Mr. Whipple vs. Mr. Obama

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was soundly thrashed in the media for his use of a course slang term when referring to Barry Obama's victory over Mrs. Clinton in the '08 primary. Slang is slang and as long as it is not profane should attract little notice. 

However, Mr Obama's latest executive over-reach should draw notice and outrage from any right-minded American. This man is either crazy or such a committed ideologue that he really doesn't know what normal people believe. The entire trans-gender issue affects such a minuscule percentage of the population that it is an outrage to ask, no, order 99% of the population to accommodate their every whim. If they still possess male parts, then it's into the men's room with you, same for the ladies, female parts - ladies room. 

Where was this guy when I was 16, when my buddies and I would have cheered a license to enter the girls locker room by simply declaring that we thought we were girls. This is insane!
And, it is oppression as bold as can be.

Mr. Whipple admonished us not to squeeze the Charmin, his only instruction in bathroom etiquette, where Mr. "O" ,(I guarantee you), would never allow any female pretender into the showers with his daughters: he is issuing a GOD - like order stripping another layer of normalcy from American life. If this nonsense is allowed to stand, they will be squeezing more than the Charmin Mr. Whipple.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek 


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Victoria Cowper, CAWA
Executive Director
Foothills Animal Rescue | | 480-488-9890


Is Venezuela a look into Americas future?

Socialism is failing in Venezuela so some ask why is that? The reason is simple. It always fails.
Socialism seems to last a little longer in the smaller nations like Sweden and Norway, because it can be more easily modified or adjusted and controlled there, but in time it fails there as well. The fact socialism is based upon wealth redistribution it will not, and can not, ever work for any length of time. Sooner of later those supplying the funds to be redistributed realize what fools they are and decide to not work to support those who either refuse to or don’t need to contribute by government proclamation. Their hard work gains them nothing more then those who don’t work as hard or at all. So like Margaret suggested the funds for redistribution dry up and socialism fails again.

The young people who are never taught anything about socialism in school are bound to make such a mistake because of ignorance (ignorance is never having been taught, while stupid is having been taught and ignoring the teachings). Barack Obama may not have ushered in the age of welfare (handouts from government that have not been earned) but he has expanded it to an unreasonable point where it cannot be sustained. Of course those not having had any education on a socialistic system and have nothing to compare it to see it as something they could support. We now have a politician (perhaps two, both Bernie and Hillary) vying to become president who support complete socialism. Despite the fact it cannot work for any length of time in America. Just as it did not succeed in Venezuela. Under socialism we need only look at Venezuela to see Americas future if either democrat is elected.

The communists (disguised as progressives) have taken over our public school systems and centralized government (common core) will only make things worse not better. Centralized government should never have anything to do with education directly. That should always be local control only. Those same communists have also taken over most of the main stream media. So why should we not believe they have attempted, at least, to infiltrate the political system? It currently controls the democratic party and has to a lessor degree infiltrated the republican party as well, called the establishment. However, within the republican party many taking part in the establishment do not even realize they have been co-opted. But they have. America will fail just like all the other nations who have tried socialism, if in fact Obama succeeds in his conversion called a transformation. That failure could also be assured under both Hillary and Bernie.

In the final analysis there is only one system that has ever flourished on earth and that system requires citizens to take responsibility for there own welfare. With no upward limits or restrictions on measuring success. That is the free enterprise system. It has provided more opportunity and wealth than all other systems combined including both communism and fascism. No man or woman can ever be successful without freedom to function in their own and only their own interest. The free enterprise system requires preparation, motivation, effort and ambitions not required by other systems. But the sky is the limit. Failure is allowed as education within the free enterprise system and that is good.

Don Bitler


Preservation of Table Mesa Mountain

My name is Cody McCleve and I’m the owner of Coulter Cattle Co., LLC.  My company is the sub-lessee of the grazing lands along I-17 from New River Road up to Black Canyon City, as well as the lessee of certain deeded lands just east of I-17 at the end of Table Mesa Road, owned by HR Ventures.  I recently learned of a project being undertaken by Maricopa County/Wireless Systems termed the “P25 Radio System Infrastructure Upgrade.”  The County’s Project Manager is Thomas Crosby, and the contractor is Motorola Solutions, Inc.  I can also provide you with the names of the Consultant on the project, as well as both the Civil and Electrical Engineering companies.  The Project Description is as follows . . .”The proposal includes the installation of a proposed 100-foot tall self-support tower, installation of one (1) 11’-8”x24’ Shelter to house the project battery bank system and one (1) 11’-8”x16’ shelter to house the Maricopa County Radio Equipment.  Proposed solar panels and array racks are proposed to be installed for the proposed photovoltaic system that will power the communication site as well as a generator, this includes the installation of four (4) 50-gallon propane cylinders will be installed to provide emergency back-up power to the site.  Proposed chain link fencing will be installed to secure the compound.”  I have a copy of the blueprints for this project, although I believe they have been modified slightly since I obtained them.

Here’s what this plan fails to report and identify . . .
It is to be located on 19,572 square foot of land on top of Table Mesa Mountain, an iconic landmark along I-17 and one of the more beautiful of the plateau mountains in the area.
This proposed tower and adjacent buildings will be seen for miles in all directions and will mar the wild and scenic beauty of the area.

The site is littered with Indian artifacts and indescribably intricate petroglyphs depicting centuries of native American inhabitants.  These artifacts are to be scraped away and displaced to prepare the site.

The adjacent area along the rim of Table Mesa Mountain has long been a lookout for Native Americans that sought to protect their village just below the top of the mountain.  These small stone structures will be affected by this project.

The proposed staging site for equipment and materials is to be located on top of an Indian burial ground.

As unbelievable as this all may read, it is all fact, with pre-construction activities scheduled to begin early next week.  As a result, I’m asking for your assistance in bringing this project into the light of day and to bring it to the attention of the public at large.  I should mention that the project engineer for Motorola has advised me that there are other sites more suitable to this project that wouldn’t mar the landscape and irreparably damage the top of Table Mesa Mountain, but the County didn’t want to go through the necessary process with the State Land Department, or to pay the required funds.  Instead, they believed they could ‘backdoor’ this project on private lands without the public’s knowledge.

Let me also be clear about my intentions.  While I’m a rancher who raises beef cattle on public grazing lands, I and others like me are very in-tune with the environment and are stewards of our respective grazing leases.  We attempt to preserve and protect the lands we use.  This project is simply wrong and I need your help to stop it.
I look forward to your response.


Cody McCleve

According to PVT South

Dearly Beloved, the Queen Hillary soap opera is getting more exciting every day, with the FBI and State Dept. fiasco, but the Queen will survive because the Democrats never had a plan B. What if Bernie wins California and what is wrong with the folks living there? Bernie is a Socialist and all he wants to do is raise taxes on the rich up to 90 percent and shut down Wall Street.
Wall Street made the USA what it is today but the young American voters still believe in Santa Clause and have no clue about Socialism. (which is an indictment against the public education system) Hollywood and Silicon Valley make big bucks, do they support Bernie? (Color me confused.)

More bad news for the Clintons. They have taken millions of dollars on the come, (meaning when I am President) you will be taken care of. A lot of those millions came from Asian donors, so the Queen and Slick Willy may have a hard time keeping their powder dry.

Trump now has the nomination and will be the next President, but for two months before he is sworn in our Armature In Chief is still in charge and anything could happen. Hello China, Russia and North Korea, will they be more aggressive and take advantage of our current military weakness?

The Presidential election will be a landslide for Trump but the press and news media will hang in there until the end and sound like Dan Rather. (Too close to call)

How about something else to think about. Just look at some of the new inventions, smokeless cigarettes, drones and driverless cars. (Give me a break.) Has anyone come up with an idea of how to bring Lake Meade up to summer pool? Would you believe yours truly figured it out years ago, but Dearly Beloved--it cannot be done over the weekend.

PVT South


Doctors as gun control agents

“Screen All Adults for Depression, Doctors Told”

Liz Szabo (USA TODAY) – “Primary care doctors should screen all adults for depression, an expert panel recommended Tuesday...”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that: Because “diagnosed” conditions may be grounds for removing your right to keep and bear arms, the firearms community and civil-rights experts are understandably concerned about this broad directive from the government-medical complex. The U.S. Constitution delegates no power to the federal government over medical practice or mental health.

The announcement, made with all the pomp and circumstance of a formal decree, but which carries no actual authority or requirement, suggests that people are potentially incapable of handling their own affairs and that this medical intervention, by government directive, would be in the public interest, serve the public good, and promote the general welfare. Promoting the general welfare is an often used excuse for exceeding the boundaries placed on “government” (i.e., people working in Washington D.C.), through a deliberate misreading of Article I Section 8.

A previous limitation on those people from 2009 is no longer needed, the task force says, because insurers are now conveniently required by federal law to cover costs for treatment.
The revenue increase insurers will get is not mentioned, along with windfalls Big Pharma stands to gain from the recommendation. “Depression is common… painful… treatable” according to one task force member. In the past there wasn’t enough evidence to decide if this would be helpful or harmful. She said medication is common treatment. SSRI drugs, often associated with suicide in people aged 18 – 29 are the preferred drug to sell.

“Mental health advocates praised the task force’s recommendations, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),” who stand to make fortunes if the recommendation takes hold. JAMA is a highly controversial publication representing mainstream medicine and has demonstrated an unfiltered bias in the past and a severe anti-gun-rights position with little or no balance.

According to the article, depression is a major disability in “wealthy countries” like ours, affecting 7 percent of adults or 16 million people -- a significant market size (my observation, not theirs). They do note 41,000 Americans commit suicide annually. Mr. Obama’s recent emphasis on 20,000 firearm suicides yearly thus informs us guns are involved in less than half of these medical emergencies (unethically sensationalized as “gun violence”).

John Snook of the “Treatment Advocacy Center” says we should “take every opportunity to get these people the help they need,” implying they should all be on selective serotonin uptake inhibiting (SSRI) drugs. He did not mention gun-right denial in the USA Today story.

According to the article, the complexities of depression can be screened for with a simple 10-question survey. Doctors are already under fire for “boundary violations,” an unethical practice in which they ask patients if they own firearms, a subject for which most doctors have little or no training whatsoever, but plenty of agenda-driven bias, attitude and ignorance. We are left to guess what might be in the survey.

Alan Korwin
Bloomburg Press


Voters of “conscience?”

A message to the “Christians of Conscience” on the morning of Nov. 9 if Hillary or Bernie wins the presidency:

Well, you did it.

I hope you are proud and “feel” better about yourself since you stayed home and didn’t vote at all, or you voted for a 3rd party candidate, one that you knew could not win in a million years. Either way, your vote, in reality, went to Hillary (or Bernie).

The results? Read on to find out what your “conscience” did for America:

* We will now have a complete majority of ultra-liberal Supreme Court justices. In her years of “rule” it is possible we would eventually have an “absolute majority” of leftist justices on the SCOTUS. As a result your second amendment right to own a firearm is now on the chopping block. Very soon, it will be criminal offense, by decree of the SCOTUS, for you to own a firearm. Right behind that, in the years to follow, your First Amendment rights will be severely encroached upon, if not destroyed. You won’t have the ability to defend your First amendment rights and the progressives know it.

* Obamacare will be here to stay, undoubtedly with even more regulations.
* The nation’s borders will continue to be porous
* Islamic refugees will continue to pour into our country - eventually, into YOUR neighborhoods
* Muslim immigration, in general, will not even be curtailed – much less discontinued until we can vet them
* Amnesty will be enacted ...the left has been itching for this. Hillary will ensure its passage
* The Muslim Brotherhood will continue to have a direct inroad into our nation’s government and our security agencies
* The radical Homosexual and Transgender “rights” movement will continue to flourish and grow and targeting of Christians, Christian schools, organizations, and churches will increase
* If Hillary is elected, the baton will have passed from one Alinskyite to another, as Obama will have had eight years to fundamentally transform America, and Hillary will have another four to eight to complete the job.

Congratulations. YOU helped to bring this to America, your children, and grandchildren. But, your “conscience” feels better, and your “righteousness meter” says you are a really good Christian, so - all is good - right? Surely, daffodils, puppy’s breathe, and rainbows are in your future now. You are such a good person!

Hillary salutes you! As do America’s enemies, the radical agenda pushers, the illegal immigrants, ISIS, China, the transgender bathroom creeps, the criminals who will now be armed while you are not, the communists, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

By-the-way, you are the same “Christian of conscience” that gave us two terms of Barack Obama. How’d that work out for America and your family?

Pastor Carl Gallups


Imagine the possibilities: Harnessing the power of change

Change is the law of the universe. We know that nothing stays the same. Without change, the world would become stagnant, stale and for me, at least, boring. There would be no progress, no invention, nothing new. In order to do something better, something has to change.

It has been said, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” If something is working, we naturally just keep doing it. But when something wears out, we don’t keep it. We recycle it or throw it away because it no longer serves us. Otherwise, our homes would be full of old stuff we no longer want or need.

Some people look at change with dread and foreboding. It upsets our routine. It is a hassle to take the time to find different ways to do things. It can be scary to try new things, but for many, change is a fuller expression of life.

How many of us go out to eat at the same restaurants all the time? We read books by the same authors that we have enjoyed in the past. That is all well and good, but are we missing out on some delicious food at a different restaurant? Might we not enjoy reading books by different authors and even different genres?

When a problem or condition arises in your life and a door closes, we have all learned that another new exciting,open door into the next phase of your life will present itself if we will just look for it. Step through that door with the confidence that something brand new is happening. It might just be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Lori Fleming, Minister
Unity of Carefree Cave Creek


Letter to Senator McCain - War is not a social experiment

Concerned Women for America is fighting a provision Senator McCain placed in the senate national defense authorization act that would force women to register for the military draft. We have two coalition letters (see links below) totaling over 100 signatures of leaders and activists who oppose this provision. Both CQ and The Hill have listed this as a fight to watch on the senate floor.

The military is not a lab for social experimentation. However, the lack of evidence demonstrating that forcing women to register for the draft adds to the military readiness of the United States, seems to indicate that this provision is setting up such an experiment.


Janae Stracke
Communications Coordinator &
Executive Assistant to the CEO/President
Concerned Women for America
1015 15th Street, N.W
Washington, DC 20005
D: 202.266.4816 C: 712.269.1724

Letter 1
Letter 2


Life is positioning

Good fishing requires positioning. Baiting your hook and dropping it in a place where there are fish is a start to successful fishing.

A salesman needs prospects and attitude. One shoe salesman was sent to Africa and called home crying, "Get me out of here! Nobody wears shoes!" Another salesman was sent and called back saying, "Send me every pair of shoes in the warehouse. I've never seen so many prospects!"

Selling requires having a product that people either need or very much want. People don't need candy but they want candy so they buy it. People don't really want to spend money on insurance but they need it. Sell what people want or need and you will sell.

Obtaining a certain job requires positioning. Becoming a schoolteacher requires college, teacher education, supervision and certification. You have to work hard and position yourself for potential opportunities.

A young man wants to be lucky in dating and maybe marriage. Yet, he may refuse to change his lifestyle. He doesn't want to hold down a job, refuses to lose twenty pounds and is rude and inconsiderate. Thus, he refuses to try to position himself for potential dating prospects.

Every facet of life requires positioning. Positioning yourself for stability, success, or a major change always requires lots of time, training, sacrifice and commitment. Nothing is guaranteed, but with positioning comes potential.

Retiring at 65 most likely requires sacrifice the 30 years prior. It doesn't always require 30 years.  A friend of mine was flat broke at 50. He rented an old abandoned hamburger stand with an option to buy. He and his wife cleaned it up and worked it hard for sixteen years. They made the best food in town and averaged pocketing over $300,000 a year. They were able to retire. He knew at the age of 50 that he had to position himself if he had any chance of truly retiring.

Where do you want to be and what do you want five or ten years from now? Start positioning yourself today and in a few years it just might work. However, it never comes with a snap of the finger. A garden is produced from preparing the soil, planting, cultivating and tending to the field. In time, you will reap some kind of a harvest if you don't quit.

A lot of counties across America are hurting economically. People have left and nobody seems to be coming back to take over. The future of depressed areas begins today and it will probably take years to position these areas for economic stability. We all want it now, but we have to start today with hopes for tomorrow.

America needs to recuperate. We have debt to pay. We have an infrastructure to rebuild. There are millions of jobs that we must recapture and bring home. We have a military to strengthen and healthcare challenges. We can get to where we need to be. Getting there will take hard work and positioning ourselves to be where we need to be to accomplish what we want to do. 

Glenn Mollette
American Syndicated Columnist and Author
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