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We will elect a person who cannot be bought

We the people are fed up with the lies and deceit of the greedy politicians who think more of themselves than the people they represent.  They are a group of self-righteous individuals who capitalize on every opportunity to benefit themselves.  Our voice is being heard loud and clear.  Politicians, you will mistreat us no more.  We will elect a person who is not a politician and cannot be bought.  One who is on a mission to take this country back and restore the greatness that it once had.  We will elect a one Donald J. Trump.  And so it shall be.

George Devine
Kokomo, Indiana


People saving America

 We must all understand laws, rules and regulations control our lives.  Laws, rules and regulations affect the cars we drive, our jobs, our retirements, the taxes we pay, etc.  Every minute of our lives has some kind of rule, regulation or law that influences what we have or don’t have.  Judges and attorneys are the creators and interpreters of rules, regulations and laws.  We, in the past, have been able to enjoy a high standard of living because this nation has had a low amount of corruption and a high amount of honor, integrity and justice in the legal system.  Most people can look at their community or their life style and see that we are losing our quality way of life.

The people choose to govern themselves through the founding documents, like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. The key to having justice, domestic tranquility, provision for the general welfare, the blessing of liberty and our posterity is because the PEOPLE’S awareness that corruption in the system would take these virtues from them.  If the people in charge of rules, regulations, and the makers and interpreters of laws, moved away from honor, integrity and justice and started to promote corruption in the system, the people would lose all of the virtues of life they have enjoyed for so many years.

The people of a nation can tell when corruption is growing by some of these factors; when your cell phones, your electricity, your water and other things like food and the basic things you need to live, raise in prices and the income you receive does not raise at the same rate.  These things happen because of corrupt interpretation of laws, rules and regulations.  Laws rules and regulations are connected to judges and attorneys and some of these things may include lawmakers.  The failure of income to keep up with prices is because of the growing amount of corruption in the system.  Some of this corruption is revealed in the following legal cases.  United States Bankruptcy Court District of Arizona case number 0:13-bk-11909-EPB, United States Bankruptcy Appellate Panel of the Ninth Circuit cases no. AZ-14-1511, AZ-14-1514, AZ-14-1520, United States Court of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit Case no. 15-60054, 15-60055 and   United States Bankruptcy Court District of Arizona case number 0:13-bk-11909-EPB, Adversary 0:13-ap-01267-EPB.

These cases reveal the need for legal reform.  If the people are going to maintain their way of life the people will have to promote the idea that they will not allow corruption in the system.  The people will have to insist that honor, integrity and justice are present in the actions of judges and attorneys.

The way Americans would do this is to email every judge and attorney and ask them to make the commitment to legal reform.  The next step is for the people to ask every city, county and state elected official to have the attorneys on their payrolls make the commitment to legal reform.  These elected officials must ask the judges to also make the commitment to legal reform.

The people of the nation have two chooses, (1) do nothing and lose everything or (2) choose to do something to address the growing problem of corruption.

My prayers are that you and the business that you work for will use your skills to cause people in the nation to protect the virtues listed in the Preamble of the Constitution of The United States of America.
Roger Chantel


Who are really the terrorists?

Cliven Bundy, the patriarch of the family, led an armed standoff with law enforcement over a claim to land originated by his Mormon ancestors that predated the formation of the Bureau of Land Management   were deemed terrorists.

When a ragtag militia led by Ammon Bundy has illegally occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon They were deemed terrorists.

But when Hillary Clinton supporter , WW II Nazi sympathizer, George Soros hires people to block roads in Arizona and riot in Chicago with convicted terrorist bomber Bill Ayers these people are glorified.

In the case of the anti Trump road blockades in Arizona I would have expected hot shot Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County to have taken everyone involved in the illegal Trump road blocks  and hold them until they fessed up as to who got them to go. I would have expected Sheriff Joe to file charges on those who   put these “Terrorists” up to breaking the law.   But apparently this opportunity was lost.

Hell, Soros toppled the duly elected government of Ukraine. Why not have him elect some to his liking?   Bend over America. You’ve been taking it for decades.  Why not let the lying  and corrupt Hillary Clinton finish up the job Obama starts.

