By Andy Ericson | February 3, 2016

LD1 COS MTG in the Valley!


Since LD1 is so large, not everybody can make it to Prescott for COS meetings.  There have been requests to have a meeting to accommodate the southern District 1 supporters.  If you live in the valley, come to the convention of States Public meeting on Saturday, February 13, 1-3pm, at North Valley Assembly of God 28660 N Black Canyon HWY, Phoenix, AZ. The church is on west side of Interstate 17. Take 17 (North or South) to JoMax, take the frontage road, on the east side of 17, north to Dixieletta; come back across 17, to the frontage road on the west side of 17, and go south. The church will be on the right side about 3/4 of a mile. Go to google maps for clarification.

There will be a Convention of States presentation implementation of our strategy to get the Application through the Arizona House and Senate this legislative session.  The House has put forth HCR2010(COS application), and it has passed step 1, the Federalism Committee.  Step 2,3, and 4, are the Caucus, Rules, and House Floor over the next couple weeks or so.  LD1 Reps. Karen Fann and Noel Campbell are strong supporters of COS.  Other Representatives will be contacted to encourage their support, as well.  A complete list can be found at

The effort is not being taken for granted, but confidence is high it will get through the House.  The Senate is where the battle will be, and with one person in particular... Who Decides?  It should be 'we the people' and our legislators.  There is one legislator, Senate President Andy Biggs, who thinks he should decide for us. 

The COS application was 1 of 21 pieces of legislation in 2015 he didn't agree with, so he tabled it until the end of the session.  Signatures are still being gathered on the Governor Ducey petition.  With the citizens speaking up, Governor Ducey will hopefully pressure Senator Biggs to let legislation flow in a timely and orderly manner. 

Go to and click on "sign the petition" for more information.  Americans are upset with the abusive, corrupt, and overreaching federal government.  With God's help, and the tool in Article V our Founding Fathers' gave us, we can save this great Republic without the bloodshed we recently saw in Oregon.  Stay on your knees and actively involved in our citizen government.  Hope to see you at the meeting. 

If anyone would like to make phone calls (from our supporter call list) inviting people to the meeting, please contact Andy Ericson, AZLD1 Captain,, 928.592.8251.