February 3, 2016

Arizona House Committee votes overwhelmingly to eliminate legal notice publishing requirement for new businesses


Only a few states still force newly formed businesses to pay to publish notices in the back of the newspaper.  That number may be reduced by one as the Arizona Daily Star reported that Arizona's House Committee on Government and Higher Education has voted 7-2 to eliminate the requirement of many new business to publish legal notices. 

The bill requires the Arizona Corporation Commission to set up a special website where new firms can "publish their articles of incorporation and other documents allowing for full transparency. The bill would apply to Maricopa and Pima counties which account for over 70 percent of Arizona's  population addressing the concern of rural populations who may not have internet access.

"We are trying to make sure that we make things as easy as possible for anybody that wants to start a business here in Arizona." said House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro, sponsor of the legislation.

New York, where notices cost newly formed business over $25 million, might take notice.