Trump is America’s last change  for the better. If our enemies , the Federal Reserve and Lobbyists hate him , how bad can he be?


Joe DuPont
Towanda, Pennsylvania


Prospect of voter fraud

What happens when citizens find that the voting process is rigged?

In the last presidential election there were precincts in some of the major cities where President Obama received 100 percent of the votes cast…this is a statistical impossibility.

And we all know the stories about many Chicago voters who according to popular legend supposedly vote multiple times, and many of the dead in Illinois continue to vote long after they’re gone.

I have a friend who ran for Congress for a second term; during his first term, he won by a large margin.

Late in his first term his congressional district was restructured and, in the next election, he lost by less than 1000 votes.  It was later determined that in one precinct, 148 percent of the registered voters voted.  And in another precinct over 130 percent of the registered voters voted.  The votes were contested but nothing materialized as a result.

I also read that a programmer can use less than one hundred lines of code and this minor change could make a difference on which candidate wins or loses.

The article went on to say that this code change is difficult to detect and that a computer programmer representing all parties would have to go over the entire code line by line to see if any of the code had been altered to favor a specific candidate….a very difficult task.

So, the highest office in the land could, in theory, be determined by inserting less than 100 lines of code.  

Do you think someone or some group would attempt to do this?  With the extremely high stakes at hand, this is a distinct possibility.  And there’s big money people with a specific political agenda who would love to see this happen.

A prime example is the fact that Utah has elected to allow voting via the Internet at least for their primary caucus.  The software company selected is Smartmatic Corp, a British firm, whose Chairman is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown.  It seems that the Chairman of Smartmatic is also on the board of directors of a number of George Soros’s companies.  So how could anyone possibly trust the integrity of this software company?

Actually, a voter fraud incidence happened in Texas when votes were automatically changed from one candidate to another.  Therefore, it can happen and, unfortunately, will probably happen in at least some areas of the country.

If widespread voter fraud is ever detected and confirmed, I don’t know what would happen…perhaps another visit to the Supreme Court or, worst case, massive civil unrest.

John Shields


We can take back America

Let me ask a simple question, do the Democrat or Republican Party really represent you? Does your Member of Congress or your U.S. Senator represent you? If you’re honest, the answer to both questions is no, unless you are a very big political donor, they don’t represent you. You may have voted for them but when they get to Washington they represent those who paid for their campaign, not you.

Here is another question, do you think it’s time, “WE THE PEOPLE,” should take America? If you are like me, you most likely answered, yes, it is time to take back our government.

Now for a hard question, how do we take back our country? We don’t have the deep pockets that those big campaign contributors have, therefore, paying them to represent us is out of the question. We could have an armed revolution, we do have the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms, but who do we fight, our own Army, our own police? Is blowing up a federal building and killing our fellow citizens the answer? I don’t think so. If we try to take back our country by force we will loss. We the people do have one powerful weapon that we can use to take back our government however, which is our vote.

I’m not going to try to sell you on any particular candidate or party. We all have our own political ideology and preferences. If we keep voting for the same old parties and the same old incumbents politicians however and they don’t represent us, why should we continue to vote for them? These elected officials are supposed to be representing us, but they are not. Time to throw the bums out, all of them, Democrats and Republicans. We the people do or should have more then the two major political parties to choose from. What do you think would happen if we the people started voting for third parties that were more representative of our views then the Democrat or Republican Parties? Conservative could give their vote to the Constitution Party, Libertarians to the Libertarian Party and Progressives to the Green Party. And if there wasn’t a third party, what if we voted for the other party then that of the incumbent. If you have a Democrat incumbent and no third party to vote for, vote for the Republican. If you have a Republican incumbent and no third party to vote for, then vote for the Democrat. We might not be able to vote them all out of office but, we sure would get their attention, and maybe, just maybe, they might remember who they are supposed to be representing, “WE THE PEOPLE.”

I’m just one citizen, a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, I have seen men die in the line of duty for this country. My vote is worth just one vote. If all of us who truly care about our country and who want to take it back were to vote for third parties that represent our views or vote for the candidate from the other party of the incumbent, who isn’t representing us, we may be starting down a road that will give us our country back and without having to fire a shot.

