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February 10, 2016

The Falabella miniature horse

The Falabella miniature horse is one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world, seldom taller than 8 hands (32 inches) in height at the withers. The Falabella, despite its size, is not considered a pony, but rather is a miniature horse.

The first Falabella horses were imported to the United States In 1962 and they descended from horses brought to the western hemisphere by the Spanish of Andalusian and other Iberian bloodlines.

They are similar to Thoroughbreds or Arabs in their conformation, with a sleek coat and a slim frame. The Falabella's body is small and compact. The breed also inherited some  features from pony bloodlines, including sturdy bones, and a thicker hair coat, particularly the mane, tail and around the fetlocks. The head may be slightly larger and the neck is often stouter by comparison with a normal-sized horse, but overall, the animal is not unusually or abnormally proportioned.

Most Falabellas are considered intelligent and easily trainable. Due to their size, Falabella horses can only be ridden by very small children. They can be taught to drive, and cart driving is a common use for Falabellas.

Falabellas can also be used as guide animals due to their small size and easy trainability.

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