February 10, 2016

Rule change affects handling of over payments through application process

Applicants are reminded to enclose proper payment

PHOENIX — The five-member Arizona Game and Fish Commission recently changed how overpayment through the application process for hunt permit-tags and the purchase of bonus points will be reconciled by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The rule that went into effect Jan. 3 states that an overpayment of $5 or less will be considered a donation to the Game and Fish Fund, which accounts for more than 30 percent of the department’s annual operating budget. The rule applies to overpayments that occur when made on paper applications for hunt permit-tags and first-come leftover permit-tags, as well as the purchase of bonus points.

The specific rule -- R12-4-104. Application Procedures for Issuance of Hunt Permit-tags by Computer Draw and Purchase of Bonus Points – can be found on page 22 of the Arizona Game and Fish Laws and Rules 2013-2014 Supplement.

Applicants are reminded to enclose proper payment with each hunt permit-tag application. Any overpayments totaling more than $5 and all hunt permit-tag fees received with unsuccessful applications will be returned to applicant “A,” as shown on the application form. Application and license fees will not be refunded.

To avoid the possibility of overpayment, applicants are encouraged to use the online service at https://draw.azgfd.gov/ (scroll down to “Apply for a Draw”). Purchasing a hunting license and filling out an application online is fast and easy. The online service also dramatically reduces the chances of making errors that could result in a rejected application.