May 25, 2016

Long time Arizona leaders file petition signatures for the Arizona Corporation Commission

Tom Chabin and Bill Mundell each file approximately 9,000 signatures on May 24

PHOENIX – Two widely respected, longstanding Arizona public servants, Tom Chabin and Bill Mundell, have filed their petition signatures to qualify for this year’s Arizona Corporation Commission election.  Each candidate filed approximately 9,000 signatures – significantly above the 5,352 signatures required under Arizona law.

“The outpouring of support has been incredible, said Mundell. “It shows just how much people are clamoring for change. Tom and I have been traveling all over the state meeting with hard working Arizonans and not utility executives and one thing is loud and clear: voters and ratepayers are sick and tired of the big power companies controlling the current commission.”

“The voters and ratepayers of Arizona want commissioners who are working to protect their interests, not the bottom line of utilities,” added Chabin. “People are tired of APS and other utilities using dark money campaigns to buy elections and corrupt the process. They want change and it’s why we were able to get as many signatures as we have.”

Chabin and Mundell are the first ACC candidates to file their signatures, and will soon be applying for their Clean Elections funding.  As Clean Elections candidates, they will not take any money from PACs or campaign operatives working for the utilities which are regulated by the ACC.

“Today is a great day,” said Chabin. “But it’s just the beginning of a campaign with a very clear message: we are not for sale!

“It’s time to restore integrity and accountability to the ACC,” added Mundell. “Voters and ratepayers of Arizona deserve regulators who are trustworthy and conflict free.”

Chabin and Mundell have served the residents of Arizona for decades in a variety of roles, positions and appointments. Below are their brief biographies, and additional information is available at and

Bill Mundell Biography
William A. Mundell came to Arizona from Illinois in 1968 with his parents. He graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in political science in 1974. He earned a law degree from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas in 1977. 

Mr. Mundell has been in private practice as an attorney in Chandler, Arizona since 1977. He also served as Presiding Judge of the Chandler Municipal Court from 1980 to 1986 when he resigned as judge to run for the Arizona House of Representatives. 

Mr. Mundell was first elected in 1986 and served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 1987 to 1992. As chair of the House Environment Committee, he sponsored numerous pieces of legislation protecting Arizona’s environment, including the state’s first recycling law, a law protecting the Phoenix mountain preserves, and a law preventing Arizona from becoming the nation’s dumping ground for hazardous waste.  As chair, he was voted “One of Arizona’s Top 10 Legislators” by his colleagues, staff and media.

Mr. Mundell’s past civic and community service memberships include vice president of public policy, Chandler Chamber of Commerce; vice president of Arizona Heritage Alliance; president of the Chandler Fraternal Order of Police Associates; chair, Chandler United Way, the East Valley Partnership; Board of Directors, Chandler Regional Hospital; the Lions Club; and the Salvation Army Advisory Board. 

Governor Jane Hull appointed Mundell to the Arizona Corporation Commission in 1999.  In 2000 he was elected to serve on the Commission and was reelected in 2004.  His fellow commissioners elected him Chair of the Commission in 2001.   During his tenure on the commission, the Mesa Tribune described the commission as the “the best in 50 years”.

Governor Jan Brewer appointed Mundell as the Director of the Registrar of Contractors in February of 2009.  He served as Director until February of 2015.  Mundell is married to Judge Barbara R. Mundell, and has two children, Meghan and Samantha.

Tom Chabin Biography
Tom Chabin currently lives in Tucson, has been an Arizona resident for over 44 years. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in American Studies in 1976.

The Coconino County Board of Supervisors appointed him to the legislature after Representative Ann Kirkpatrick resigned from the Legislature to run for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.  He was in the legislature from 2007-2012.

Mr. Chabin served two terms on the Coconino County Board of Supervisors, seven years on the Coconino County Planning and Zoning Commission and three years on the Tuba City Public School Board.  Civic activities include coaching little league baseball and serving as a board member to numerous commissions, youth, church and community organizations, He and his late wife were licensed Foster Parents for six years.

Mr. Chabin is a widower to the late Delia Fernandez Chabin who was born in Douglas, Arizona and taught 20 years at Moenkopi Day School in Tuba City.  He has one son, Rodrigo Santiago Chabin, who attends Pima Community College.