March 16, 2016 | By Marielle D. Marne

Red fish, blue fish, get on in to colorful Sockfish

CAVE CREEK – Sockfish Trading Company is a quirky name for a store steeped in whimsy. It’s all about socks. And handbags. And boxer shorts, dog collars, clocks and Naked Bee beauty care products. Sockfish celebrated its year anniversary in February, but co-owners Chris Williams (managing partner) and Marg Nelssen (silent partner) say they are very much still evolving.

“We started with about four or five brands,” Nelssen offered, and now they have over 20!

Williams said when shoppers are in the store, they can’t help but giggle. “It’s a fun place.”

Because they have many themes – something for dog, cat and horse lovers, socks for professionals (“Trust me, I’m a lawyer” or “Being a nurse takes patients”), naughty sayings in Saucy Socks, slippers for the kiddos and even Wedding Girl socks for a bride-to-be – they hear a lot of “Oh, I have to get these for my boss” or “This is the perfect gift for my daughter.” Then there are those who buy seven pairs for themselves!

Many shoppers have suggestions for designs, styles and brands, and the owners reel in the input. When they see socks that capture their attention, they buy them, wear them, wash them and test them for optimal quality before ending up at Sockfish. So you know you’re getting good goods!

Among the cutesy clothing Manager Eileen Haslach pointed out the very popular one-size-fits-most wraparound and reversible silk skirts. “Women love them,” she said.

Sockfish Trading Company is open seven days a week (closed major holidays) at 6149 E. Cave Creek Rd, but sock lovers can shop online 24/7, 365 at If you are fishing for answers, call 480-737-6377.