Leadership failure

I took our dog for a walk at sunset this evening thru the botanical garden in the center of Carefree.  By the time l got to the sundial, it was dark.  It became immediately obvious that none of the LED lighting running up the sides of the sundial's gnomon was functional, except for a short length at the base.  And it has been like this for months.

I find it bothersome that the town management has no problem expending our financial resources on projects such as the recent bike lane and slurry coating of roadways; feel good projects like the splash pool and the biggest boondoggle of all; the oversized, monumental gateways leading the purported throngs of shoppers to the myriad of vacant storefronts in the town core. 

All this, yet they can't find the resources to keep the sundial, Carefree's signature monument, fully illuminated for all to enjoy. 

Perhaps the town council needs to venture out after dark.

Bob Lefebvre


Major U.S. Gov. study finds cell phone radiation causes cancer

Utilities always say "smart" meter transmissions are no different than those from your cell phone, but that's part of the problem. Have a look at what just carrying a cell phone for 45 minutes does to your blood cells. At the 36:30 mark here: https://archive.org/details/WirelessDevices

Even if you are not using your cell phone, when it's on it is still checking in with the cell tower to maintain a connection. If you are running apps, those will be checking in also.

Meanwhile just last February the American Brain Tumor Association found that "malignant brain tumors are the most common cause of cancer-related deaths in adolescents and young adults aged 15-39 and the most common cancer occurring among 15-19 year olds." Gee, I wonder why.

And last week the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) released results of its $25 million study on hundreds of rats exposed to cell phone radiation exposure. The findings: 1 in 12 male rats developed malignant brain tumors (glioma) or malignant heart tumors (schwannoma) or pre-cancerous lesions. None of the rats in the control group developed tumors of the brain or heart or pre-cancerous lesions. Birth weights for exposed animals were also lower than for control animals.

I think the results for the rats would have been even worse had they been subjected to all the microwave radiation exposure to which humans are now exposed, such as wifi, cordless phones, "smart" meters and cell towers. Also, the rats had a 6 hour long complete break from exposure every day. Most humans do not get such a break.

Additionally, because the rats were exposed 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off, their total daily exposure time was only nine hours. Again, most people are exposed 24/7, with some even choosing to sleep with or next to their phones while the phone is on.

The study has caused quite a stir. The usual industry shills and corrupt media that rely on telecom ads have denounced and even ridiculed it. For example the Washington Post headline read "Do cell phones cause cancer? Don't believe the hype." However, independent scientists and others who are not bought by industry are calling it a game changer. You can read the Microwave News take on the whole thing here: http://microwavenews.com/news-center/ntp-and-brain-tumor-rates And here's an excellent "Spin vs Fact" sheet regarding the NTP study.

Those paid to be in denial remind me of our family's reaction to the 1964 announcement by the U.S. Surgeon General that "cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health." We all laughed and lit up. Nothing was going to happen to us, maybe somebody else but not us. Dad died a slow death 27 years later from emphysema. It wasn't pretty. He'd been an athlete his whole life. He had track records at two schools that were still unbroken when I went to them. In his adulthood, he beat just about everyone in town in golf while walking the course, not riding in a cart. But he got suckered by cigarettes. My stepmother did too. She had half a lung taken out before she died.

People, please don't get suckered by wireless. Break the habit. There are steps you can take. Do a search and you will find them. But don't fall for the stick-on phone pendants or "whole house protective wave generators" that supposedly "change the energy." If they really worked then your phone wouldn't.

As for myself, I use a corded phone on a land line. For emergency use I keep a flip cell phone turned off and in a Faraday pouch in whatever vehicle I am using. I use it so seldom I don't even know its number. My computer and associated equipment are all wired with the wireless functions turned off. No cordless phones (they never stop transmitting even when hung up). No "smart" meter. And no cigarettes any more either.

BTW, there are other symptoms of Microwave Sickness besides cancer. Common ones include insomnia, headache, skin rash, ear ringing, heart palpitations and joint pain.

Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward


Dreaming the delusional dream

Obama is itching to hit the campaign trail to remind Americans how great things have become under his administration of lackeys, clowns, misfits, liars and imbeciles.

Once the laughing has subsided, I would think every American who pays attention and is actively working to keep a roof over his family and food on the table is well aware that everything Obama promised, said and has acted upon has taken this once proud nation from a land of promise to a land burdened by lies, deceit, unlawful acts and incompetence.

