Guest Editorial

By RUSSELL PEARCE  |  February 3, 2016

We must take action and adhere strictly to our Constitution

I am as mad as hell and if you are not you are not paying attention. If we intend to save this Republic, then we must take action and hold those we elect to strict adherence to the Constitution and our Founding principles. I want my Republic back. I want Warriors in defense of liberty and traditional values.

I am a Republican because I believe this Party still stands for those Founding principles the Preamble of the Declaration, the Constitution and Bill of Rights declare. Apparently not everyone in this Party does or they are not bold enough to stand by those who do. Does anyone not know why we have disdain for some of our leaders? Just like Speaker Paul Ryno (Ryan) who blatantly has ignored the promises made to dismantle Obamacare, stop illegal Executive Orders that granted Amnesty, reform entitlements, stop reckless spending, rein in activist judges and a corrupt President. Instead everything they promised to stop has been funded. Leaders like Speaker Paul Ryno who was voted into the Speakership by a Congress we trusted to fix things tells one a lot. He is a back door stabbing, pro illegal alien, pro spender, pro Obamacare, pro Obama and a track record to prove it.

So here in Arizona we just passed overwhelmingly a Resolution censuring a Governor and several legislators for supporting and voting for Medicaid Expansion (Obamacare) after being told by a huge majority of Republicans not to do it after they ran on an anti-Obamacare Promise. Then we passed a censure on John McCain for his failure to support this Party’s Platform on our principled issues, including his support of Amnesty and many other issues. And in spite of this they continued to ignore this Party’s demand to follow our Platform and keep their Promises and their Oath of Office. Enough is enough.

We are tired of those who continue to reject or ignore this Party’s Platform of God, Family and Country and fail to defend at all cost our Constitution including Life, Liberty and Property. Big government, open border, cheap labor – so called Republicans. So we have this committee to review Resolutions submitted by members to be voted on and to insure they are in compliance with our by-laws and if in compliance move them forward. Not rewrite them to tone them down.

Then we find this Resolutions committee refused to stand by a Christian Kim Davis of Kentucky who refuse to obey an illegal opinion from a left leaning Supreme Court who ignored the Constitution, State’s Rights and the Oath of Office taken by an “elected” official who had the nerve to keep her Oath of Office, defend her State’s Constitution and her 1st Amendment right of Religious Freedom. And having broken NO LAW was jailed for her Religious Beliefs, with no trial with no formal charge and citing no law she had broken.

This same Resolution Committee refused to allow another Resolution to go to the floor for a vote on support for Sheriff Joe who has taken a beating in the press and by open border anti law groups as he kept his Oath in enforcing our immigration laws and protecting Arizona Citizens from those who break our laws.

Then as if to endorse corrupt judges this same Resolution Committee refused to allow a Resolution to go to the floor that pointed out Judicial Corruption and named specific cases and quotes from the minority Constitutional loving Supreme Court Justices pointing out over reaching and dangerous actions by liberal courts.

This same Resolution Committee even after some of those cases cost Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars, ignored the law and rejected a huge majority of voters who passed these laws at the ballot box and that involve Arizona Superior Court Judge Arthur Anderson who decided that the law does not count as he upheld an illegal order by Obama and decided that illegal aliens can get in state tuition at our Community Colleges in direct violation of Arizona law and a slap in the face of the 75% of voters who voted for Proposition 300 in 2006. The Supreme Court strikes down 34 state Constitutions protecting marriage between a man and a woman and they have NO authority in Constitution to do so. The Ninth Circuit Court decided Proposition 100, a Constitutional Amendment denying bail to illegal aliens who commit serious crimes and passed by 78 pe rcentof Arizona voters was bad law and right afterward released violent illegal aliens and Americans were murdered by those released. The Ninth Circuit Court ordered theArizona Governor to issue driver licenses to illegal aliens again in violation of Arizona law (it is an Arizona drivers license not a federal license).

This same Resolution Committee refused to recognize the success of SB1070 and the impact of enforcement and reduction in crime as after its passage we had a 50% reduction in homicides, a 46% reduction in property crimes, a 47% reduction in auto theft and Arizona’s clear and convincing evidence that enforce works and most self deport when the message of enforcement is clear. Arizona’s Motto, “Attrition by Enforcement.”

In a 3 to 2 vote the Resolution Committee barely allowed a Resolution to Defund Planned Parenthood. Our duty is to protect innocent life; it is part of our founding principles of this Republic and this Party to protect life, liberty and property above all else and to stop Planned Parenthood which is in the barbaric business of aborting babies and selling their body parts with your tax dollars.

This AZGOP Resolution Committee refused to move forward several Resolutions, including “Anyone BUT Senator John McCain” that had just passed by an over whelming vote by the Maricopa County Mandatory Meeting.

This members of this Committee:
Chair Cindy Coleman
Marcus Huey
Jenni White
George Cuprak
Nancy Edwards