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The Republican Party is insane! The donor class, the movers and shakers of the party have inducted Mitt Romney to try a hatchet job on Donald Trump. He already has delivered a disgusting litany about Trump.

If they all hadn’t been corrupted, reporters would list the establishment party members by name so we know who is using Romney to try to take away our Trump support.

We can thank eight years of Obama to Romney and John McCain. They had plenty of information to bring Obama to his knees. They both refused to tell voters who Obama is. Most probably they were afraid of the racist label and they were disgustingly PC. Clearly they are both Republicans In Name Only (RINOs). McCain is running again and it is way over time to retire him. He has done nothing for the nation or Arizona. He rose to success by leaving an ailing wife and marrying a wealthy woman. His other tactic was to continue to trade on his time spent as a military prisoner in Vietnam.

Both he and Romney are typical RINOs. But they aren’t alone. The Tea Party supported Republican candidates in the 2014 election it assumed were conservatives that would change Washington. Although both houses became Republican, neither the Senate nor the House of Representatives did anything to rein in the excesses of the Obama Administration. The establishment owns both houses and now they are increasingly in the open. The outrageous speech by Romney shows their ugly face. Now they are attempting to choose an establishment servant by funding Marco Rubio to get 99 Florida Delegates in a winner-take-all primary.

Trump still leads, Cruz is close behind, Rubio is a distant third and Kasich is in the weeds but hoping a win in his state of Ohio, which is also winner-takes-all, will give his candidacy momentum.

There is much fear out there of a brokered convention because the establishment hates both Trump and Cruz.

Senator Cruz said:

“We go to a brokered convention and the D.C. power brokers will drop someone in who is exactly to the liking of the Washington establishment. If that happens we will have a manifest revolt on our hands.”

The real fear is the Republican ticket would be shattered and Hillary would walk in. But if Washington is as corrupt as many of us believe, Hillary will not be arrested and tried as she should be. If she is arrested, a socialist has a walk in. Think about that.

So stay tuned, this is both exciting and incredibly important to the future of America.

Go Trump!

Letters to the Editor
Letters for publication is a valuable asset in Sonoran News. Letters are the pulse of public opinion and lately there has been much dissent about the massacre of the town core by the mostly federally-funded project. In fact, only a few bicycle riders support the atrocity visited on the town we all love. It just isn’t worth it to anyone except bicycle riders.

As I went to lunch last Friday, a bicyclist slowed the already slow traffic, then blew through the stop sign at School House Road. Ahead, people, probably visitors, began to step out on a striped lane which is supposed to halt traffic. They quickly stepped back as the bicyclist whizzed by. And that is typical. I have never seen a bicyclist stop at a stop sign, not once. So Cave Creek has created a monster, destroying our friendly ambience and created expensive space for people who ignore laws.

Shame on politicians.

Local election
We should know by the end of the month who our candidates are for mayor and council. So far, in the mayoral race it is Councilman Ernie Bunch and ex-Town Manager Usama Abujbarah. No dark side candidate has publicly said they will run. Perhaps Bunch’s votes have pleased the Dark Side; after all he voted for Eileen Wright to sit on the planning commission.

As far as council goes Steve LaMar insists he is leaving. That would be sad since he and Mayor Vincent Francia have worked together to snare the 4,000 acres of state land for open space. As far as I know Susan Clancy, Mark Lipsky and Thomas McGuire will be running for reelection.

Dick Esser also says he may retire. I think Esser is a good councilman despite the faux pas concerning bicycle lanes.

So there will be two council seats open. I have heard Wright is crafting a slate and that she, Janelle Smith-Haff, and Paul Diefendorfer (Anna Marsolo’s ex) will run. I think David Smith may run, although I doubt he would be part of the slate.

More to come before the end of the month.