The facts, along with common sense, show that with the advent of Obama nothing has improved. Quite the contrary. Wages are stagnant, cost of food is at of control, healthcare is a disaster with available quality care going down while the costs of being insured continue to escalate. The "Affordable Care Act” is a bad joke and another progressive wet dream. Our military is weakened and in disarray the result of an egomaniac as CIC. The racial divide has widened due to his words and deeds, the education system is broken and high paying blue collar jobs have vanished faster that a 3 course meal in front of Michelle. His inaction, missed opportunities and outright blunders (and I'm being kind) have increased and emboldened the Islamic threat, turned our foreign policy into a circus and a give-away program to and for third world tyrants and con artists. Despite his sworn duty to be responsible for upholding the Constitution, our laws and providing for our safety he has ignored what he didn't like and by decree or abstinence did as he saw fit. I guess he relied on his vast experience as a "community organizer" to provide him with insights required to make these decisions. He opened the borders and has flooded our streets and cities with unwanted, unhealthy, unvetted, illegal immigrants who offer nothing but an unwanted drain on what's left of our finances.

The only thing that can be attributed to Barack Obama is that his policies have succeeded in being a wrecking ball on our lives, liberties and freedoms. I don't believe the American people will roll over to permit the damage to be completed and go away silently.

Tom Carbone
Cave Creek


Roadway rudeness runs rampant

There was a short report in the  June 2 issue of the Boulder Daily Camera, concerning battery of a car driver by a bicyclist. Apparently, a male bicyclist punched a female car driver in downtown Boulder. A gentleman, right?

Rudeness seems to run rampant in the "Slick Spandexed Sylph Society." I travel from Lafayette to Longmont once or twice per week, along 95th Street in Lafayette, which becomes Hover Road in Longmont. On Sundays, when I drive to my parish in Longmont, I witness packs of bicyclist pedaling two or three abreast in the bicycle lane, causing a road hazard. Last Sunday, a female bicyclist's left elbow brushed my right-side mirror, since she had wobbled into the single northbound automobile lane. Had she taken a fall, it would have been - naturally! - my fault.

I patrolled as a law-enforcement volunteer in Arizona's Maricopa County for fifteen years, and - yes - we enforced the single-file rule for bicyclists, not principally for their safety, but rather because we didn't want the endless paperwork in 115-degree heat. Perhaps CSP, Boulder County and Lafayette and Longmont PDs should try to enforce safety rules for these people before someone is squashed.

J-P. A. Maldonado
Lafayette, Colorado


Republican House leaders okay with "illegal aliens" being recruited into the US Armed Forces

Speaker Paul Ryan is allowing Obama to retain a provision in next year’s fiscal DOD budget to continue to fund the recruiting of “Illegal Aliens” from Mexico into the US Armed Forces, while there is no way to check the backgrounds of those “Illegal Aliens” from Mexico, to ensure they comply with national security provisions, and are not connected with the Mexican Drug Cartels.

The Republican leadership in Congress is allowing the recruiting of “Illegal Aliens” into the US Armed Forces at a time when 94 million Americans citizens are unemployed and could use employment in the US Armed Forces, and could easily fill the billets that “Illegal Aliens” will be filling instead.

Speaker Ryan has the power of the purse, and could have prevented Obama from recruiting Mexican “Illegal Aliens” into the US Armed Forces, but he has done absolutely nothing to prevent it.  There is very little change between what Boehner let Obama get away with for 7 years, and what Ryan has been allowing Obama to get away with, ever since he became Speaker.  Ryan forced the Omnibus Spending Bill through Congress, steam rolling over the Republicans Conservative Caucus; he was only able to get it approved through October 1, 2016 by working very closely with Pelosi—it’s the first time any Speaker in US History betrayed the will of his Republican members.

Ryan funded Obama’s Illegal Immigration policies (including giving Green Cards to 5 million Illegal Aliens), Obama’s Muslim Refugee Policy (allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslim Refugees to enter the US without allowing the FBI to vet them to determine if they have terrorist ties), Obama’s destructive anti-military policies (downsizing the military to weaken it to a level it was at, prior to WWII), and Obama’s Unconstitutional Fast Track Trade Bill (giving Green Cards to millions to Illegal Aliens from Mexico and 12 Pacific Rim nations, allowing them to undercut the wages of many millions of Americans, while authorizing an International Tribunal to govern all US trade policies, taking that authority away from the US Senate as outlined in the US Constitution). 

