March 23, 2016

Performance Research Sciences announces new therapy regime addressing sports related concussion injuries

Dr. Sean Southland introduces drug-free protocols to remediate concussion injuries as state legislators struggle to establish optimal “Return to Play” policies

SCOTTSDALE – The negative effects of concussions among student athletes has been a major concern for parents, educators and elected officials for over a decade. The NFL's recent admission of a link between football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a debilitating brain disease caused by blunt force trauma, has ignited new debates among sports organizations and state legislators seeking to define optimal “Return to Play” policies.

Dr. Sean Southland, founder of Performance Research Sciences and leading neaurohealth researcher, is convinced he has the solution to the remediation of CTE and traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) utilizing new proprietary progression protocols called Advanced Simulation Therapy (AST).

AST is a non-invasive and drugless rehabilitation regime that reduces recovery time, restores cognitive deficits, optimizes the healing process and improves overall cognition. Developed by Southland and his research team at PRS, AST utilizes a multi-step process incorporating baseline data collection, a NeuroFitness assessment and variable impact progression training protocols. This analysis provides the basis for creating a unique training and recovery regiment customized for each individual.

According to Southland, “brain trauma must be evaluated for both short and long-term consequences to determine the appropriate time needed to return an athlete to play. Our discoveries after researching a myriad of brain injuries indicates promoting an adaptive acute stress response to nervous system injuries is the most effective path for proper rehabilitation and cognitive restoration. Simply put, the body’s natural adaptive response in addressing severe injuries is the most efficient healing modality. As a result, we developed a proprietary method to guide the injured body through individualized progression protocols, defined by our AST Matrix.”

“Full recovery has to be the primary goal of any effective ‘Return To Play’ policy, whether mandated by private institutions or state legislation. Once there is agreement on the optimal remediation process, creating an effective ‘Return to Play’ policy will be a much simpler process. I hope our introduction of AST will play a critical role in accomplishing that goal,” added Southland.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the PRS mission is dedicated to identifying alternative healing solutions to debilitating ailments caused by concussions and other related injuries with non-invasive, non-pharma based training protocols to achieve improved health, reduced recovery time for injuries and optimizing mental and physical performance for all its clients.

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