Is America aware of its future?

steele coddington

Is the America we know in its final days? If its citizens are unaware of the reality, of what threatens its existence, it is a real possibility! In 2015 Ann Coulter, the fearless and compelling author of 10 N.Y. Times Best Sellers, published a serious message to America with "Adios America!" I've written about her book before, but in light of recent disastrous worldwide developments stemming from unfettered immigration, her book constitutes a profound early warning about the incredible dangers promoted by our ignorance of the consequences of immigration. Our immigration system is a modern day Fifth Column, manipulated in ways that seem to benefit everyone but the U.S. It is a vast network that supplies the grease that slides untold numbers of illegals, refugees, visa seekers, Jihadists, and low skilled workers into the U.S. with no accountability.

"Adios America!" reveals fact after fact about the incredible flaws in the system, and its politicization by the left wing and foreign proponents with ulterior motives. The infiltration of massive waves of immigrants, Coulter concludes, ". . .aren't coming here to breathe free, but coming here to live for free," And knowledgeable critics of the invasion would add, "Coming here to change our culture, and civilized society."

As Coulter's book cover explains, the culprits intent on changing America to accomplish their particular destructive agenda are, "La Raza, Democrats, a media determined to cover up immigrants' crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their 'charity,' and greedy Republican businessmen ... all profiting from the mass immigration that's tearing the country apart."

In truth, "Adios America!" is an apocryphal early warning validated by the terrible consequences witnessed in Europe of importing massive numbers from alien cultures who will not assimilate. Coulter's warning is aimed at informing a vastly uninformed public, too habitually accustomed to trusting its leaders and government because they've always trusted them before. But public trust is out of step with modern warfare. The new warfare is conducted through subversion by immigration and failure to identify that as the enemy. It's a new deceptive, non-confrontational, peaceful, subliminal war that usurps your fundamental freedoms through the gradual erosion of the Rule of Law and the rise of political correctness.

Coulter's book was published before the Syrian refugee crisis and before recent revelations of Europe's immigration chaos that is now considered too massive to stop and too late to afford recovery. Realists, unconvinced by the dreams of immigration idealists, have already kissed Europe's centuries of civilized society goodbye. And as Americans are beginning to wake up to what the war is all about, it scares the hell out of them. When you are scared you look for help, and if you can't find it you get really angry. Guess who is angry in the U.S. A public that can't seem to get help from its political parties, who recently passed the Omnibus Bill which will even finance Obama's plan to bring in 100,000 Syrian refugees.

So who can the public turn to for help? Please, not the presidential candidate disasters on the left who will promote increased immigration. They promote a scenario that means, with absolute certainty, a permanent sucking of the country's welfare system, financed by increasing your taxes. And they seem determined to increase the deterioration of America's Judeo/Christian culture along with the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. The ultimate choice for the Republicans in the coming election must be the candidate who has the intelligence to recognize that immigration is the deepest threat to America's ability to preserve civilization.