to the action in D.C. and now that Hillary is officially the Democrat candidate, Barry has endorsed and relishes his return to the campaign trail. (Did he ever leave it?) He does so knowing that he holds over her the only word she fears – indictment! He never loved his job, but he does love the power.

Mr. Obama has dominated the limelight for eight grim years showcasing his arrogance, outraging lawful Americans waving his Marxist banner proudly over the devastation he has brought. Still arrogant in the twilight of his regime, he now looks desperate for attention as he becomes old news dashing from camera to camera, like Norma Desmond in Sunset Blvd. seeking that last closeup. He remains a dangerous man, but his media importance floats face-down in the press pool.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek


Carefree’s Future Matters

Thursday, June 9, 2016 

Friends of Carefree, this month there was a Water Company Board meeting, a Special Council meeting to approve the FY16-17 Budget, and then the routine Council meeting.

General News:  The Primary Election for Carefree Mayor and Town Council is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30, 2016.  Ballots will be mailed on August 3rd.  Prior to the filing deadline of June 1st, Council members Gearhart, Miller, & Price chose not to seek reelection at this time.  The remaining candidates are as follows:

Les Peterson – Mayor

There are 6 Town Council seats to be elected
John Crane, incumbent
Mike Farrar, incumbent
Michael Krahe
Cheryl Kroyer
Gene Orrico, incumbent
Jim Van Allen

As you may know, or have just read, Jim Van Allen has registered as a candidate in the upcoming election for Town Council.  Jim is a former member of the town council who had to step down prior to completing his full term.  Jim will write a short article in July about his qualifications and his goals for the future on the council. 

Jim being Jim, he feels that it would be inappropriate for him, while serving the town in an official capacity, to participate in blogging or sending out email/newsletters regarding town activities.  He was especially concerned about a recent email blast sent out by a current council member who may have inappropriately used the town’s mailing list.  In order to distance himself from even a hint of conflict in relation to our mutual endeavor, if elected, Jim will cease his participation in CFM effective with his taking the oath of office.  I’ll miss his input and council but I realize more residents and merchants will benefit from his being on our Town Council.  I wish him the best.

It was suggested, by long tenured councilman Bob Coady that we might want to consider resurrecting the ‘Question of the Month’.  As we have stated in the past we do not publish ‘letters from readers’ for many very good reasons.  When appropriate, or necessary, we have brought certain matters to the attention of the mayor, but we do not disclose the source without the author’s permission.  Publishing a ‘Question of the Month’ might be an interesting addition, so we’ll give it a try starting later in this issue. 

Water Company Board Meeting, June 7, 2016 at 4 p.m.

The most significant topic during this board meeting was approval of the Water Company FY16-17 Budget and the new Water Rate Schedule.  The following meeting highlights are courtesy of Jim Van Allen:

1) Rates will increase by 2 percent for both the base meter charge as well as water charge;
2) Salaries will increase by 2.5 percent;
3) No 'new' hydrants will be installed for the next 2 years.  Instead, 4 old hydrants which are deteriorating will be replaced each year.
4) There are no water quality or quantity issues of concern for next 3-4 years;
5) It could be 10 years before the 4 inch pipes up north are replaced with the 6 inch pipes needed for installation of fire hydrants;
6) It would cost $ 2.9 million to upgrade the pipes and that money will have to come from borrowing.  Delaying the pay back to the Town of older loans is a possibility acknowledged by the Mayor;
7) Greg Crossman, Water Company General Manager, is starting to work on a 10 year plan.

Special Council Meeting, June 7, 2016 at 4:45 p.m.

This Special meeting was held for discussion and approval of the Town Budget for FY16-17.  After brief discussion the budget was approved 7 - 0.  Adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Town Council Meeting, June 7, 2016 at 5 p.m.

Items 1 - 4, Consent Agenda:  All items were related to routine town business (meeting minutes, bills, financial reports, event permits, etc.), Approved 7 – 0.

Item 5, Call to the Public:  Jim Van Allen spoke about his very recent experience with the Kiwanis Splash Pad.  [As you probably recall both Jim and I were opposed to the Town spending, what was originally estimated to be over $300K, for a Splash Pad.  It was considered an ‘economic development’ expense, intended to increase the town’s sales tax revenue.]  Jim began his comments by stating that he was opposed to the splash pad and saw no 'economic’ value' in it.  However on Monday his wife brought their two grand kids to the splash pad and he went over to watch.  What he saw were grandparents from the Boulders, who were raving about the fun their 2 grand kids were having and that they had been there 3 days in a row.  They never had anything to do with the kids before.  There were two ladies with their 2 toddlers having a blast.  Then another lady with one toddler came.  This all occurred within 2 hours.