It now appears Ryan is working very closely with Pelosi and will again roll over the Republican Conservative Caucus, working with leftists Democrats to pass the next Omnibus Spending Bill, in order to continue the funding of  Obama’s Illegal Immigration, Muslim Refugee, anti-military, and Unconstitutional Fast Track Trade policies through October 1, 2017, even though Obama will have been out of office for 9 months of that period. 

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt USN(Ret)/Former FBI
Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC




Fulfill Navy commitment

A current graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Keenan Reynolds, requested his service time be deferred so he can play in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens drafted him.

As a former Navy enlisted and officer I am highly disappointed with Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus who submitted a request to the Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter strongly recommending Reynold’s service be deferred. Carter approved the request.

The United States taxpayers paid for Reynold’s schooling at the Naval Academy along with the schooling of thousands of other Academy midshipmen. These are future officers who are expected to serve in the U.S. Navy after they graduate and many of them make a career in our Navy. And they signed a contract.

If Reynold’s commitment can be deferred why can’t other midshipmen have their service time deferred? Why can’t deferments occur for baseball players or midshipmen who want to enter civilian graduate schools, the corporate world or business world?

SECNAV and SECDEF should rethink their approval of the deferment and have Reynolds fulfill his commitment to the Navy.

Donald Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire

According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved, the moment of truth for Queen Hillary is the California Primary. If she cannot put away Crazy Bernie, the Democratic Party may throw her under the bus again. (As in the second time around) The new plan B would have to be Biden and possibly Elizabeth Warren. OK.-Will Crazy Bernie go quietly? NO..NO..NO..Will he make a deal that helps him in the future? Yes..Yes..Yes..The Queen will only win one state, but Joe and whoever could take at least two.

Have you ever noticed how Obama projects himself on stage and TV? He acts a lot like Richard Pryor. Laughing, cutting up and making jokes. (Richard Pryor was a funny dude.) Trump is really getting under Obama's skin and it shows. He will do the same to Hillary if she lasts that long. (PVT South is pulling for the Queen.)

Bill Kristol found a third party candidate to run against Trump. What a dumb dumb. All you had to do is look into the mirror and see the perfect candidate. The next time you take a trip on the Love Boat with your like minded friends, stop off at Gilligan's Island and take a long vacation.

You may see this in the tabloids, but I'm not sure it will come up in the regular news. Do you remember Vince Foster? A top aide to Slick Willy when he was Governor of Arkansas. (The Arkansas press gave Clinton his nick-name.) Vince Foster went to the White House with the Clintons and soon after committed suicide in Fort Marcy Park that was close to the White House. The Clintons and the press smoothed over the incident as expected. A former FBI agent stated that Hillary as the new First Lady criticized Vince Foster at great length in front of the White House Staff. (The new Queen was taking charge of the hive.) She was also in charge of Bimbo Eruptions and did the harsh criticism have any effect on Mr. Foster? (To be safe, that story came from Rush Limbaugh.)

Dearly Beloved, it looks like it is going to be a long hot summer.

PVT South


That would be a great bumper sticker

In the last few days, Donald Trump reached the number of delegates needed to become the Republican nominee for president in 2016.  A few remaining unpledged delegates pushed him over that threshold.

You would think that would be cause for celebration.  In many camps it may be, but then it also gives rise to panic.  Donald Trump’s wife has been claiming “My husband’s not Hitler.”  Many in the media claim Trump will become an authoritarian figure if elected president - that quite literally scares a few folks. That would explain where the analogy of Hitler comes from.

It was also announced recently that Donald Trump will have to testify in the fall in the fraud case that awaits him pertaining to the now defunct Trump University proceedings. Trump’s response was: “The judge is a Donald Trump hater.”

Lawsuits aren’t anything new for Trump - since the 1980s, he’s been sued in Federal Court one hundred and fifty times.

Although Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s opponent, keeps racking up primary wins he won’t be the Democrat party nominee for the fall election. The fix was in a long time ago and Bernie pretty much knows it.

At a festival I went to recently I saw a vendor printing up T-shirts that said: “Hillary for prison 2016.”  Many in the media claim Hillary Clinton should be in an orange jumpsuit, not the Democrat nominee for the president.

