Progressive Progress, Pandering to Poodles

steele coddington

I know you saw it on TV, unless you were unfortunate enough to actually be there. It was what pundits call a defining moment performed by a major presidential candidate. It was Hillary Clinton making an election appeal to a newly discovered voting block.

A group, species, race or whatever fits, known here-to-fore as the best friend of man and fire hydrants. Before the audience's eyes she barked out a message to dogs (seemed like second nature), fulfilling her role as the panderer who will go to any length to elicit a vote with a promise to throw a bone in return. Most dogs currently are not registered to vote, but some are still known to be registered along with thousands of dead people, trees, horses and illegals.

Many more of those could vote if we loosened registration laws to suit democrats. Dogs can also influence votes by barking at the TV screen. Or being disguised to look like just another hairy voter wearing a hood. Many dogs will vote any way you tell them for a few bucks or if promised universal health care.

My TV set's sound wasn't on when Hillary started barking. But my brilliant companion, Arbuckle the Border Collie (PhD), sitting beside me suddenly barked and pointed his left paw at the screen. He was reading her lips, shaking his head to indicate, "No way Jose!" And he said "No candidate has ever tried to capture the canine component of the constituency." After complimenting him on a great alliteration, I asked him what Hillary had barked. He said she was just asking us to do what the rest of her voters do, "Roll over, Sit up, Bark, or Jump, when she gives the word." "She'll also throw us some sort of a bone just like she promised Al Sharpton the other day."

Investors Business Daily listed her promises: $125 billion for Harlem; floating funds for housing down payments; loosening zoning in suburbs to build more Section 8 low income housing; slash current prison sentences, and "End to end reform of the current justice system." And joy to local schools and teachers. She'll continue former Attorney General Eric Holder's "Disparate Impact" boondoggle, where the school will essentially be punished if the number of black student disciplinary actions or expulsions exceeds the number of black students – twisting reality so the school's discipline is the problem, not the actions of perpetrators. But those are issues of complexity voters need to solve.

"For us dogs," Arbuckle contends, "based on her believability, Hillary is ranked as the PINOCCHIO PANDERER." Her only goal? To succeed Obama! As even leftie journalist Clarence Page with the Chicago Tribune recently wrote, "Her big theme," unlike Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again,' is simple and, "Boils down to a third term . . . for Obama's policies."

The PINOCCHIO PANDERER label is defined first and foremost as liar, plus synonyms that include brown nose, cajole, fall all over, gratify, lay it on, snow job, or suck up to. So if she becomes Obama's third term, what can we expect? She's just as radical as Bernie Sanders, recently described as not just a harmless little socialist, but a "hard core Stalinist" based on revealed background.

Who would she appoint to the Supreme Court? Obama's former Communist Green Jobs Czar Van Jones? Or will she pardon a Guantamino Jihadist and appoint him to the Court so she can begin to incorporate Sharia as the law of the land? PINOCCHIO PANDERERS gotta pay up some time.