All of the folks (his wife included) brought water or juice and snacks.  His wife had taken their grandchildren to two other splash pads which were very crowded and had a lot of older children. He said his wife liked ours much better.

He said he was wrong to fight the splash pad, as it is a draw for both families and grandparents.  And like the Pumpkin festival and elephant [sand sculpture] it creates activity in downtown Carefree.  These things will bring about repeat visits.  He added that maybe in the future we can have stores to cater to the needs of these visitors, like ice cream, inexpensive hot dogs, etc. etc.

He said that, if we had to pay for it and then expected to collect lots more in additional sales tax because of it, then he still would be opposed to it.  So he thanks Kiwanis for their donation which paid for the construction of the Splash Pad.  From an economic development perspective, he doesn’t hear the ringing of cash registers.

No one else spoke.

Item 6, Current Events:  The Mayor asked Gina Kaegi (Marketing Director) if she had any updates on Ray Villafane’s activities with the Sand sculptures.  Boy, did she ever!  Ray had completed a sand sculpture in the Sanderson Lincoln Amphitheater.  The sculpture of an elephant playing chess against a mouse has had widespread, even global recognition.  She mentioned that there had been over 3.6 million views on Facebook and that other social media sites were all carrying information and photos, bringing lots of attention to Carefree.  After further discussion the question was raised regarding how long these sculptures will last, being mostly exposed to the summer elements.  Gina explained that although the Elephant’s location was partially protected from the sun, wind and Monsoon rains will eventually have a substantial effect.  It has been sprayed with a glue-like treatment which will hopefully prolong the inevitable.

Item 7, Valley of the Sun YMCA presentation:  Sr. Executive Director Katie Smetana walked us through a comprehensive presentation, and short video, of the many facets of the Y.  She covered various events, and partnerships with Carefree.  The facility has been open six years, has about 1,000 visitors per day with over 9,000 members.  There are 520 memberships with Carefree PO Box addresses, and 1,600 seniors receive subsidies through various sources.  The Y works with Carefree on a number of activities which have included field trips to the Gardens, special events with Ray Villafane, and they now offer Yoga in the Gardens on Mondays (fall through spring).

Item 8, Funding for Median Landscaping near the town core: The town administrator was seeking approval to enter into a contract with Desert Foothills Landscape for the sum of $99,707.  A 25% deposit would be paid from the current year’s budget (ending Jun 30th).  There is $150,000 for landscaping in the new fiscal year budget.  The project area is to include the sections of Tom Darlington from Stagecoach Pass to Cave Creek Road, and on Cave Creek Road from Scopa Trail to Mule Train.  The project will begin in June and continue through the summer, with the goal of providing “a sense of entry at the Gateways”.  [I distinctly remember hearing that the Gateways were to provide a sense of entry, an alert that visitors had arrived in Carefree]  There is no irrigation at our medians.  Revegetation will focus on low water plants, there will be no trees.  There were a few questions from the council members, and then Jim Van Allen was permitted to speak.

Jim reminded everyone that town paid studies going back several years, especially the Baker Group “Revitalization Master Plan”, refer to the Carefree as a ‘Village’.  Jim said that cactus, rocks, boulders, and the lack of trees or other greenery are not very Village-like.  Jim cited the proliferation of asphalt, rocks, and lack of trees as contrary to that Village feel.  From Bloody Basin on the east around to Bloody Basin on the south the only place we have any nice trees are at the two roundabouts, that’s it.  On Tom Darlington in front of the Bashas’ center, all asphalt.  [The intersection of Tom Darlington and Cave Creek road is now more asphalt than ever, and not a very appealing village ‘Welcome to Carefree’.]  He asked that the council wait until July to approve any contract.  The Mayor said they were not inclined to wait, and suggested Jim wrap up.  Councilman Miller suggested that Jim meet with Gary Neiss to continue the dialog.  [Jim is expecting to meet with Gary and Vice Mayor Crane next week.  For the record, the point of speaking at a public meeting is so that the public is aware of a different point of view, not just the council/staff perspective.]

