By Linda Bentley | June 8, 2016

Carefree’s upcoming contentious-free elections

CAREFREE – With Mayor Les Peterson running uncontested for reelection and six people running for the six seats on council, the only question Town Clerk Kandace French has is whether they will have to hold a runoff election if any of the candidates don’t receive at least 50 percent plus one of the votes cast.

Councilwoman Melissa Price and councilmen Glenn Miller and Bob Gearhart are not seeking reelection.

Running for council along with incumbents Vice Mayor John Crane, councilmen Mike Farrar and Gene Orrico, are Planning and Zoning Commission Vice Chair Michael Krahe, former Councilman Jim Van Allen and Cheryl Kroyer.
Although the chances are remote that any of the candidates will not receive the required minimum number of votes to be elected in August, Town Attorney Michael Wright is looking into the legal requirement of holding a runoff election if there is no contest for any seat.