February 17, 2016

Desert Foothills Posse Begins Annual Fund Drive

The Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse (DFSP), (a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization) provides a wide variety of services to the local community and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) District 4 serving the communities of Carefree, Cave Creek, Desert Hills and Tonto Hills and surrounding areas. We rely on your tax-deductible donations to continue the mission of serving these communities.

Each member is responsible for maintaining an active training regimen aimed at staying current on firearms qualifications, CPR, TASER, OSHA and many other important and necessary courses as well as purchasing their uniforms, firearms and related equipment at their expense.
A sampling of the services provided by the Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse:

- “Operation Notification” program. This program is maintained and managed exclusively by DFSP. Each year we contact Business Owners in the District 4 area and collect Business Emergency Contact information that is provided to MCSO, Rural Metro Fire to assist in the event of an emergency involving businesses operating in Carefree and Cave Creek. Stickers are placed on the door of the business with a number corresponding to current contact info of the business owner or responsible party.

A very active partner in a wide variety of community events, particularly in Cave Creek and Carefree. Providing assistance with traffic and crowd control at parades, festivals, etc.

Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse Conducts and coordinates a Neighborhood Watch program for citizens within the District 4 area. At the request of citizens leaving their homes unoccupied for extended periods, DFSP checks home security on a weekly or more frequent basis. Because of the large number of unoccupied homes during vacation summer months; it is not unusual for DFSP to conduct several hundred watches during this time.

- Assists MCSO District 4 duty sergeant/deputies by providing accident scene traffic control., responding to calls for service as a backup to deputies. Search and rescue assistance, and alarm callouts.

- Provides Court Bailiffs and prisoner transport. Bailiffs are trained in Court procedures/security and serve at the direction of the presiding judges while in session.

DFSP members take time from their personal lives to contribute to these valuable support services. The Sheriff’s Office does not provide any monetary or equipment compensation and all DFSP equipment is paid for by your donations.

In 2015 DFSP donated over 10,000 hours of service to the community. All members are unpaid and volunteer in our community because they feel they can and do make a difference. They truly depend on donations from you, the residents and businesses of Carefree, Cave Creek, Tonto Hills and Desert Hills with 100 percent used to support DFSP efforts and maintenance of 8 fully equipped and marked patrol cars.

To learn more about Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse and to donate using a credit card, visit our website desertfoothillsposse.org and click the DONATE button or send contributions to: DFSP P.O. Box 3848 Carefree, AZ 85377.

If you have questions about the Desert Foothills Sheriff’s Posse, please contact David Isho, Commander DFSP at 480-389-5599.