The council then voted to approve the contract, 7 – 0.

Item 9, Building Height Text Amendment:  [Since August of last year the P&Z has, through a series of at least 4 meetings, considered the issue of building heights in Carefree, especially for the commercial properties.  If you have followed these newsletters you know the issues discussed as well as those raised by said discussions.  In the end, the P&Z put forth a more conservative proposal for the text amendment than the town administrator and town planner initially set out to implement.  Hopefully town staff got the message.  This is not Scottsdale, Phoenix or anywhere else – it is Carefree, it is unique, and that’s why people choose to live here.]

The Council approved the amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, proposed by the P&Z, which will raise commercial building height from the present 24 feet to 30 feet.  The amendment also clarifies/simplifies how residential building height is measured.  [We sincerely hope that the form based zoning advocated by staff, which would allow for significantly higher structures, will rest in peace.]  Approved 7 – 0.

Item 10, Amendment to Protect Gardens:  This 1st reading of the proposed amendment(s) to town code outlines the restrictions sought to prohibit the riding of bicycles and “vehicles propelled by human power” on the walls, seats, furniture, amphitheater area, sidewalks or other features within the Town Center Gardens.  The current language only prohibits skateboards and scooters.  Jim Van Allen asked who would enforce the new codes and what the penalties would entail.  Gary Neiss responded that the town Code Enforcement Officer and MCSO would enforce the codes.  Section 7-5 of the Town Code addresses penalties. 

Approved 7 – 0.

Item 11, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Compliance:  MS4 for short

The federal government now requires municipalities to monitor the quality of storm sewer runoff to minimize the impact of pollutants affecting major washes.  The Council approved a contract with Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc. ( ECC) to ensure compliance with this federal mandate.  The cost was set not to exceed $25,000 for this phase.  As ADEQ rules are formulated additional compliance activities may become necessary.

Approved 7 – 0.

Item 12, Current Events and Updates:  Councilwoman Price reported that the stone material will be added to the Gateways next week and the arches and lighting should be done in mid-July.

The new bike lanes are open and in use.  [It seems that some striping remains to be done].  Councilman Gearhart commented that he has personally used them and pronounced them to be safe and a great experience.  [We wonder how our residents feel about the finished product and if they feel safer.]

The Easy Street Condo project may break ground in mid-July, if they succeed in reaching the 25 percent sales commitment level.

Item 13, Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jim Van Allen and John Traynor



A way to stop wasting perhaps millions of gallons of water a day

Thirty nine years of inspecting and repairing black tubing irrigation systems evidences widespread leakages all over our area. There's virtually no early morning walk that one couldn't see oozing, dribbling even gushing lines with water being wasted in landscaping.
It appears clearly that this black hose like tubing is far too fragile to stand up to our needs to conserve water. The tubing erodes and even erupts due to pressure, soil acids, root growth, animal gnawing, etc. Spaghetti hoses pull lose from the tubing as do emitters … with copious gallons of precious water being wasted … every single day.

Since most of these irrigation systems run at night or are too deeply buried, the chances of even a conscientious property owner, or even landscapers who typically work days, catching these leaks is limited with the result that leaks can go on and on for very long periods.
I thus submit to you the convenience and economy of installing untold miles of these snap-together rolls of tubing in no way comes anywhere near worth the cost of the loss of our most precious resource: WATER. Other materials such as much heavier gauged, glue-together PVC piping, even if outfitted with other drip system components: spaghetti hoses, emitters, etc … where at least these hoses and fittings are more surface level, would go along way to helping to cut our water wasting (despite the protests from builders and landscapers). THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

Lou Zuccaro


Truth or consequences of truth 

I was not “just” a supporter of Donald Trump but also a supporter of Newt for VP.  I still support Donald and who the VP is is still up to Donald Trump.   Perhaps he will still consider Newt.   Although what Newt did was not all that bad it was disparaging at best not because of what it implied but because of what the so called progressive democrats will do with it.  It will be twisted and spun to the point it becomes condemning.  Newt implied it was a mistake however, it was only a mistake to those who prefer politically correct statements. Political correctness can and will destroy our first amendment.   Donald is not politically correct.  I, for one, am glad he is not.  He is also truthful to a fault.  That is or should be a good trait for a president not a bad one.  Have we become so used to liars holding high office in this country we cannot expect and desire truthfulness and honesty?  If so we are in more trouble, as a nation, than I initially had thought. 

