April 20, 2016

City volunteers contribute to Scottsdale quality of life – and our bottom line


 The numbers are impressive – more than 6,000 volunteers contributed roughly 175,000 hours of service to the Scottsdale community in 2015. That equates to nearly $4 million in savings to taxpayers.

Their value to residents and the community, however, goes far beyond money.

Volunteers provide guidance and inspiration, support for first responders and serve as role models for our next generation. In short, volunteers are an integral reason why Scottsdale is a great place to live.

To celebrate those contributions, Scottsdale Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane has proclaimed April 10-16 as Volunteer Week.

One of those being recognized is Anthony Adams. Every Wednesday you’ll find him at the Granite Reef Senior Center teaching Movement Therapy, which helps seniors improve their balance, strength and flexibility while learning the importance of meditation.

Adams also hosts monthly wellness lectures, teaches healthy cooking and assists with meal preparation and cleanup. Not only does Adams provide great service in Scottsdale, he also works to improve the lives of veterans who suffer from PTSD and trauma.

For his efforts, Adams was recognized with Scottsdale’s inaugural Volunteer Impact Award in December. The award is another effort to recognize the thousands of citizen volunteers who contribute their time and expertise in Scottsdale.

According to the city’s Volunteer Coordinator Cindi Eberhardt, volunteers augment the many services provided to citizens and visitors at no added cost.

“The greater value is the opportunity our volunteers have to contribute to a community that they love and know they are making an impact,” she said. “There is something special about the love and pride our volunteers bring to their “jobs” every day without expecting anything in return.” 

The city’s Volunteer Program provides opportunities for people to work in diverse sectors of local government. For example, they can shelf books at the library, repair homes, teach CPR classes, distribute supplies at Vista del Camino’s Food Bank or clean trails in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. The possibilities are endless.

Interested? Learn more about volunteering with the city at http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/volunteer.