Submitted by CW Jensen | may 4, 2016

CW Jensen announces Cave Creek Town Council candidacy

I am CW Jensen, and I am running for town council.  I am a retired police captain, so I have a great deal of experience in budgets, proper guidelines for employees, and problem solving.  If you want to know more about my past you can Google me and find a great deal of info.

I am running because in 2015 I volunteered for the TOCC citizen budget review.  What I saw was amateurish and nowhere near the accepted government standards for a proper budget.
I began to send in public records requests to look at how the town works. Everything was wrong.  We need to do a few things to make the town better

1. Stop.  Just stop the town for awhile.  We need to freeze hiring, pay raises, expensive projects, everything.  Then with a newly created Town Manager Citizen Advisory committee, the council and town mgr need to designate essential departments.  If the department is on the 4/10 schedule, those individuals are de facto non essential.  Identify with citizen direction, our core essential departments, add on those non-essential departments chosen by citizens, and eliminate positions by seeking opportunities to contract with private vendors instead of positions with long term benefits.  We owe a lot of money. We need to partner with our core businesses to create more sales. 

Think about Cave Creek’s history;  incorporated in 1986.  30 years.  So make them minutes and we are at half time of a game.  Our first half was a disaster and we are down millions.  It is time for new coaches for the next 30, and the head coach needs to be the citizens.