For God and country.

Bob Haran


Rx drugs

There are three major issues facing congress and the president in the prescription drug area:1) Importation of drugs from safe countries; 2) Medicare putting its drugs out for bid : 3) Blocking payoffs or deals of drug companies to generic drug manufacturers not to produce. There are now eight bills, many bi partisan, in the Senate and five in the House addressing these matters.
Why aren’t these bills moving? It appears many in key positions in congress appear to be more interested in campaign contributions from Pharma than the public good.

None of the bills on these issues represent a budget increase; most are savings. How can congress talk about Medicare cuts when billions of dollars in savings can be made over the next ten years? Let’s get these bills moving, the public is tired of inaction in this area.

Joseph Dombrowski


Law school to drop shield linked to slavery

Harvard Magazine  

So Harvard Law School is purging its Shield, because the Shield honored a donor who came from family which had owned slaves, back before that hideous institution was ended by our Civil War.  Why stop there?  Why not really “clean house?”  Is getting rid of the old Law School Shield as a symbol of Isaac Royall’s slave-holding- related wealth really enough?  Wouldn’t it be appropriate for HLS to clear its institutional conscience by renouncing everything connected to the Royall family, and to the sin of slavery?
Clearly, HLS should calculate the value of the original gift, compounded at, say, three per cent per annum, and adjusted for inflation.  Then track down Mr. Royall’s descendants, and insist that they take this filthy lucre, even if they resist.  

William O. Sumner
’54, JD ‘59  Phoenix


Obama Administration carbon rule will hurt Arizonans

The US Supreme Court has pressed the Pause button on the Obama administration's carbon rule, which would force states to reduce emissions over a number of years. This is good news. The regulation would drive up our electrical bills, throw thousands of hard-working Arizonans out of work, and destroy the economies of many rural towns.

Please send your Arizona Legislators an email TODAY, urging them to hold the line and help press the STOP button. Arizona should not work to comply with these legally dubious EPA regulations unless the Court determines we must, and until our state takes steps to ensure that plan protects our access to affordable, reliable energy to power our lives.

Tom Jenney
State Director
Americans for Prosperity Arizona


"Watch out, Joe."

"Watch out, Joe."

That not-so-veiled threat is what Socialist Bernie Sanders issued to me. Calling me a "bully," Sanders said when he's elected President he will "have power" so I better "watch out."
Now Sanders and the rest of the democratic establishment are using my vow to serve as security against thugs at Donald Trump's rally in my home state as an excuse to attack me. I need your help to fight back right now.

It's no surprise self-avowed socialist, illegal immigrant sympathizer, and staunch liberal Sanders doesn't like me, but I am shocked at his entirely unprecedented and uncalled for attacks against me.

All of this started when I had the audacity to meet with his wife when while she was visiting my jail known as "Tent City." – I treated her exactly the same way I have the four presidential candidates who have visited: answering questions and correcting the misinformation spewed by the liberal media. I am not ashamed of my hard line stance on against criminals or on the strict jails I run which have earned me the title of "America's Toughest Sheriff."

But in typical liberal fashion, Sanders and the rest of the Democrats are now rewriting history and calling my pleasant conversation with Ms. Sanders an "ambush" and telling me to watch out. Patriot, I need you to help me combat these baseless attacks.

Despite his threat and despite the liberal radicals who shut down an Arizona roadway as a protest to Donald Trump, I am not afraid of Sanders. I am worried that he and the rest of the liberal elite will use this opportunity to fuel my opponents in my upcoming re-election battle.
Sanders has already raised millions of dollars online as a result of attacking me and other conservatives. Since he's now issued this threat against me personally, I have no doubt when his campaign for president ends he will make his mission to unseat me – using the money he's raised to do so. Please help me ensure my reelection campaign can withstand Sander's attacks.
Patriot, you may hear on the news about gangs of liberal radicals protesting in the streets of Arizona. Please know that I am here on the ground doing everything in my power to uphold the law of the land and protect the first Amendment rights of conservatives. Stand with me today!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona