By Linda Bentley | january 13, 2016

Kelli Ward – the Constitution, small government, personal responsibility

CAVE CREEK – Dr. Kelli Ward, the emergency room physician and former Arizona State Senator who recently resigned to campaign full time against Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., visited Sonoran News last week.

Ward said “Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) was the last straw,” that prompted her to run.

As far as health care goes, Ward said patients should always come first and we need to preserve the patient doctor relationship.

She said, government bureaucrats and insurance industry lobbyists are not doctors and don’t put patients first.

Calling Obamacare a disaster for patients, doctors, and taxpayers, Ward believes it must be fully repealed in favor of free market solutions and said, “When doctors and patients cut out the middle-men, healthcare is more affordable and far less complicated.”

But as a doctor, who is married to a doctor and whose mother is a pediatrician, Ward sees Obamacare as a choice-eliminating, unaffordable mandate that is not only punishing employers who provided health insurance to their employees, but individuals who can’t afford health insurance, imposing stiff fines for not purchasing insurance they can’t afford.

She said it is also taking a toll on the profession itself with less people inclined to enter the field of medicine because the cost of education is no longer worth the small return on that investment, which is now regulated by the government rather than by the free marketplace.

In other words, you cannot add government to an already costly system of delivering health care and expect the cost to go down.

Since the passage of Obamacare, Ward said there has been a huge increase in people using emergency rooms, the most expensive means of delivering health care services, as their primary care facility.

Ward believes government has become too intrusive in our lives and said people need to take personal responsibility for the bad choices they make.

She wants to eliminate the current policy of rewarding people for their bad choices, such as having children they can’t afford to raise, paying welfare benefits to those who shouldn’t even be here or those too lazy to work and rewarding illegal aliens with benefits, jobs and legal status, to name a few.

As a parent, Ward said she and her husband taught their children the difference between right and wrong and, while they always hoped their children would make the right choices, if they didn’t, they expected consequences.

Ward strongly supports the U.S. Constitution and says the Second Amendment must be protected as one of our most treasured liberties.

She believes government needs to adjust its policies so people can obtain good jobs that provide them with dignity and independence.

Ward said securing the border has been one of the most pressing issues for Arizonans and must be our priority, not providing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

Because education is tied to the economy and jobs, Ward said, “We need to stop letting faraway politicians micromanage our children’s education. Politicians in Washington don’t know what’s best for kids in Arizona – we as parents do.”

Ward believes “big government schemes” like Common Core must be defeted.

And when we asked Ward who she supported for president, she replied, “Whoever the Republican nominee ends up being.”

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