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BY DON SORCHYCH  |  February 17, 2016

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Cave Creek candidates for mayor and council have to have their bona fides in town hall by June 1. The town is estimating the necessary packets will be available by the end of March, allowing candidates two full months to collect signatures.

We are told the dark side (DS) is meeting secretly in Carefree to plot their takeover of council and mayor.

When I authored the abbreviation of DS for the dark side I knew they would trash it in some way, and of course they did.

The reason I knew was because of something that happened when I ran Harris Semiconductor. A notable engineer ran many experiments which required use of diffusion furnaces which were sometimes needed to process material to fill orders. Manufacturing people would often terminate the experiments to get their product out. To end that, the engineer’s technician thought up a sure fire way to stop the abuse. He hung a sign on the furnaces that said, “Do not remove wafers from this furnace, DRS!”

And the experiments were no longer molested.

But the people I worked with there were extraordinary people, unlike the know-it-all, know-nothing worthless pests we have here.

I have interviewed a few citizens who are considering running for council. But I am still open to supporting candidates who really understand the needs of Cave Creek. Call me at 480-488-2021, ext. 25 and let’s compare thoughts.

Looking ahead, I’ll list the Republican debates. With two losers on the Democrat side, it is not worth watching.

Texas, CNN/Telemundo/Salem Radio, Feb. 25, 9 p.m. EST;
Michigan, Fox News, March 3, no time yet, consult local media; Florida, CNN/Salem Radio, March 10, details later;
Ohio, Fox News, Aug. 6, 9 p.m. EST; California, CNN/Salem Radio, Sept. 16, 8 p.m. EST.
Should be some interesting evenings ahead.

Today I sent an article to my family and friends list from, of all places, the New Yorker, praising The Donald. It was sent to me by Arch McGill who is a Tea Party heavyweight. So I went online and there was another one offering nearly equal praise for The Donald. I will attempt to get permission to print them both, but in the meanwhile visit and check their archives.

A deceased friend in Illinois was a fan of the New Yorker and often sent me articles and cartoons printed in the New Yorker. Ray Brolley and I were opposites politically and had heated arguments about our views. But he was dear friend and I still miss him. I wrote an editorial about him years ago.

I received an offer of a year’s subscription of New Yorker for $10 and I will take it after reading the two editorials and seeing two conservative articles there.

On the other hand, my last online editorial damned the National Review for slanted and vicious articles.

And that isn’t all. The Feb. 1 issues of The Weekly Standard, reputably a conservative magazine, is lavished with hit pieces about Trump.

The editor is William Kristol and on page eight, he wrote the headline “The Confidence Man.” He mentions an article by Matt Labash titled, “A Chump on the Stump.” Obviously Kristol trashed Trump. Labash wrote “Nine Tales of Trump at his Trumpiest, and these just scratch the surface.” First there is Golf Cheat, II. Needy or Greedy, III. Trump will sue you, IV. Donald Trump, failure, V. Loves the little guy, unless the little guy needs to be crushed, VI. Twidiot or twilight lover? VII Ladies Trump loved, and the one got away, VIII. A Donald Trump Joke, IX. The Donald and me; a love hate story.

By the way the headline “trumpeted” by Kristol, “A Chump on the Stump” was the work of a “loser editor,” according to Labash. There is more, much more, and all have the same tinge.
Ronald Reagan said, Trust, but Verify. A splendid policy, to be careful and vigilant. All of the candidates, including Trump really shouldn’t be trusted. After all think about where America would be if the media had vetted Obama instead of trusting him. All the earmarks were there but they let his race close their eyes and brains.

For example, will Trump really build a high tech fence? I think he will. Will he send ALL illegals home? He seems to be weakening on those promises.

Are his New York values a problem? Absolutely. Where does he stand and what will he do about Obamacare? He seems in that case to be a big government guy for health care. Does he really understand what groups like the Tea Party want? Will he approve the Keystone Pipeline? How about appointments to replace Attorney General Loretta Lynch and all those staff members – gone on day one, hopefully. Will he legally go after Hillary and ex-AG Eric Holder? Will he abort the Iranian Nuclear Agreement?

I am still a Trump fan unless he fails on too many of the above questions.