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February 10 – 16, 2016


For All Signs:  On Feb. 14 Mercury returns to its original position after making an apparent retrograde loop in our sky that began on Dec. 19, 2015.  This often symbolizes a time in which those things that became complex and full of chuckholes at the beginning have finally come to a point of resolution.  It is easier to arrive at conclusions and make decisions once this initial retrograding point has been crossed.  If it were graphed, it would resemble the breakout point on a given stock at the NYSE, showing a leap upward.

Aries:  A fresh beginning in October is now beginning to yield a reward or two.  You may be seeing a stronger sense of self-esteem or some extra pocket change.  This aspect is really helpful for students or those on a physical self-improvement program because self-discipline is stronger.

Taurus:  Early in the week an opportunity to expand your social life brings smiles.  You may be invited to a party or you might meet someone new.  This aspect is from Venus, goddess of love and creativity. Your romantic side is cooperating well with your nurturing side at this time.  This is especially good for female friendships.  Make a date for lunch and reconnect with people you like.

Gemini:  Early in the week you will be finishing projects that were delayed by the recent Mercury retrograde.  On the 13th you shift your attention.  The new focus will be mind expanding.  You may be researching a new interest, gazing over travel brochures for your next adventure, or pursuing an interest in philosophy or religion.

Cancer:  Your energy level is good.  Positive outcomes related to your creativity and/or children are reflecting well upon you.  Aspects are favorable regarding lovers.  Almost anything you set out to accomplish is handled in unusually quick time.  You have what it takes to be a warrior on behalf of yourself or others.  People will listen to you.

Leo:  Beware the obsessive thoughts about things beautiful that you can ill afford.  They could make you feel that you cannot move forward, but this is a trick of the ego.  Look deeply into your thoughts.  What is really keeping you running in place?  The pride of the Lion(ess) can play tricks on the mind.

Virgo:  Early in the week you will be finishing the details on a creative project that took longer than you expected to complete.  Then you will focus your attention on new habits that will support your physical body and strengthen your mind.  Meditation and yoga would be excellent.

Libra:  Changes may be occurring in your primary relationship.  One or the other of you is probably trying to hang onto what is familiar.  Changes and growth must be allowed to happen or the relationship will become stale.  Let things flow naturally. Don't jump to conclusions or make problems bigger than they are.

Scorpio:  Friends and circles of associates are willing to help you with your projects.  You continue to feel strong and capable.  You have an intense need to break free from whatever or whomever seems to have power over you.  Along the way you might break a few dishes.  That which has you trapped is not someone else as much as it is your own thought processes and belief systems.

Sagittarius:  Your optimistic and happy attitude causes others to join your bandwagon and support your projects.  You can envision a grand result and are able to express it in a way that others can understand.  The reward will be great enough that everyone will benefit.

Capricorn:  For any number of reasons, circumstances may leave you out of the social loop this week.  Astrologically this is a time for self-reflection and not self-condemnation.  Having a quiet week is appropriate at this time.  Don’t turn this into a negative belief about yourself.  Enjoy the time to be still and enjoy the quiet.

Aquarius:  You are harboring a secret attitude about a loved one.  You may think it is not visible, but it erodes the core of the relationship.  The probability is high that it is critical of yourself or the Other.  Maybe a change does need to happen, but it is not useful to pressure its creation with blame.

Pisces:  Partners and clientele are complimentary and give you the sense of being loved this week.  You are interested in whatever feels luxurious, looks beautiful, or tickles the senses.  Going overboard would be all too easy! You may be looking for a beautiful object to have around you at home or at work.

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