It wouldn’t surprise this columnist at all if Barack Obama keeps his promise to close Guantanamo Bay.   With the stroke of a pen Obama could, during his last days in office, give a presidential pardon to the remaining terrorists at that prison.  It would essentially close the place and the radicals would be free to commit jihad again.

While the President’s at it, don’t be surprised if he gives Hillary Clinton a presidential pardon as well.

To say Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton don’t have their demons would be a fairytale.  A recent survey made of perspective voters asserted that 66.2 percent of those participating claimed both Clinton and Trump are extremely poor candidates.

I got into a lengthy discussion with a superior of mine once pertaining to respect. It was his claim that respect is always a given, pertaining to the social ladder one is on.  I vehemently opposed that assertion, claiming respect is earned and not a given which drew his ire.

Respect is earned, it’s not a given, but many feel that if you’re a sports star, an actor, or even a politician, respect is a given - I’m of the opinion that’s delusional.

Someone once gave me a T-shirt that says: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”  The backdrop on the T-shirt is the Capitol dome in Washington DC.  When I wear that in public I get a lot of responses from people in agreement with the claim.

Americans are frustrated with the way the country is being run. We’ve been inundated with mediocre beatitudes for the last eight years and the next four will be a Crapshoot.

Just think about it, the choice will be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Is that the best America can come up with? Seriously?  To say the government is broken is an understatement.  It’s corrupt, in immoral dissension, self-indulgent in the pursuit of individual appeasement, it’s mired in the mud and off the rails.

One would hope things are going to get better, but few are holding their breath for the light has revealed the underbelly of American government.

I’ll end on a humorous note though, not depress you anymore with dread reality.

I’ve always liked comical bumper stickers, but for some reason I’ve only had one on a vehicle I owned.  It said: “Next time wave all your fingers at me.” The other day I saw a bumper sticker on a Volvo that read: “Teenagers are God’s punishment for having sex.”

Let’s poke some fun at what the last eight years of chastisement has been for America; we’ll take a jab at what a perverted progressive sense of leadership is and the anxiety of not having a clue what’s in store could further mean.

For all those entrepreneurs who still believe in the blessed idea of capitalism, feel free to create a new bumper sticker that claims: “America:  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are God’s chastisement for choices made.”  You have my permission to run with the idea.

Greg Allen
Visit www.builderofthespirit.org
Twitter: @GregAllencolumn


What can Americans Do? Keep trying! 

I often meet discouraged people. Recently I talked to a man unemployed after seventeen years of stable 80,000 a year pay. He was working a minimum wage job and discouraged. I praised him for staying active, being employed and keeping his mind busy but I could see the sadness in his eyes.

No one enjoys losing a job, fighting disease, being knocked down and feeling defeated. What is going on with you today? Maybe you are having a child that you did not plan to have. Maybe your spouse or the love of your life has not worked out.
Possibly someone has disappointed you. Life is filled with disappointments.

We've all been disappointed in Presidents, Congress, and frustrated with the world in general. What can we do? Make changes. Change is not always possible but when it is you should.

Change is often the lesser of choices. We get into ruts. We call it stability. Stability is nice but sometimes it can be a rut we don't have the courage to leave. People hang onto drugs, sad relationships, and negative lifestyles because fear holds them back from going forward. We fear leaving the safety of the house to face and conquer what may be in the outside world.

When I was 24 I taught an older lady how to swim. She had always feared the water but has thanked me several times down throughout the years. My youngest son had to take the driver's test three times. We stayed with it and we kept practicing. Today he drives and travels anywhere he wants to go.

The change you may want to make may be simple and subtle. Nobody may ever notice but you, but you are the one who counts.

This summer why not take some small risks. I'm not talking about going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. I'm talking about some steps forward in your life. The kind of stuff you've thought about doing, wanted to do but just didn't have the heart to try. Remember it's okay to fail quickly. Actually it's better to fail fast than to take five years to fail. However, every now and then something clicks well and you will look back and think, "I'm glad I tried."

What can Americans do this summer? Be willing to try. Be willing to change. Put your disappointments behind you. Some people will embrace you but not everybody is your friend, so get over expecting overwhelming support about most anything. If you are successful people will jump on the bandwagon but that comes later after all of your trial and errors. This summer, keep trying. 

Glenn Mollette
American Syndicated Columnist and Author
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