March 23, 2016

Superintendent Douglas Launches Statewide Parent Outreach

PHOENIX – Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas today announced her intent to specifically target parents during a statewide outreach campaign that will extend to all corners of Arizona.  

“Parents are the strongest and, in my opinion, only true advocates for education for their children,” said Superintendent Diane Douglas. “Without knowing the will of parents, politicians do little justice to education policy and a great disservice to the children of Arizona.”  

Since her inauguration, Superintendent Douglas has focused heavily on incorporating parents in developing education policy within the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). Beginning in 2015, Douglas has sought to include parental feedback within education decisions, including conducting a statewide listening tour which culminated in the AZ Kids Can’t Afford to Wait! education plan.  

The plan, which consists of more than 30 proposals to improve Arizona’s low ranking education system, was heavily influenced by parent and public feedback, suggestions, and recommendations. The plan also included many proposals specifying the importance for increased parental advocacy and input within ADE.  

“I’m pleased to announce that many of the education proposals announced within the AZ Kids Can’t Afford to Wait! plan are already being enacted by the dedicated staff at the Department,” said Superintendent Douglas. “Our children can’t afford to wait, and I am happy to say that, with my staff’s hard work and the diligent input of parents and citizens of Arizona, our children won’t have to wait for world class education.”  

In continuance of an ever-evolving education system, Superintendent Douglas will be visiting communities once more in Arizona and, in addition, specifically visiting the 30 Legislative Districts (LDs) throughout the state to emphasize the importance of current education bills being considered within the 2016 Arizona legislative session. To increase transparency and raise public knowledge, Superintendent Douglas has scheduled radio interviews regarding the current state of education and the efforts being committed to strengthen Arizona’s position on high quality education. Her first interview will be on the James T. Harris “Conservative Circus” show on KQTH on Wednesday, March 23 in Tucson.  

“Parents serve the most important role in their children’s lives,” Douglas said. “That is why I am inviting every parent, grandparent, and caregiver to reach out to me and the Department about what you want out of your child’s education and your expectations for their futures.  

“Parents must be heard because Arizona kids can’t wait for amazing education.”  

To facilitate immediate feedback from parents, Superintendent Douglas has scheduled a virtual chat with the well-known Arizona parent advocacy group, the Mommy Lobby. The discussion will be available for public viewing late Tuesday, March 22, 2016 and will cover a broad base of education topics. The Arizona Mommy Lobby can be found on Twitter at @MommyLobbyAZ.  

To read the AZ Kids Can’t Afford to Wait! plan, please visit The public can submit suggestions for consideration at