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BY DON SORCHYCH  |  January 20, 2016

don sorchychCave Creek getting raped
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Yes, rape is a hostile word but what else would you call the destruction of our attractive medians for the bike lanes, the slowdown of traffic and a setback for the image of the town that will take years to overcome?

It will be interesting to compare this year’s and last year’s tax revenue with previous years. Cave Creek Road was a show place of desert vegetation without having to waste time and money for desert tours. And I don’t believe for a minute the retorts of bicyclists that they will be responsible for more revenue in Cave Creek. They, unlike automobile drivers, are not taxed for road building and maintenance. Causal observation of their “driving” habits should draw the attention of MCSO.

Hello legislature?

The Dark Side
Before the Dark Side (DS) blames the current council, the council prior to the slate council voted for the bike lanes, the slate council voted for it as did the current council. There is plenty of blame to go around. So, before the blame game starts, get the facts.

DS is already exaggerating zoning issues to try to lay groundwork for the coming municipal election and their sub tabloid mailer is having fun exaggerating non-issues. Did anyone except DSers seriously mention property taxes lately? How about their claim of a purported zoning giveaway to a pro golfer? It is called exercising one’s property rights, or, at most, a minor mistake by a contractor.

The front page of the sub tabloid was the male author of a vicious web page, not Gracie O’Malley, or so I am told. O’Malley was a female pirate of old so maybe the name fits, although fictional here.

Eileen Wright is the only woman ever verbally assaulted by even-tempered Mayor Vincent Francia. Why? Because her assertions at our forum were false and when the slate took charge her insults were never given credence. She needs something constructive to do. Maybe she should take up weaving like her friend Grace Meeth or real estate sales like Anna Marsolo.
Wright wasted a whole page in their sub tabloid complaining only a property tax will pay for the 4,000 acres sought by council for open space. She is wrong as usual and the team seeking a solution will be successful. Put it on your calendar.

Then there is a “trail boss report” by Pauline Smith. She sounds like her husband Kerry Smith, the ASU professor who thinks he owes Creekers opinions from his lofty station. How about keeping his opinions in Phoenix where other liberals lurk? Pauline seems to share her husband’s views - must be their water source. Arsenic maybe?

She claims I was wrong because I said the council would never vote as a slate. She claims I was wrong because 81 percent voting together is no proof they are a slate; they aren’t.

Smith also said the council voted 6-0 to approve or 6-1 to vote for a number of items that were proper and correct, except for one – $215,629 for the bike lanes. However, so did the slate. Federal Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF), gas tax dollars, contributed millions to fund the disaster.

Reg (know nothing) Monachino continues his rant about the “Tabloid” as he foams at the mouth maintaining we control the council. Don’t I wish! How many times have I opined that the council, or town manager, should take rescind the permission granted to the Roadhouse to put their barrel sign on town property, thereby creating a potential town liability?

And how many times has dip s- -t Monachino claimed we are anti-Semitic when we employ a Jewish woman? Hmmm. Dip s--t is DS too. Yes, in his run for council we had a public obligation to vet Monachino. However, we never bothered to do that because we know he is a loser.

It would be nice to know why Town Manager Peter Jankowski appointed Reg to the budget committee, but refused to appoint Vice Mayor Steve LaMar. And don’t tell me he is a financial wizard because Mayor Vincent Francia implied he was. The joke about him working in the mail room on Wall Street fits, true or not. He is a jerk, pure and simple.

It is interesting the two critics of the town are on their pages. Terry Zerkle rarely comes to meetings anymore and has been quiet, at least in public, although his girl friend Katya Kincel is at most meetings and hops up and down to be heard. But in all the years he has insisted the town has done something wrong he turned out to be wrong so the sub tabloid is the right place for him to vent in writing.

Currently the upcoming September primary election (with early voting beginning in August) is not fully clarified and I am still waiting to chat with candidates who are not afraid of the slate-driven Dark Siders.

Still no movement by council to get the land grab back from the Roadhouse.
I mentioned in last week’s issue we now have Buffalo Chip fundraiser T-shirts for sale for a minimum of $20 each in sizes large and extra large. All money will go to employees of the Chip.

The Chip is now partially open and was open when the Green Bay Packers unfortunately lost to the Cardinals. My friend Blaine Keith was surprised I wasn’t a Cardinals fan. I explained I wasn’t a fan because tax payers paid for their stadium. Blaine said, “Well, I am not as far right as you are, but all teams do it.” I told Blaine the Miami Dolphins funded their own and there was an article in Fortune magazine explaining how they did it.