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May 4 – 10, 2016


For All Signs: This week we have a grand trine in the solar system which involves the Sun, Pluto, and Jupiter.  The “grand trine” resembles an equilateral triangle and is considered to be fortunate. Generally life moves smoothly and things work out as expected with this arrangement. Hopefully this will modify the effect of the ongoing Mercury and Mars retrogrades, which tend to create bottlenecks and slow motion. Probably most of us will see a mix of outcomes. Some activities flow unusually well, while others are blocked or detoured.

Aries: It is hard for you to make forward motion at this time. Partly this has to do with your own inner hesitation. Let it be. Drive and handle tools carefully this week. Exercise judiciously. You may be edgy and irritable, thus making an accident of some kind more likely.

Taurus: During this period you may have especially good fortune in the areas of romance, children, education, the law, or travel. The one pothole is in the category of debt. Those who owe you are recalcitrant about maintaining their promises. Or you may be the one who is debt-avoidant. Perhaps you cannot pay because others have not paid you. It’s a conundrum.

Gemini: Memories from your life history may surface for examination at this time. Old friends or acquaintances who return for a short time could be the trigger for this life review.  Do not assign blame until you have examined your own behavior. For that reason circumstances will slow down in your outer life.

Cancer: This week you may be feeling stress related to your lover or a partner, or maybe a child. Underneath it all, the issue is tied to your internalized sense of what a woman “should” do or be (whether you are male or female). Our culture has always struggled with images of the feminine. Is she a caretaker or a seductress?

Leo: Your planetary ruler is in the prime position to give generously and have the same given to you.  Read the lead paragraph about the “grand trine” in the zodiac this week, because you are a participant in that arrangement.  Your ability to dispense wisdom and equanimity is necessary now. You are in an effective position.

Virgo: Your mood is expansive and optimistic this week. It is one of those “good luck” times that occasionally happen in life. You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support. Any interests you have in travel, publishing, the Internet, or education are given a green light.

Libra: Debts owed to you are delayed due to some kind of paperwork nit. If you are impatient, see what you can do about tracking on the original problem.  This may help, but probably won’t speed up the works.  Hold your tongue in any unpleasant encounter. Aggression will not help you at this time. Just try to discover and correct the original nit.

Scorpio: Your work or daily routine may be thwarted by detours and challenges. High tech equipment could be belligerent. However, aspects favor in depth discussion and understanding with partners. One relationship is subject to growth and flowering while another one is stalled out for this period.

Sagittarius: There are hurdles and potholes in the road to achieving your goals. At least you know exactly what you hope to accomplish. So many others are totally stuck with no direction in sight. Take your time and hold to the faith that you will eventually materialize what you need. Create an emotionally charged image/sense to hold in your mind. That is how magic works.

Capricorn: A creative project or a relationship that began near the New Year is beginning to blossom now. At the very least you can see that it is on track to turn out well. You are struggling with your inner self. It feeds you false information that somehow you are not good enough or worthy enough. Put those dark thoughts behind you, or at least put them in the closet.

Aquarius: You are caught in a holding pattern which keeps you from moving in any direction for the present. You don’t know the outcome and do not have the promise of success that you need. Although it may feel like forever, it is not. By mid-summer you will know what to do next. Make an effort to take this waiting time as a mini-vacation from pressure to produce.

Pisces: Stay alert for persistent peddlers, flim-flam folks, and others who want to sell you a “deal”.  Do not engage in any business without thoroughly investigating the proposition. Even then, take two steps back for a large overview before you move into anything new. If you have investigated this in times past, then fresh information may help you decide now.

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