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don sorchychDo I tell Council what to do? Things the council should do
The Donald

The Dark Side (DS) complains that the council does what I want. That is so wrong it is laughable.

Let’s start with the destruction of our only east/west road, that being Cave Creek Road, so bicycles can smoke through town as if there are no stop signs. The county and our own councils apparently were stupefied by “free money.”

It is one thing to accommodate bikes but the timing of demolishing our one and only yearly season will have major effects on tax collections for the town. And then they virtually eliminated many of our lovely medians.

The DS is blaming the current council in order to weaken them for the coming election.
However, I have said many times that three councils approved the plan to blitz our roads and medians including the former slate council.

Then there is the gift of our property to the Roadhouse. In July 2015 the town signed an agreement with the Tap Haus, now Roadhouse, to allow their sign on a round tank structure, which is 100 percent on town (our) property. The problem is, I think the agreement is null and void because the so-called development agreement nowhere mentions the fact it is on town property, with all of the town’s liability. I have talked to council members and none that I talked to knew they were signing away town property while keeping the potential liability which the property represents.

Clearly Town Manager Peter Jankowski put one over on the council and I won’t shut up until the development agreement is canceled and the barrel sign removed.

The other burning issue in my mind is the lack of financial audits of town businesses. It has been known for years that many white tent businesses will not charge taxes if cash is paid. I am not saying they all do it, but I have experienced that tax dodge and some council members have too. Brick and mortar businesses in Cave Creek do too, as confirmed by ex-employees. So, Town Manager Peter Jankowski when will you submit to council a plan for an aggressive and competent audit of town businesses?

Since the people on both sides of Morning Star Road are mostly unhappy about how the Town of Cave Creek treats them why not offer to de-annex them?

I drive Morning Star Road twice a day and it sure is primitive most of the time. Even after grading pot holes remain. The quarterly town grading only helps for a week or so and then it is dusty and really rough for the next 12 weeks or so unless it rains, in which case it can last for only a day or two.

While Town Manager Usama Abujbarah was in office he met with Morning Star residents and offered a solution. He offered to bridge the first wash which is just west of Spur Cross Road and then pave the remainder of Morning Star to Old Stage Road.

Residents brought up the 25-year standstill agreement which doesn’t allow paving of Morning Star. Abujbarah said the town had measured traffic on the road and the amount of traffic allowed the town to invoke the county provision for PM-10 dust control.

He was told they would sue Cave Creek if he did, so Abujbarah backed off.

Before the annexation, properties south of a line, which was about two properties north of Morning Star Road to the end of Spur Cross Road were in Maricopa County. So an annexation would have to end at the Spur Cross border and if the de-annexation happened it would again be a county island.

I have to reveal that would place me in the county and the only effect it would have is that I couldn’t run for office (and I wouldn’t in any case) and I couldn’t vote in town elections, but I would still be able to write about them.

Of course it will take a majority vote by all registered town residents to affect the de-annexation.

The Donald
The Republican power structure is hurting and concerned. The last thing they want is an independent president. And billionaire Trump is independent. Their past choices of Dole, McCain and Romney may fit their need for their power but they were losers for Americans.

And now they have a bigger problem: Cruz has two lawsuits pending that charge he isn’t qualified to be president and Rubio is sure to draw that charge as well.

Who is left? The Donald!

Presidential Election
Mail-in ballots have arrived. This is the Presidential Preference Primary so only registered Republicans and Democrats may vote. Don’t be surprised by the printing of all names, including those who dropped out. The ballots were likely printed a while ago.

Apple is a good example of building high technology products; they are the best. Steve Jobs was the one who built the company and current CEO Tim Cook is doing great work for the company, including his rejection of government demands to access data in cell phones. Apple’s defense is they are protecting their customers worldwide and I agree their defense includes the First Amendment. Government has become the bully of the decade and needs to be reined in.
As you might imagine liberal billionaire Bill Gates agrees with the government and was a lagging competitor with Apple. Deal with your charities and leave Apple alone Bill.