By Marielle D. Marne | March 30, 2016

Project Management of Arizona spares homeowners headaches of renovation

CAVE CREEK – “I like to see everyone have a good outcome,” said Dave Lems of Project Management of Arizona, when it comes to the interaction of home (or business) owners and builders/contractors. So why is it crucial to call Dave Lems before (or after, it’s never too late) you’ve hired a contractor to work for you?

If undertaking an addition, a remodel or even considerable renovation (roof replacement, landscape redo), Lems is invaluable in the bidding process. Once a price is agreed upon with a contractor, Lems does the due diligence to assure the contractor is licensed and reputable. Once work is underway, he monitors the progress … daily. He makes sure it is up to code and will pass final inspection. Lems finds the majority of contractors proceed as promised. However, one may try to cut corners or have workers who simply don’t care. “If you’re not there to see the work every day, once the walls are up or the flooring is laid, it may be too late to uncover poor workmanship,” he explained. Even if changes are made to an original plan, Lems sees to it a written amendment is drafted and all parties understand, agree and sign to avoid a homeowner receiving surprise excessive charges. It happens, he said, but having project manager will eliminate the job coming in over budget.

Lems embraces the Midwest mentality that if you say how something is to be done, that’s how it’s done. He frowns on those who tell someone looking to hire a professional what they want to hear and only paying lip service. He’s worked construction (thus he knows what to look for) and has overseen commercial/residential projects both large and small, but every one receives the same degree of utmost care. Why not have a dedicated spokesperson in your corner when it comes to updating your home, your dearest asset?

Call Dave Lems of Project Management of Arizona at 480-620-2265 for your home improvement projects as well as property management while you’re away!