What Donald said is true at least.  This judge is not only a member of La Raza Lawyers Association he is also a member of three other “Racist” organizations.  Hispanic National Bar Association, Latinos Judges Association and National Hispanic Prosecutors Association.  All, not just some, of these associations show some preference for Hispanic, Latinos over whites.  If they did not why does a Spanish name need to be attached to them.  This, at least, denotes a possibility of prejudice in favor of Latinos.  Which demonstrates racism itself.  Just not toward a minority.    The political correct crowd seem to insinuate only whites can be prejudice towards a minority.  Certainly not true!  Both Blacks and Latinos prove that daily! 

Furthermore, many of the demonstrators (actually disrupter riots is a more precise name) carry Mexican flags to show their contempt for those of us citizens who are of the white race.  Why is that not considered racist?  Racism is a two way street.  Always has been always will be!  
Donald is made out to hate Blacks and Latinos.  He also is said to show prejudice toward females.  He does none of that.  His record proves that to those who have an open mind and are not filled with hate and/or envy of him.  He is not a politician.  Anyone who wants a politician in place of Donald Trump also accepts our decent into this abyss we now find ourselves in.  Another such presidents like Obama (Hillary) and we will never recover.  We will be swallowed up like a black hole!  No pun intended! 
Don Bitler


Running mate

Dear Mr. Trump:

An old refrain states, “To catch a thief, one must set a thief.” The corollary to this is, “To offset a female political foe, one must set a female.”

I urge you to consider a female running mate. Alas, former UN Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick is no longer with us! She had the brass cojones that would put to shame the entire defanged, declawed, emasculated and castrated Congress – and I include Republicans in that indictment.

Take a good look at Judge Jeanine Pirro, the ultraconservative activist from Fox News, who seems to be channeling Ambassador Kirkpatrick. Not only is she conservative, direct, articulate, aware of federal and state laws, and – yes – good-looking, but she would provide the necessary antidote to female voters who have been poisoned by the shrill and raucous rhetoric spewed by the wide-bottomed female Marxist who will oppose you.

Talk to your close advisors. This is our last chance to rescue our dear Republic from the last eight years of Marxist rule. If “The Hildebeeste” wins, the USA’s main export commodity will be expatriates, because we will no longer have a country.


J-P A. Maldonado
Lafayette, Colorado

P.S.: John Bolton for Secretary of State!


According to PVT South

Dearly Beloved, the votes are in and the table is set, Hillary is ready to be Queen and Trump is in a hurry to be King. The Democrats and the powers to be have circled the wagons for Hillary and their latest bulletin for the voters (Wall Street would prefer a Clinton Presidency): a lie is still as good as the truth if everyone believes it. The liberal press will hang in there until the end. Obama endorsed Hillary early so she just got a get out of jail free card. Have you noticed at Hillary rallies enthusiastic women holding up (fighting for us) posters? You would think the Queen is running for President of the PTA, instead of President of the USA. Obama has helped turn America into a Nanny State and Hillary will only double down on the situation. Have you noticed we have three nannies on the Supreme Court, two in the White House making policy and females in Congress who are mostly Democrat doing their liberal thing? (And don't forget the State Department)--another mess

Political Correctness is turning America into a half-assed country with women insisting on voting gender and blacks voting race. How is America supposed to be a number one world power acting that way? Looking at our military. How many female colonels, generals and admirals are on active duty and why? (Don't forget all the gays and lesbians in the ranks.)

After the November elections China, Russia and North Korea will have an ugly surprise a lot more serious than what they have been doing lately. And once again We The People will not be ready. Hitler took Germany, a healthy nation in 1938, and turned it into rubble in just 8 years. Obama has been getting even with the Founding Fathers and the white men for slavery with help from the press and news media and it shows.

Time to get a grip. Congress should make a new law for current and future presidents that if they are found guilty of undermining the stability of the United States that causes serious harm to this nation, they should forfeit their secret service protection for themselves and their family and no presidential library. (Following the Constitution more closely will help keep your powder dry.)

PVT South

Self-governance in action

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Convention of States volunteers are the best in the nation.

The Utah Convention of States leadership team recently met to discuss their strategy for the upcoming year, and we had the chance to sit in on some of the proceedings. Check it out!
What an impressive group of patriots. It’s truly an honor to work with these men and women, and they are by no means alone in their dedication to the preservation of American liberty.
Convention of States volunteers are hard at work in every state in the nation, and they’re always looking for more patriots to join their team.

So what do you say? Will you take the next step and become an official member of the team in your state?

To join your state team, click here

Yours in the fight,

Mark Meckler
Convention of States Action

P.S. Your contributions help our state teams meet their goals. A generous supporter is matching every donation made before Independence Day – up to $150,000! Give today to double your impact and help support our volunteers across the nation.

Our mailing address is:
Convention Of States Action
100 Congress Ave
Suite 2000
Austin, TX 78701


Celebrating Muhammad Ali

Thousands are heading to Louisville, Kentucky this week to mourn the death and celebrate the life of Muhammad Ali.

Ali will never be forgotten. He shook up the world and the world is a better place.

I drove by the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky Saturday and Sunday. People were standing in the rain with umbrellas. Flowers left at the center could be seen from the highway.
I’ve been in the center before. It’s an astonishing museum built to honor an astonishing individual.

I grew up watching Ali on ABC television. He was a real eyebrow raiser. I had never seen anyone brag like Ali before. Humility was not in his vocabulary and it was okay because he was a thrill to watch.

The Internet and libraries are yet to see the mega volumes of columns, books and opinions still to be written about Ali. Few people have accomplished so much in such a short period of time. He is the greatest boxing champion in the history of boxing.  Ali’s universal appeal is intriguing. He was a Muslim and I haven’t heard anybody say anything against him because of his religion. People of all religions and nationalities seem to embrace Ali. I realize there are always a few holdouts who hate everybody but overall Ali was embraced and loved around the world. We should love all people and all religions should promote love and peace. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.
We know there have been times back when things were not so great for Ali. For three years he was banned from boxing because of his objection to Vietnam and his refusal to serve in the military. This still bugs people to this day.

My wife’s grandfather was held as a prisoner of war in the Philippines for almost four years. He survived the Bataan death march and endured a cruel and tortuous experience at the hands of the Japanese. One thousand Americans and nine thousand Filipinos died during this barbaric 65-mile walk without food or water. Many were bayoneted or shot along the walk. Eleven thousand five hundred Americans, who survived the walk, died during their imprisonment. Nobody liked this. Fortunately, Lyle Harlow survived the imprisonment to come back home.
My brother spent a year in Vietnam. None of us enjoyed those twelve months. My neighbor down the road from me was killed in Vietnam. We wept and grieved through that experience. I don’t remember anybody craving to join the military when I was in high school. I don’t remember anybody hoping to be drafted. People went to college all the time hoping to avoid the draft but then were drafted as soon as they graduated. Most everybody hated the Vietnam War. People still suffer today who had to go there or who lost family members in Vietnam.
Ali was just more brash and determined to resist the status quo in his day. He refused to go and paid a small price of missing three years of boxing. Many others went and never lived to come home to their families. Ali’s sacrifice pale’s greatly in comparison to what so many have given for this country.

 Ali did what every American is entitled to do and that is freely state his opinions. He made a determination to not serve the military and everyone else has the freedom to form their own opinions about him.

 Today, he is iconic. Because of his phenomenal boxing success, his charisma, his ability to entertain and put action behind his words he will forever be a world figure and a sports hero in the eyes of so many.

 For many years, Louisville will be a destination to celebrate and honor Ali as the greatest sports figure of all time. I agree with this and I’ll be one of those in the masses sharing in that celebration.

Glenn Mollette


Socialist Sanders abandoning Israel

Socialist Sanders appointed two anti-Israel people to his platform drafting committee. Cornel West espouses anti-Israel views and James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, has denounced Israel. Sanders also appointed Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, an anti-Israel Muslim, to his platform committee.

Sanders, who honeymooned in Russia, and his left wing followers epitomize a major shift in the Democratic Party concerning Israel. A recent Pew Research Center survey showed "liberal Democrats were twice as likely to sympathize with Palestinians over Israel than they were two years ago."

The dumb Jew haters have come out of the woodwork to demonize Israel. Their hatred makes them overlook the huge role Israel plays in projecting U.S. interests in the Middle East.

Thankfully, Hillary Clinton and the Republicans and Libertarians are strong supporters of U.S./Israel relations, and they have a deep understanding of world affairs.

Donald Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire