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May 25-31, 2016


For All Signs:  Mercury turned direct last week on May 22nd .  It is remaining in what is called "stationary" position.  This means that we will continue to have effects of the April retrograde until early June.  It is still a challenge to get things off the ground.  The closer we are to mid-summer, the easier it will become to launch without considerable challenge.  This is the last stage of the retrograde in which we are asked to think things through carefully before plunging ahead.  You can anticipate a small flurry of changes in schedules and appointments now as people become more clear about their plans for the next few weeks.  Decisions, temporarily shelved, are closer to resolution than before this retrograde began on May 22. 

Aries:  Continue to drive and handle tools with caution.  Give plenty of attention to the law.  There may be a cop on every corner.  Give special note to anything in the vehicle that sounds or looks amiss.  Have the car checked before you travel.  If there are no problems, then sail away and take a break from the Mars retrograde.

Taurus:  This is a week filled with changes in direction.  You may no sooner decide on one thing than you switch to another.  Be aware you are trying on answers, just as one tries on clothes.  Under these cosmic circumstances it is perfectly normal to argue with yourself.

Gemini:  Although your avatar planet, Mercury, has changed directions, there are still rough waters ahead.  It appears as though there may still be some sparring and negotiating before the choppy seas smooth out.  If you are fortunate enough to be in a beautiful place while taking some R&R, your nerves will settle faster.

Cancer:  It is possible that the Full Moon on the 21st rattled your cage a bit.  Your temper may have been showing.  Now that it is over, you may have emerged with one or more fresh perspectives.  More pieces begin to fit together in your life since you have information that will help you sort things. 

Leo:  It is possible that someone is declaring love, loyalty, and more to you.  This is a person who is not to be trusted and who may have entered your radar in Feb. Or March.  He/she has a hidden motive.  It is possible that this person wants to take credit for your work or something you have created.  Don’t divulge your secrets.

Virgo:  Taking time off to travel is what you want to do most.  However, home and family responsibilities weigh heavily on your freedom.  Perhaps it will help if you start making plans for your next getaway.  Enjoying yourself with inner images of the future vacation may lift some of the heaviness out of the present day.

Libra:  You might be putting significant effort into issues involving your family, your body, or your home at this time.  The symbol suggests you are digging deeply into the ground or the truth.  It is possible that you are discovering a truth about your family history that completely alters your perspective.   

Scorpio:  Mars enters your sign by retrograde motion this week and will be with you through the end of July.  The probability is high that you will decide to back away from circumstances that developed recently.  This is a good decision because the initiation of this situation may have been made by miss-judgment at the time.  Consider things after you back out of the trap.

Sagittarius:  The major issue now is whether or not to trust and invest in the future as you see it.  The brief answer is to shorten your stride forward to tiny baby steps, while being prepared to stop if you get into trouble.  Those who have been hindered in their education process will be able to move forward in a couple of months.

Capricorn:  What you do in your business and financial life now will have greater than usual impact in the future.  The problem is that you do not yet feel clear about where you should expand and where you need to contract.  Let the issue float in the back of your mind for a while.  Don't rush into a rapid decision.

Aquarius:  In the big picture you are on the verge of major change.  The need became apparent last winter and it looked easier then.  Now you are hesitating.  It is wisest to make conservative decisions for the next several months.  Take a look at how you can make this change in small increments.

Pisces:  It is important that you use your future telling skills for yourself at this time.  Take a look at the various threads of your life so you can discern their direction.  If you don’t like it, examine the cause and plan ways to alter the directions you are taking.  Health needs to be #1 on the agenda.

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