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April 20-26, 2016


For All Signs: This week we have a Parallel declination of Jupiter and Uranus. This symbol is like a bright star in the sky for us all which has been building over the past 2-3 months. It will continue on for the spring. The meaning is that of sudden breakthroughs, sudden opportunities, and relatively sudden shifts of perspective. It can be like a last-minute piece of good fortune that pulls us out of a pothole or a sense of hope that wells up from within our souls. Before you decide this is bull hockey, really take a look at the main features of your life. Somewhere there is a new flame of hope or opportunity that wants your attention. If you focus on it, you will find that it can grow until whatever shadows, fears, or dark places seem less foreboding. Even though there are challenging crevices in the environment, we still have one shining light.

: You are now in a good position to find work or life goal opportunities offered by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (see lead paragraph). You are able to gracefully manage almost any challenge, whether that is management, athletic, or persuasion of others. You are probably beginning a winning streak.

Taurus: Your energy is high and your mind is busy at this time. You want to enjoy things of beauty and romance now. It could be hard to concentrate upon mental work that requires attention to detail. If you must do so, then check everything twice. This is a week for the arts, for love, and for fun!

Gemini: You have likely been dealing with a decision concerning joint property or family issues. You have spent a few weeks in this process. Although you want to come to a final solution, that may elude you right now. Be patient and know that the right answer will come soon. Set it aside to percolate before you take action.

Cancer: On the surface of your waters it seems all is peaceful. Yet below there is an undercurrent of anxiety. You are waiting to see the outcome of an issue with loved ones over which you have no control. Actually if you let go of your fears, the problem will resolve itself very soon.

Leo: During this period you likely will be challenged to do the work it requires to be your best self. Creative efforts may be at a point that it demands much effort to move through to the next level. This is likely a time in which fun and play are traded for purpose and production. It is one more rung in your ladder of growing wisdom.

Virgo: You are being offered an entirely new, hopeful perspective on your life, one that is freer than you have known in a very long time. Don't allow the old fears of abandonment or the sense of guilt to hold you back. People are telling you how much they value your presence. Believe it.

Libra: You are in an especially cordial frame of mind at this time, and likely to invite people to your home, or to share whatever you have to offer. Your spirits are high and you have a need to be social. You are interested in whatever feels luxurious, looks beautiful, or tickles the senses. Going overboard would be all too easy!

Scorpio: You are coming closer to a decision on a situation that has been on hold for a few weeks. Somehow the right solution will evolve if you concentrate upon the reality of who you truly are. It is easier to ignore the issue entirely, but you cannot hold off more than about one more month.

Sagittarius: Your ruling planet is Jupiter. As it conjuncts Uranus you may in fact be making some kind of breakthrough that will give you renewed freedom to express yourself in your life. You no longer have to drag old bags of guilt behind you. Go for the gold ring, even though some others would prefer you not to move.

Capricorn: Beware of the tendency to obsess and worry over matters that may never happen. You are tempted to see the world through a dark lens this week and you may think that is the true version. It's more likely that the pessimistic view is extreme. Set it on the back burner for review at a later time.

Aquarius: Drudgery is boring. You are ready for something new and different to happen. Give yourself the opportunity to go out and play—try something new and different. You will be more than normally attracted to things of beauty. The “new car” bug may bite. It is better to gather data, then wait through the upcoming Mercury retrograde (begins April 28, ends May 22 ).

Pisces: You and a significant other may need to have a clear discussion about your expectations of one another. You are tempted to shovel uncomfortable issues under the rug right now, but that will serve only to cause you to feel isolated and disconnected from partner. You need instead to work through the differences in your values.

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